Reeses Peanut Butter Covers

Hey, you got Jason Gurley typography in my Jasper Schreurs cover art!

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK1_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK2_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK3_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK4_EbookEdition copy










23 responses to “Reeses Peanut Butter Covers”

  1. Those are incredibly beautimus and oh, my, oh, how I someday want to be able to commission something so wondrous for something of mine.

    Bravo to the artist!

  2. Wow! That’s gorgeous!

    It’s neat how much just a change in typography can affect a cover.

  3. “Same boring books.”

    You should be ashamed of yourself! (I’m only half joking here.) Never, ever, ever denigrate your own work. There are too many others who are too ready and willing to jump on one’s writing and tell the world what crap it is and how useless one is as a writer. (Like they could do it any better!)

    If you aren’t satisfied with something, do it better next time. Or re-do it and put up the new edition. Or take it completely down, if you just can’t stand it.

    But NEVER tell the world that it’s bad! We will make that judgment ourselves, thank you very much.

    Because… just sometimes… the world is right and the author is wrong.

    Always your F.F.F.

    1. I edited that out just for you. I’ll stop being so honest around here. :P

  4. Hi Hugh,

    Will you ever be offering the Molly Fyde series in a box set? Seeing as this series already has four entries, do you have any plans to bundle them (perhaps with these shiny new covers)?

    Awesome stuff (what I’ve read), keep writing, I’ll be reading.

    1. Yeah, I’m going to do that for this set and the Silo Saga. Just have to make the time.

  5. I know it’s crass to ask writers when “the next book will be out” but…well…ummmmm

    When is the next Molly book coming out?

    BTW – love the covers!

    1. 2015. I hope. Got two or three other books I’m writing before then.

  6. Wow.

    Stunningly beautiful.

    Do you know if Jasper’s accepting commissions? That’s insanely gorgeous artwork.

    1. As far as I know, these are Jasper’s only book covers. He’s not affordable, even for me. He sent me two pieces as a fan of my books. I contracted the rest, seeing them as an investment in pieces of art. For publishing, this kind of money doesn’t make much sense.

      1. Jasper Schreurs Avatar
        Jasper Schreurs

        Hey Hugh,

        Can I respectfully disagree that I am not affordable! I have done many many illustrations free of charge or at a greatly reduced price, because I love the subject matter, I have a passion for drawing and reading, not money. As an illustrator I am lucky that I do a lot of add work and illustrations for big international companies, and of course they pay me very well!
        Every month I try to do at least one commission that is not about money alone,
        it keeps me sane and in love with what I do! So by all means if writers want to contact me, they can at:
        Illustration is my first love, but it is followed closely by reading!
        I still remember bying my first kindle and being incredibly excited about finding all these wonderful new writers that I had never heard of! Thats how I discovered Hugh, he kept me up all night and made me late for work!

        My compliments to Jason, thats some beautiful typography and a great improvement!!

        best wishes,
        Jasper Schreurs

  7. Gorgeous covers. Molly Fyde typeface really pops now.

  8. Awesome! Hey Hugh, any chance you could link to the full resolutions of the images?


  9. They’re so glow-y and wonderful! Love it!

  10. I do not get the “Reese’s” reference. Does it have to do with something in the book (which I admit I have not read yet)?

    1. Reese’s peanut butter cups represent two great things that go together: chocolate and peanut butter. I assume Hugh is saying the same about Jason Gurley typography and Jasper Schreurs cover art.

      And, no, I don’t work for Reese’s. Nor Hugh, for that matter. :)

      Keep up the fantastic stories, Hugh!

  11. Wow, Hugh, love the cover art! So happy for you! I really enjoyed the first book in the Molly Fyde series. Need to get time to read more of them. I think it’s nice that you are still so humble as to worry about others liking your books, but as you know by now you can’t please everyone anyway and we are always our own worst critics. Just remember how many people wish they could even write a book at all, much less a bad one. Keep putting the new and improved ones out there. Someday you may surpass other famous writing icons and I can say I knew you when…

  12. Wow, fantastic stuff. I love Jason’s work.

  13. I’d second Peter Spencer’s notion, what do Reeses Peanut Butter have to do with these stunning covers?

  14. And Jason has stopped designing covers. At least I managed to get three done!

  15. I tried to visit thinking I would check out Jasper’s design work – the message is “hacked by iskorpitx ”


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