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The Most Spectacular Pot Luck Book Signing in the History of the Universe

As far as I know, this is the only “Pot Luck” book signing in the history of the universe, hence the superlative.

Here’s the dealio: Living on a boat is not conducive to owning things. Which is why I haven’t owned much over the years. But now I find myself in possession of a storage unit, which holds a gobsmacking number of foreign editions and collectibles that I’ve amassed. I keep getting emails asking when I’ll do signed copies again, and this looks to me like a match made in heaven. I empty my storage unit, and these books find happy homes.

More details soon. And spread the word. If we get enough interest, the coolness of the things I’m offering will escalate.


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Same goes for me. Particularly wool, dust, shift, or sand.

I think I have a half dozen friends hooked on your books now (and for good reason, the stories are amazing).

Keep writing.

I would be down for a copy of anything that you find particularly neat. Italian edition of wool? Or maybe a personal favorite cover art of yours for any book?

Walking in there made you think of Indiana? I saw Juliet walking amongst a records level in silo 1! You should have purchased a bigger boat! Like a tanker with its own self contained, self sufficient deck garden (Im claiming that idea!)

Anything g WOOL and/or TSC in English would be greatly appreciated and cherished (by me of course)!

Totes going to spread the word!

I once asked Hugh if he still had a original copy of WOOL “dirty cover” is what we call them and he said the only one he had belonged to Amber, sigh. I have Shift and Dust in dirty cover/signed and wanted WOOL.

Thanks for sharing your trip. Some very cool memories in those boxes. Looking forward to hearing more.

Wow! What a treasure trove! I would love to have a piece of it myself, and look forward to all your future works!! Please consider donating something to the DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) silent auction!!

I fell in love with the Silo series, which I happened upon by accident! I was instantly a huge fan and am now eager to work my way through your other gems. Woo hoo!

This idea of sending these items out is a brilliant one. You Rock! I loved hearing about the story behind some of these things, so thanks! I would be so appreciative if you choose to send something my way!


Okay, okay, okay. Unopened boxes?! Dude, that’s like buried treasure. Send one to me for PhauxCon so I can auction it off for charity. Also, I want something in Portuguese. =) Have fun going through it all. Can’t wait!

Holy Silo Hugh!!
While everything you pulled out is spectacular, those thumbdrives are the bomb!
Best of luck with all of it!

I feel fortunate to own two signed books (WOOL Omnibus and Sand Omnibus). But I’m definitely interested to see what you’ll be offering! I’d love a signed copy of the Shell Collector if any are available. Exciting days ahead!

Love it! Anything Wool! Although, I’m a HUGE fan of iZombie. Kind of pissed that stupid show stole the title! But with Wool, I can then take it to the movie opening and having Marnes (of course, played by Harrison Ford!), sign it, too. Haha!

Oh man, I need Wool 4 & 5 to fill in my collection that I got signed a few years ago at SXSW. And, my Wool 1 is the second cover rather than the original but the original is pretty hard to find.

I was involved in the USB drive saga. It was a tense time involving mystery and thievery! I sent mine off as a gift and would love to get another. Was that the mailing that came with a page of manuscript, or was that for something else?

Me! Me! Please! Just let me know what I have to do, short of cleaning. (You think I’m kidding. HA) :-D

You do realize you just showed the whole world your access codes to your storage unit…

I saw that too; a view of the storage facility, codes for the gate and the front door and the number of his unit, all visible. One might be thinking next that a handy DeWalt disc saw will go right through that lock, just like on the storage auction shows…


OHHH those self published Wool’s are so awesome! I hope I get the chance to grab one! Missed out the first run!

I would love to buy the Wool Omnibus signed by George R.R. Martin and a Shell Collector signed Book.

Looking forward to this. I’m especially interested if you might have any signed copies of the comic series of Wool. Impossible to find here in the UK.

Hahaha… the view in the car at the end of the video with all the boxes filling the complete car-room is so funny! You will have a lot of work sorting, signing and shipping. So thanks a lot, you will definitly make a lot of people happy. Regards from germany!

This is so exciting! I’m hoping to have a shot at one of those self-pub Wool installments. We don’t have much storage space for books here in Hong Kong, but one of those would be perfect!

You are a fantastic example of good things happening to good people Hugh. Your interaction with your fans is second to none. And unlike some other authors who seem to forget their fans when they make it big you have always been all about the fans. May it be ever so.

Wool signed by GRRM. As a SciFi Fantasy geek, I’d probably give a digit off my left hand for it. Any digit. You choose! Just make sure you also sign it before sending it off! :)

I think you should do a “goodie bag”. Have people pay a flat fee and put a bunch of different fun stuff in there!

What a treasure trove of memories! This video reminded me of your earlier days. It’s been such a pleasure watching as you make this journey. I wouldn’t mind having quite a few of those copies in my home collection. :)

It’s too bad you can’t hold the Most Spectacular Pot-Luck Book Signing at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. That seems like an appropriate venue. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to your next post.

Thats a load of cool stuff. Would very cool to to have any if it. I loved silo and dust, and look forward to reading to my children when they get a little bigger assuming they have the same tastes as i do. Im hoping the film is on track so keep the contract!

WOAH! There was a LEGO MODEL in there?!?! Now that IS cool! Oh, and a few other bits were cool too :)
And for once I’m in a place with relatively stable internet for a few weeks! So if you’re doing an auction, I’ll be able to bid! Woohoo!

I love your books! You’ve cost many sleepless nights and bleary-eyed mornings. Thank you! I’d love a signed copy of anything in English. Something hardback with a beautiful cover would have a cherished place in my home where many others would be converted to HH fans! Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

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