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Shear Terror!

Need a WOOL fix while I’m writing about zombies? For a mere dollar, you can grab the best WOOL fan-fiction south of the equator. David Adams has crafted a tale of post-apocalyptic horror where you, the reader, are the thing to be feared.

It’s a short read that you can knock out over a cup of coffee. It’s only a dollar for you and poor David only makes a third of that. I absolutely loved what he did with this, and I think you will too!

3 replies to “Shear Terror!”

Gonna have to cop that asap. Thanks for letting Woolites know about this. And we can’t wait to see the progress bar for WOOL 7 move. ;)

I have started in on David’s “Lacuna” series and like his style. I also checked out his Lacuna / Wool mash-up at an earlier recommendation from Lisa. Funny guy!

I decided to give this one a read and used the “Prime member Borrow for Free” option since I hadn’t used my July one yet and he will get paid more than $0.99 by Amazon for me borrowing it rather than buying it. Great read!

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