Somewhere, soon, great machines will roar to life and books will be born

The final proof copy came in the mail today. Sorry, no webcam or torturous tease, I just ripped the thing open and marveled at what we’ve wrought.

The endorsement up top looks great. The binding is beautiful. The text is crisp and bold. The cover is, honestly, absolutely stunning. I can’t believe I had a hand in this.

Once the shakes subsided, I realized that this is actually happening. I’m an author. The fact that I’ve been typing away on the draft for book three for several hours doesn’t seem to drive that point home, but holding the book in my hand and hearing my publisher say that the order has been put in… it’s just too much.

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind. Friends and family that demanded signed copies will get their first, along with the dozen or so reviewers who have agreed to read and review the book.

Next up is a trip to Charlottesville, where I’ll see old friends and distribute a few more copies. Then, on the 17th, I’ll be in Monroe, NC (my hometown) at three different venues throughout the day. On the 18th is the official book release party at “The Tin Roof” in Charleston, SC. Come one, come all.

The next day I’ll be at 87 Wentworth Street at “Knit.” If things work out, I’ll also be at the farmer’s market that morning, so feel free to stop by.

Somehow, during all of this craziness, I’ll be finishing the draft for the third book and getting ready to start editing the second. I’ve gotta stay ahead of you guys. When you get to the end of the first book, you’ll see why.

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  1. Damn. This is so exciting!!!!! The book does look GREAT. I can’t wait for others to get to read it and start talking about it. It is so enjoyable as a first read but it wasn’t till my second and third (and then reading the second book) that some of the really cool complexities in the series started showing up for me. Can’t wait to see what you weave through book 3!

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