One more week!

A week from today, we will be doing a live drawing for the winner of the WOOL Proof Copies. I’m thinking 9:00 at night, EST on Sunday the 22nd. I’ll set up a Google Hangout that anyone can join and follow. We’ll roll some die and figure out who the lucky winner is.

That gives you until next Saturday to enter and win! Just go to the Great Giveaway Thread in the forums and follow the convoluted instructions. While you’re there, feel free to start a thread or two, interact with other readers, make yourself at home. I’m not saying it won’t increase your chances, and I’m not saying it will. I just think you’ll have a good time.

There is also just one more week before I get back home and end what has been a far too crazy couple of months. Looking forward to that. I, ZOMBIE progresses nicely, and I’ve been writing and plotting the next WOOL book, so things are proceeding apace. My updates will get a little steadier, though, when I return to a predictable routine. Until then, go bonkers in the forums and go discover some more indie authors!

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