Strange daze.

A FB friend recently messaged me and asked that I go back to updating people with the “normal” things I do during the day. I used to post philosophical rants, pictures of home improvement jobs, biographical stories, and the like. Now it’s all Wool, Wool, Wool.

This is what yesterday was like for me:

I got up at 6:00 and started writing. I worked on SECOND SHIFT: ORDER and I, ZOMBIE. I had an apple for breakfast.

Printed labels for 13 copies of the Omnibus. Signed these and put them in padded mailers. Drove to the post office with my dog, Bella Luna (not a Twilight fan, btw).

We took a spin around the Greenway, a park that meanders clear across Watauga County. While on our walk, I found out that the couple interested in our house had found a house in which they were doubly interested. I kicked a few rocks along the path. I felt fractionally better.

Back home, I tended to emails, approved website comments and marked others as spam (annoying). Wrote some more. Checked for reviews/sales on the Omnibus and the new book.

At 4:30, I got on a podcast with Timothy Ward. I told him I didn’t have anything planned until 7:00. He laughed at the idea that we might go on that long.

At 6:50, I told him I really needed to go.

Ate a bowl of pineapple chunks while the phone rang. Spent the next hour or so on the phone with Hollywood types. I’m now very familiar with the 310 area code.

Worked on book layout stuff, responded to emails and Tweets, put up some links and what-not on FB. Debriefed my wife. Started packing for my drive to Charleston.

At 9:30, I got back on with Timothy to record details about two different giveaways to go with the two different podcasts.

Finished packing for the drive to Charleston. Boxes of books, clothes, camera, laptop. The trip is going to include a drive to Florida to find a new house. Still no offers on our current one.

In bed after 10:00 with an alarm set for 5:00.

As I type this the next day, I’m waiting on another 310 phone call. Emails are popping up in my inbox. I suppose I should go handle those real quick. In two days, I speak to a high school classroom and then to a bar full of friends and fans. Still not sure what I’m going to say or talk about. Oh, and audiobook samples need my review.

Strange daze, indeed.

6 responses to “Strange daze.”

  1. So you can now officially consider yourself a celebrity! Your fans (including myself) love to read about your typical day and your news regarding your books. It helps us get a Howey fix inbetween WIP ;-)

    1. Man, I don’t feel like a celebrity. What I’m amazed at is how much WORK is involved. I’m busy practically every moment of every day.

      What I was trying to highlight with the hourly account is that there aren’t blog posts about the other things in my life because there are no other things in my life right now!

  2. *puts sunglasses on Hugh* Yep, a celebrity for sure! At 51% on First Shift, reading slow and pausing to make it last. *SHOUTS* Lovin’ it!

  3. Hey when you come down here to the 310, you should have another luncheon or book signing. Just Finished First Shift, freakin awesome! “Thaw Man” haha that was genius.

  4. Wait wool 6 is out??? I haven’t read anything in days waiting for the 19!!! Off to go look

  5. A day in the life … Fun post. Such an exciting time for you.

    **biting fingertips in anticipation of 1-3PM estimated delivery of First Shift**

    Can’t wait! :-)

    Better go distract myself by teaching the kids their Latin and Greek.

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