Please, Don’t Drink and Vlog

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  1. I tried to view yesterday and it just kept streaming, stopping……but was able to completely watch this morning non stop.

    You were awesome! Your explanations were to the point with few words spoken but provided an enormous amount of detail. Just as you write. I hate to keep telling you how brilliant you are Mr. Howey but that’s the just of it. You are so humble which makes you a very likeable person.

    I hesitate even writing to you beecause I know how many grammar mistakes I make. But…..your extreme intelligence shows right through all that humbleness (that’s spelled wrong and probably not ever a proper word). I’m just trying to make a point.

    The Vlog was good. At least your part was. I’m proud of you!

    1. Thanks, Janet! And don’t worry. I make grammar mistakes all the time!

  2. “…a more rapid publishing pace and keep the quality up, so they’re not waiting a year between entries.”


    I don’t have time ATM to watch the whole thing (need to take a son to a birthday party and get a daughter down for a nap – hopefully in that order!) but I looked through. You look first rate, man, all ready for Fox :) :) :)

  3. Yes! That’s the spirit Mr.Ection! Positive thinking!

  4. Mr. Howey,
    I feel compelled to write and thank you for the Wool Series. Your writing is brilliant and so thought provoking. It also felt familiar – you describe things in the way I would if I wrote. I don’t attend book clubs but I almost want to for this book just to be able to talk to others about this one. I read the Omnibus collection in a few sittings, even while making the kids breakfast this morning. All the other books I am reading, or waiting to start, all of a sudden are paling in comparison. I was wandering around the house wondering what to do next when I got back online and found this discussion on Books & Beer. And then luckily found and just started First Shift. When I told my husband I found another in the series, he said it was nice knowing me and that he’ll see me tomorrow. I am an avid reader and don’t often find books that I feel warrant a 5 star rating, and have been in a reading slump only finding 3-4 stars lately… so thank you for giving me a reason to rate a book 5 stars again. I knew they were out there and I didn’t always have to go back to the classics. Ok – back to First Shift!
    Thank you! Keep them coming!

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