Oh. My. Gawd!

Reader Mike Tabor just sent me this Wool artwork.

My wife said, “That makes your covers look like crap.”

My wife, as always, is correct. Unreal work, Mike! Let’s have my people talk to your people.

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  1. Awesome! I have to say, though, I’m partial to the original cover. This should definitely used in the future, though! Just don’t replace the original. I might be the only one, but I love the symbolism involved in the original.

  2. Hugh – I think you have unwittingly stumbled upon a new process for independent authors to compete with the major publishers. Over the last month, your (overzealous?) fans have produced a title and cover art for your next book, artistic representation of major characters, promotional slogans for t-shirts and bumper stickers, and provided heaps of opinions and suggestions for the road ahead. And that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!

    I think you’ve taken the bold move (whether intentional or not I don’t know) in actually encouraging your fans to become active participants in your creative process and look at how they have responded. I’m sure other authors have strong fan bases, but how many publishing house authors would entertain the thought of fan-produced cover art, etc.

    Welcome to the future! Thanks for asking us to join you.

    And Mike – WOW! That cover rocks!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing. It’s amazing to have all this talent on display. I hardly feel worthy of it. All I do is tell stories!

    There really does seem to be something about this series that has people thinking and talking about it after they’re done. I’m blown away by it all.

  4. Hugh, the second part of your reply kinda answers the first part… I.e. Yes, you deserve all of it and more and it’s because all you do IS tell stories, stories that have people thinking and talking about them afterwards!

  5. That is amazing.

    Nice job Mike!

  6. Yeah, I do LOVE this. But give yourself some credit to. I loved the original cover also. In fact, it was that cool cover for Wool that kept just intriguing me, as it sat in my top recommended books on my kindle fire…I just kept noticing it, and finally made the jump. But like I said this could be a great update for the Wool Omnibus collection!

  7. I think Bob is on to something there…

  8. I agree with Bob. I love looking at the covers on the novellas. And Mike, amazing work that would really sell the Omnibus!

  9. Holy crap. No offense, but your wife’s comment is spot-on. This one is *fantastic*. You gotta find a place to use this (Omnibus?).

  10. I second what Bob said. The original cover was what kept catching my eye and led me to give the book a try. David’s Omnibus idea, though, I could get on board with that one. This would make an amazing cover for the compilation.

  11. would be a hell of a movie poster and intro screen for the BBC version of the movie

  12. WOAH! That cover is HOT NOW! Fantastic job, Mike! You have some serious talent! I wish my book cover looked that awesome!

  13. Yo, Ryan! Ryan! Listen up! Mike Tabor is in it to win it! We got a hot one here tonight!

  14. I immediately thought movie poster when I saw that. Imagine all the credits in tiny black font at the bottom with a release date! If you ever get that far, please put this guy on your payroll for future art work! :)

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