Livestream DUST Signing (and some special orders)

Mom and I will be signing and packing up books tonight, sometime around 6 EST. There are also a handful of other books available, some of which are no longer in print. Tim Grahl from Outthink Group set up a special one-time store for me. When the books run out, it’ll say there are no more available.

Here’s a pic of the books (Some are gone from a signing we did here at my mom’s house. Some have been moved to the Great Wool Giveaway).

What I have:

9 7 X The Hurricane
10 0 X Wool Omnibus (Simon & Schuster Paperback) Sold Out
3 0 Shift Omnibus (New Random House cover) Sold Out
3 0 X I, Zombie Sold Out
3 0 X Half Way Home (New matte cover) Sold Out
2 1 X Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue (Second Edition – The first edition that I self-published)
20 9 X Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue (First Edition from Norlights Press [With Amber and myself on the cover]) – First edition of the first book I ever wrote
5 3 X The Plagiarist
16 12 X Molly Fyde and the Land of Light (First Edition with Amber’s Feet on the cover [Last of these in existence])
3 0 X Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions (First Edition with Amber’s Hands on the cover Sold Out)
9 8 X Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue (New Edition with Jasper Schreurs art on the cover)

25 responses to “Livestream DUST Signing (and some special orders)”

  1. Sweet. Ordered me a copy of Molly Fyde and the Parsons Rescue first edition. Can’t be many in Ireland with that

  2. Is there any way to get a signed hardback of Wool?

    1. I’m going to do some in December. I’ll just order them from Amazon and have them available on my website, signed.

      1. Thanks. That’s good to hear. I picked up two others today, but I’ll wait for the hardback for Wool. That lines up perfectly for my birthday and Christmas :).

  3. I’m going to be purchasing a copy of I, Zombie but wonder if there’s anyway I could have you and your Mom include a favorite quote in it as part of the signing? :)

    1. I just purchased my copy of I, Zombie!! I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. If you can, you should sign it in a nice red ink to placate the zombie nerd in me ;)

  4. Is there still a copy of Half Way Home for purchase? The store link only shows the option to buy DRM Free Version.

      1. I’m at tr special store, I click the Buy now and then it gives me the option to “Buy DRM Free”. All the other books listed have the signed book option.

        1. I ended up buying it from the DRM Link on the special purchase page. Looks like it was selling the physical version even though the link said otherwise. It just didn’t give me the “sign to” option.

  5. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    Today I bought ugly dust from you and would like to tune in for the live signing. Where might I find that so I can tune in.

  6. Wow, that new Half Way Home cover is gorgeous.

  7. I’m thinking about buying one of the Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue signed new editions. Will you have signed copies of books 2-4 available to order in the near future?

  8. Ordered several (10 or so) copies for me and my friend. Thanks for this really nice possibility. Some of the prints, expecially they Molly Fyde first/first reached extrem higher prices on ebay in the last weeks. So i just can say thanks again… Torben

  9. Had to have a copy of Plagiarist on the book shelf — thanks Hugh!

  10. Michael Flanagan Avatar
    Michael Flanagan

    How do I get my hands on a first edition copy of Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue

    1. Email me. I think I have one left. It’s a 1st or 2nd. They both have the hand and world cover. One doesn’t have the faces.

  11. I put in two orders for the ugly Dust in July. Do you know what happened to them? Thanks Hugh.

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