San Diego Comic Con

Gonna be at SDCC?

Here’s where to find me:

  • Thursday, 11am, Inkshares panel on publishing with the legendary Gary Whitta
  • Friday, 1pm, a panel on adaptations with Nicole Perlman, Gary Whitta, and Jimmy Palmiotti in Room 29AB
  • Friday, 2:45pm, book signing at booth AA18
  • Saturday, 2pm, book signing at Random House booth #1520


6 responses to “San Diego Comic Con”

  1. I’m going to SDCC! :D I will try to track you down!

    Hm, I’ll need a physical copy of Wool to get signed. There’ll be some for sale at the convention, right?

    1. Yeah, there should be books for sale.

    2. kathy czarnecki Avatar
      kathy czarnecki

      Sorry for butting in, but go to Mysterious Galaxy Booth, # 1119, a good bet to find a copy of Wool.

  2. Julie Talarico Avatar
    Julie Talarico

    I LOVE your stories and fb post, it makes you as a person very real.
    I would love to have a 6 month subscription for unlimited reading on Amazon.
    I grew up on a farm, and wasn’t allowed to read fiction, so I would sneak my library books into the barn and hide in the hay bales snuggled down with kittens and read for hours!
    Thank you
    Your stories remind me of those times.

  3. I love your books! I’m a lifelong avid reader and a fledgling writer. I’d love a six-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, if only to keep reading your books and perhaps satiate my reading habit.

  4. Where will you be on Sunday? I’m trying to help my friend track you down so he can get your autograph for me :)

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