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SAND is coming right along. The first two parts have been up for a couple of weeks, and despite telling people to hold off until the Omnibus, they are selling and getting some great feedback. It’s cool. I’m used to being ignored.

Part 3 should hit on Tuesday of this week. I might have part 4 out a week later. And in a not-very-big-surprise, a part 5 is now needed, which will wrap the story up with a bang. I hope to have that out by the middle of January, which is pretty crazy considering I had planned on releasing part 4 at the end of the month. Really getting absorbed in this story, which is always a good sign.

The feedback for the individual covers has been off the hook (Here’s part 1 on Amazon. And part 2). More of that Jason Gurley magic. Now I’m pleased to reveal the cover for the looming Omnibus, which I hope to have ready to go by the end of January. Gorgeous, eh? I would totally pick this up to see what it was about. And I would caress it. And hug it. And pet it. And squeeze it. And call it George.

Howey_SAND_OMNIBUS_EbookEdition 600

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  1. This time I didn’t ignore you. I’m waiting for that omnibus. This one great cover for it.

  2. I’m speechless with the gorgeousity of this cover. And that doesn’t happen very often!

    I want one to hug. I will name mine…


  3. As one of your biggest ignorers, thanks for doing the serial release along with the full novel. I love the near realtime write-edit-publish nature of this story.

  4. I will admit I did ignore your advice and already own books 1 and 2 in paperback version. I am someone who enjoys rarities and oddities and was quite intrigued with something I came across in book 1. The only clue I will give is “A Visitor”. Hugh I think you know what I’m talking about, to everyone else, hmm…:)

  5. As a fellow serial ignorer, thanks for blogging an update tonight. I was starting to think Amazon was holding out on me by saying the paperback version of part 3 was available for order on 12-27 but nary an ebook in sight!

    Keep up the good work Hugh

    1. Yeah, for once I got the print book up before the e-book. Strange days. :)

      1. WHAAAATTTT? Mind = Blown

  6. Gorgeous and chilling. *approve*

  7. Deeply cover. Drawing me closer. Mustn’t give in. Stop this, damn you Howey, stop this!

  8. Will this be out in print?

  9. Wow, your output is amazing. And that is a great cover. I will wait for the omnibus.

  10. This is awesome. Loving Sand, and absolutely love that cover.

  11. Dear Mr. Howey,

    Will you make print copies of the individual volumes or omnibus available for sale (signed, of course) through your website?


  12. great looking cover. I am trying very hard to wait for the omnibus.
    Thanks for the up date

  13. Well I am collecting the individual copies and glad I made that choice. When you have the Omnibus available on your site, I will get that also. This cover says so much. I can picture the complete desolation and sadness that occurs in every day life in North Korea.

  14. Wow. Jason does excellent work. And so do you! A powerhouse pair, the two of you make :)

  15. That’s absolutely shiny!

  16. What I love best about the cover is the prominence of the constellation in the night sky.

  17. Wow. It takes the breath away and makes me more curious about the book than ever. That cover accomplishes the goal a million times over.

  18. I swear, you write at the same speed my wife drives. And I can’t open my eyes for entire journeys! I’ve waited for the Omnibus (having read the first bits in your newsletter – yes folks, sign up to get the goodies first!) – but I’ll second (or third?) the cries for signed paperbacks. Will you do individuals, or just the omnibusses (is that even a word?) Or is the post office starting to close when they see you approaching…?

    1. I’ll do both. It might be a while before I have them up. I’ve got some travels coming up real soon.

  19. Can we get that cover in a poster format? Maybe about a 10″ x 16″? Not joking. It would look really good.

  20. Wow, that cover is beautiful Hugh! I actually got chills. I can’t wait to read this but I’m not ignoring you, I’m waiting for the Ominbus ;) I’ve got waaaaaaay to many items on my Kindle so I’ve had to force myself to start to wait until a whole story is done before I make my purchase.

  21. Awesome cover. Why is the title punctuated? Some deeper meaning? Hmm.

  22. I was an “ignore-er” – I bought Pt. 1 but I have prevailed in my extremely difficult goal of not reading it. I will buy the Omnibus, oh yes I will. The day it comes out. At that time I will no longer be an “ignore-er”.

    I. Am. Stoked.

  23. Ludovika Fjortende Avatar
    Ludovika Fjortende

    Totally magic cover.

  24. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the way you keep your fans informed regarding your progress. I love the little meter and the fact that you actually use your blog. I’ve been waiting for three or four authors works to be published as the stated on their seldom used blog “by the end of 2013”. Not a thing on their website, like hey I’ve been sick or I slightly miscalculated the publishing date. Just leave us hanging. You’re too good to us. I appreciate it.

  25. The cover is gorgeous–thank you for the reveal! (BTW: I got my mom totally hooked on the Silo Saga. When I told her she’d read Wool in a short time because of the intense suspense, she didn’t believe me. Now we’ll BOTH be looking forward to Sand!).

  26. When will Sand be available for Nook? I keep checking for it but it’s not there to buy!

    1. At the end of February. I’m concentrating on the .mobi edition right now. I’ll have the .epub up later, not just at B&N but at Kobo and the iBookstore.

      1. ACK! Long wait for me! But I do understand you only have so many hours in a day! Thank you for using a few minutes to reply to my question! I appreciate that a LOT!

  27. Hi Mr. Howey – first, thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I have been blessed with through your innovative writing. I have turned all of my book-nerd friends on to your work. My question; Is Sand going to also be a trilogy, like Wool/Shift/Dust…?

  28. Patiently waiting for the Kobo version :)

  29. I don’t know how I ended up on this page, but I’m reading this book because of your semi-obscure Looney Tunes reference.

  30. I need the omnibus Sand in Apple iBooks to gift to my son in North Carolina. He is finishing his PhD in linguistics at UNC and does not know yet how much he will enjoy this book and your writing.

    I have pre ordered the omnibus version for myself but no one seems to know when it will be available for downloading and gifting. Any idea when we will have all 5 Sand stories (the omnibus version) in Apple iBooks?

    PS. I’m glad you are so young. I’m looking forward to many more years of your GREAT storytelling. At 70 I have become your fan for life!

    1. Should be up within 24 hours.

      1. Unbelievable! Thank you Hugh. At 8:00PM Central Time (USA) I opened up my iBook app and “ding, ding ding”. A desert filled with sand fell out of my iPad into my lap.

        I kissed my wife, suggested she not wait up and said I’d be leaving right away. “I’m going on a 5 to 6 day trip to examine some Sand.” I said. She wasn’t surprised. I did the same thing a month or so ago when I’d developed a sudden interest in a Silo.

        Now, to gift a copy to my son in NC.
        On second thought he may have to wait until I get back from my Sand trip.

  31. Just finished Sand last night and feel there are some loose ends. Will there be a sequel, or might I figure everything out on my re-read?

  32. This story made me so mad I downloaded what I thought was the full book to find out it was just a sample and it was so disappointing I wanted to keep reading so badly.

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