Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Paperback Writer!

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Awesome! Just pre-ordered my copy right after I watched this video. Looking forward to re-reading it next month!

Listened to the small sample of your audiobook on amazon sounds good.

By the way has Bella’s standing among other dogs risen since your success?

That is one great looking book! Very cool! Oh.. we actually do watch to see Bella. She’s adorable. :)

Kathy Reichs is one of my heroes. She is an amazing person. Love her books, all of them. I really hope she actually read WOOL.

Received an email yesterday that my Goldsboro limited edition copy was processed and on the way. 10-14 days of waiting now =/

No idea sir. I just made my account when i placed the order. It never gave me an option to signup for email services. At least that i can remember. There are no options on my profile that i can change. Maybe just because it was a book of the month..

I was bummed I missed the signed copy of Wool – till I checked that site! Got a signed copy on pre-order for about 21 BP – they ship to the US!. It’ll sit nicely with my signed Shift Omnibus (insert happy dance here)

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