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Remember how disappointing this scene was?

Yeah, Al Capone’s vault was a bust. This weekend, Amber and I are going to try and make it up to you. We’re peeling the padlock off the old Howey storage unit and pawing through the treasures inside. Foreign editions. Original copies of the self-pubbed edition of WOOL. Pages of manuscripts with red ink all over them. High school poetry. Pictures of me with hair down to my waist. My stuffed animals (kidding. I would never put those in storage!)

Any surplus stuff will be up for grabs. I haven’t done signed editions in a while, and this might be the last hurrah for quite some time. What I’m thinking is figuring out what I have, letting you all call dibs, and then maybe order in copies of WOOL to sign for anyone who wants one of those. Or something. Details to be sorted out. Stay tuned.


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  1. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    Let me be the first to say, thanks, that would be great!

    1. kathy czarnecki Avatar
      kathy czarnecki

      Wait is it call dibs now or some other time. Italian Dust is what I will try to call dibs on either now or at some point in the future

  2. Carrie MacDonald Avatar
    Carrie MacDonald

    Oh, can I call dibs on one of those original editions of WOOL?

  3. I’d love anything related to the Plagiarist.

  4. WOOL ARC/PROOF for me pleaseeeeeee

  5. I would love signed wool anything!

  6. Anthony Rensing Avatar
    Anthony Rensing

    A signed, self-pubbed edition of WOOL would be fantastic.

  7. If people are leaving dibs now then I would love a British hard cover of Sand.

  8. Amber Sutterby Avatar

    That would be super fantastic Hugh, calling dibs now. I’ve promoted the Wool series to everyone I know!

    Do I get a bump up the queue as a fellow “Amber”? Ha :)

    Good luck sorting through all your stuff! Not fun but satisfying I’m sure.

  9. I always liked the Third Shift Pact cover with Solo and his cat, also Half Way Home with the legs is creepy cool, so dibs ;)

  10. Celeste D'Emilio Avatar
    Celeste D’Emilio

    i call dins on any Wool surplus!

    1. Celeste D'Emilio Avatar
      Celeste D’Emilio

      Dibs, I mean dibs!

  11. Dibs on self published Wool!

  12. Niels Pedersen Avatar


  13. Wonderful.

    I really need (more than the others :-) ) the atomic Wool 1 ! Or everything else you will find while mining!


  14. That would be awesome, really looking forward to this!

  15. You know we’re potentially missing out on the best episode of Storage Wars ever here? :-)

  16. Ha! Apologies for the name in my last post – autocorrelation on new phone. Ramon does sound kinda cool though!

  17. Will you ship to Canada? I’ve tried to get a signed copy of WOOL twice now, this may be my last chance!

  18. bill matthews Avatar

    Would love a signed copy of any of your works, especially Wool

  19. All I’ve wanted since the dawn of time is: 1. the ugly yellow omnibus, and 2. the wool proof set with the individual volumes. Now is that too much to ask?? ;-) Enjoy clearing out – it will feel liberating, I’m sure.

  20. Hugh, that would be awesome! What a great idea. I’d love to get in on this, too. Send me whatever you want, ’cause I like to live on the wild side. ;) Thanks for doing this!

  21. I’m bad about not filling out my collections when I have the opportunity. I’d love a Wool or Silo omnibus. I’d love the ugly editions, but would go for any hardbacks you might have. I also should have gotten the Molly Fyde 2-4 when I got a signed Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue.

    Really, I’ll probably pick up something from whatever you list. I’ll be watching the site all weekend.

  22. Benjamin Davies Avatar
    Benjamin Davies

    Absolutely adored Shift if you’ve got any spare copies lying around. That is, of course, if you can bothered to post a copy all the way to Australia.

    Love your work and have gotten more than one of my mates into it as well. All the best with the cleaning and sorting

  23. Wonder if the vault has any copies of the ugly Dust??? I missed out!

  24. Sounds great! Count me in.

  25. Hey, a signed copy would be great–I have the trad published Wool Omnibus but will take anything. *fangirl* Just to help you out, you know!

  26. Victoria Bailey Avatar
    Victoria Bailey

    I’d love anything Wool related, either the individual volumes or the first omnibus. Or, really, anything you wanna toss this way. ‘Cuz I’m easy like that.

  27. I’d love an original version of “ugly” wool to complete my collection!

  28. I’d love anything signed by you, Hugh. Even a used tissue. Those would have been hard to come by in the silo!

  29. Jacob Grochowski Avatar
    Jacob Grochowski

    I will jump on the dibs train. I don’t know if that’s what you intended for this post to be, but here you go! French stuff would be best.

  30. Diane Johnson Avatar

    I would love anything but especially any Molly Fyde!!! :-)

  31. Diane Johnson Avatar

    Or an ugly shiny copy of Dust…

  32. Jason Wilhoit Avatar

    Pick Me!!! I have all the versions of Wool except for the original ugly edition.

  33. Steph Szumski Hummer Avatar
    Steph Szumski Hummer

    Dibs on any “ugly” early editions or something with red ink all over it! I’m so excited for this!!!!

  34. Aaaaahhhhh! Original self-pubbed Wool?! Who do I have to kiss or kill?

  35. Joining the heard… any copies of Wool (ugly, Amazon published etc) would be great :)

  36. I’ll take a signed copy of anything. I will store it in a box made of bulletproof glass on my bookshelf.

  37. Alicia Porter Avatar

    This is so exciting! I’d love ANYTHING!! :)

  38. Fun! Can’t wait to see what you unearth.

  39. Dying to get anything autographed that might be available! Been reading the originals since before they hit the big time!

  40. I call dibs on a signed paperback of the first Molly Fyde book…if there’s one lying around, and you’re feeling generous, Hugh…LOL

  41. I would dearly love anything with which you’d be willing to part! Thanks :)

  42. If we are doing Dibs now, I would love a signed copy of the self-published edition of WOOL. I have gotten many people hooked on the series, would love a neat piece to add to the collection. Thanks for giving back, it’s really cool.

  43. I would love copy of any of your books signed. They are all amazimg stories. My two favorites being Half Way Home and Wool (they started the addiction). Or even a copy of Misty for my son :).

    I appreciate the connection you have with your readers and fans. Its a rarity.



  44. Thanks, Hugh. And thanks, Amber, for helping out!

  45. Seriously, I’ll take anything, pretty please!!

  46. Dakota Valkyrie Avatar
    Dakota Valkyrie

    Dibs on anything not already dibbed.

  47. Seriously?! No one calling dibs on the red inked manuscripts? Me, me, me! That’s more exciting than the actual finished product, to me. To own the beginnings; the raw, imperfect manuscripts. Priceless.

  48. No chance of your pulling a Geraldo on us. You’d need a much larger ego for one.

    I’m with Leslie on this and request dibs-affication of a proof or manuscript copy of Wool. The more red ink the better. Then, each time I get one of mine back from an editor/beta reader, I can look at yours and say, “I am not alone on this.”

  49. I would love to replace the original Wool, Shift and Dust signed first editions that my ex took when we split. We had one of the first few hundred copies of Wool back when you were still in Boone. We got it on a hunch because we found your name on some upcoming local writers list and that turned out to be a great decision!

  50. I would love anything from the vault. I just finished the Silo Series and was a wonderful adventure. Who knew one free book (Wool Part 1)would take me on a journey like that? Thank you Hugh!

  51. I’m with Steph, Leslie, and ML – an inked manuscript would be inspirational and I would love – LOVE – to have one. You are a strong, strong man, Hugh Howey, to be able to part with earlier versions of your work.

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