One Week!

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s the 10th of August, just one week from the release of DUST, the final chapter in the Silo Saga. The e-book is up everywhere right now except for B&N, which doesn’t do pre-orders. But have no fear, Nook owners. The file is uploaded, and it should go live on the 17th.

In a first, the physical book went out before the e-book. My mom and I shipped around 600 copies this week, and copies are already hitting mailboxes. People are already reading. This is the most terrifying part of the publishing cycle for me. But I’m hanging in there.

I see a bunch of new orders coming in, and many of these will be fulfilled next week. I’ve got more copies ordered from the printer. Basically, if you ordered a signed copy of DUST before the 7th of August, it’s on the way. All the more recent orders will go out on or after publication day. The UGLY edition of DUST will remain available until the 17th, and then I’ll take that down and just offer the purty edition.

Thanks for all the support, everyone. Thanks for taking me on this journey. Have a great week!

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  1. Soooooooo excited!

  2. I recieved my “Ugly” copy of Dust just after we cut my son’s first bithday cake. I snuck a peak at the prologue and wished I hadn’t because I was somewhat distracted from time to time all that afternoon. Despite the promise to take my time and savor it, I found myself awake at 1:45 AM Friday and unable to put off reading it, much less pacing myself!

    I wanted to tell you that you did a great job. A lot of authors have writen great series to ruin it in the last book, (Or couple books… Mr. King for example). Thank you so very much for working hard to please your demanding readers while still delivering and outstanding product.

  3. I’ve just spilled a huge bottle of Envy. But I’ll probably will wait for the audiobook, the one for Shift was soo amazing, I can’t ruin it all by just reading, I gotta hear it too. It’ll double the already given awesomeness. And it’ll also make it last longer, because I would rush it too much if it were only up to me.

  4. I just received DUST in the mail. I put the books together in different configurations but no worm holes or space-time rifts were created. Maybe for the best. The trilogy is complete!!

    Thanks for all your hard work.


  5. Ugly Dust is… beautiful! Whoohoo! Farewell friends and family – I’m heading back into the Silo!

  6. I will have to wait a long time till the book arrives in Germany, but every day is one day closer to the parcels arrive!

    To all the lucky people already received the book, have fun reading!

  7. So what’s next Hugh?

    1. A MOLLY FYDE book and then a new series. :)

      1. I am excited to see the progress bar on the Molly Fyde book move ftpm 85-93! We have already decided that the theme of our release party will be dark chocolate

  8. Oh alright! Since I have the matching copy of Shift, I need to have the ugly Dust as well to go with the three pretty copies of the Silo series that are on their way! (I hope!) ;-)

  9. Hanna Elizabeth Avatar

    I’m so excited to read DUST, I can hardly contain myself! But wait I must. Even if it is with nervous anticipation. To that end, I’ve realized that I still need a print copy of both SHIFT and DUST to round out my signed collection, so I’ll be ordering those from you soon… unless, you’re going to be doing another book tour here in the States…?

    Also, I just wanted to extend a BIG thank you for writing this amazing series. The gift you’ve given me (and others, as well) with the Silo Saga, has been transformative and transcendental. You’ve gone above and beyond for your fans, and blazed the trail for other authors as well – you’re a true visionary, Hugh. You certainly inspired me.

    I look forward to catching up on my Molly Fyde TBR list when the DUST settles.

    ~ Hanna

  10. kathy czarnecki Avatar

    I saw that there are new covers for Halfway Home and The Plagiarist. When will those be available to purchase from you..

    1. I’m not sure. They were done just for fun. I probably won’t update them until next year.

  11. So happy to see that Dust is very close now, I’ll be reading in the kindle app on my ipad.
    It’s a really incredible story, can hardly wait to see what happens next! And congratulations on being the best story I’ve read all year :D regards Donna

  12. Awwwwwww I ordered my Ugly copy on the 8th dose this mean I have to wait till after the 17th and then the couple of weeks for it to get here? :o(

  13. I received my Ugly DUST last Thursday. The plan was to wait until the weekend to read it. I started reading it that night and actually dreamed about the silo. Too bad I can’t remember it. Anyway, I finished reading it Friday night. Yes, it lives up to the others. But don’t take my word for it.

    Get your read on. DUST is as clean as they come! :D

  14. Oh my gosh, I cannot wait. SO excited for the 17th to come around and get it on my Kindle… hoping my 6month old plans to nap most of that day!

  15. Received my copy yesterday. Thank you for the kind words, Hugh. So happy for you finishing this series and getting to be a part of it (as a reader and friend).

  16. Copy of Ugly Dusk has made it all the way to Ireland and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

  17. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    Thought this came out today, so bummed. But so excited!!!!

  18. Although anxious to read the finale, I intend to re-read them from the beginning and savor every moment. Thanks for the glorious ride Hugh!

  19. Just curious… if the book is in fact completed and uploaded to distributor websites, why not release the ebook for download. Particularly considering the physical copy has already been mailed out to many. I don’t mean to whine, I guess I just don’t understand the point. I’m sure there is a good reason because you’ve mentioned many times on your blog the debt you owe to the Amazon community, much of which I assume are ebook readers.

    1. There was a question in there somewhere, despite the lack of proper punctuation. :-)

    2. I agree with you! This is why I don’t really like the pre-order system. Normally, I just hit “upload” when it’s done.

      But because of the long lead-up time, we had to set a date and stick with it. It’s coordinated across half a dozen outlets. And this is the first time that print orders beat the e-book. Usually it’s the other way around by a few weeks!

  20. Any ideas about what time the book will download from Amazon? Midnight Pacific Time?

    1. Good question. I don’t know. I think you’re right, though.

  21. Dying over here trying to figure out when it will be on B&N/Nook…. Maybe if I keep checking they’ll move faster ;)

  22. Finished reading the book! Loved it, but so many unanswered questions I still have, please write another in this series!

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