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Sand Proofs and Kindle Paperwhite Winners

I came home to a dune of Sand. And tonight I’ll be selecting the winners of the two Kindle Paperwhites and the two gift cards. I’m doing that off-line in case the winners want to remain anonymous.

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Wow, so much to be excited about! First off, I can’t wait for my copies of Sand with sand to arrive. Also, the lazy answer to your question is “Snook”. I’m sure much more clever suggestions will be found below in no time haha.

Second, it looks like Createspace has included dates on the books for some time, although it is not entirely consistent. For example, my original Wool volumes all have dates with the exception of Wool 3. I am going to check all the rest, you may have started something here!

Finally, your inclusion of a page of Sand in the thumb drive orders was brilliant. I just received mine today and it is just the best. It even has a little red ink on it :)

Hugh, the matte finish from Create Space is amazing and this is the first time I’ve seen it. Question? As far as you know, is the matte finish now one of the normal options or is it considered an upgrade?

Thanks, Daniel

Bella looks like she’s pouting because Daddy went away…my dog used to do that lol.

Can’t wait to get Sand in my mailbox!

Just finished “Sand.” May I assume there will be further work on the world of “Sand?” Seems like there are some loose ends… Great read by the way–your best prose yet.

Looks great, congratulations! One question–I thought CS printed books had the bar code in the lower right corner of the back cover. Looks like Sand’s are more in the left center. Do you not use CS’s bar codes?

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