Family Reunion, Writing Retreat, Charlotte Meet-up.

I’m sitting in Palm Beach International, getting ready to board a plane for what is always one of the best weeks of my year: Campmeeting at Pleasant Grove Campground in Waxhaw, North Carolina. It’s a week of friends and family, many of whom I only see once a year. For the past three years, it has also served as a writing retreat. I get plenty of quiet time for thinking, plotting, and jotting. Hopefully we’ll emerge from Campmeeting this year with a final draft of I, ZOMBIE.

I hope to stay in touch and connected, but it might be reduced a bit. There are a few things I have to do (interviews, Skype sessions, blogging), but it’ll mostly be a time to polish off these last few chapters and see if what I’ve created is halfway legible.

At the end of this trip, on the 22nd of July, we’ll roll some dice and see who won the WOOL Proofs. That gives you all another week and a half to get your entries in. If your post doesn’t show immediately, don’t worry. For some reason, many of them require moderation (which is another word for approval). I’ll keep up with this as I can. All entries will be approved before we cast a die. My lovely moderators will also be lending a hand, I’m sure.

Oh, one last thing: Would anyone be up for a Charlotte Meet-up? I’m thinking we could get a group together for a screening of Batman or Spiderman. Maybe we could do lunch or dinner before or after. If you’re in the area and up for it, chime in with suggestions, locations, times, dates, eateries, films, etc.

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  1. Sounds great too bad I’m stuck in Toledo…

  2. Ser Antthony Cross Avatar
    Ser Antthony Cross

    :/ Sounds awesome but I am stuck in New Jersey.

  3. Well, I live in Birmingham but travel to Charlotte often, and if there is one place I can recommend for a great dinner it’s the Cowfish restaurant in Southpark. Everything on the menu is awesome, I highly recommend the Doug’s Roll. Reservations are a really good idea.

  4. I’d be up for a meet-up. I go to the beach with my family and school is looming on the horizon, but I’d love to meet the Wool tribe.

  5. would you rather come out here and I’ll cook? your choice…veggies are comin out of the garden. Let me know. s&r

  6. I am not a huge zombie fan, but please finish the zombie book so that I can read what you have to tell me about zombies. (I didn’t used to think I was a fan of post-apocalyptic dystopian silo worlds, but I was wrong about that. I would like to be wrong about zombies, too.)

  7. Wesley Stewart Avatar
    Wesley Stewart

    Hugh, I’ll be there as well in the McGuirt tent. I’ve been there nearly every summer for the last 40 years…

    1. Hey, come visit! I’m in tent 64 and 1/2.

  8. Vanja Malogorski Avatar
    Vanja Malogorski

    Enjoy your R&R! I hope there will be no zombie pandemic in the camp to spoil your holliday. But then again, maybe it would be a good source of fresh ideas for the book?
    If you guys decide to go see Batman, make sure you do not drink too much beer before the movie, I heard the runtime is almost 3 hours, so be prepared!

    1. Excellent! I love a long film. And I have the bladder of a camel.

  9. Alex and I will be in the Winston area this weekend, part of next week and maybe next weekend for house shopping. We could be convinced to head down to Charlotte if the price is right. (We’re extremely cheap and our price amounts to good dinner conversation.) I’m trying to drag her out to Spiderman and we’ll definitely be up for a big movie next weekend because I have a pretty big secret.

    1. I’ve never been good at keeping a secret.

      I’m Batman.

  10. Lets go Methodist and coverdish one night at the campground….(probably will be enough sliced maters and fried okra to fill your gullet)

    1. Yes, please come by! We’re in the corner tent. 64 and 1/2.

  11. Christopher James Avatar
    Christopher James

    Hello. I doubt my fiance and I could make it for lunch however we probably could do dinner or a movie. If you choose lunch I highly recommend Cabo Fish Taco in NODA. If you are sick of fish ( since you live in Florida) another of our favorites is Dish. Also, I just ordered a signed copy of WOOL. Can not wait to finally get started on the series after all the hype. Have safe travels.

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