Wool gets top-billing on Publishing Perspectives!

From the story:

“Post-apocalyptic dystopias seem the order of the day, with an auction underway for Hugh Howey’s Kindle Select-published five-book series Wool, the premise of which sounds like one vision of the publishing industry’s future. Earth (and, we presume, its high streets and publishing houses) has been ravaged by an unspecified global tragedy that we presume is nuclear (or possibly a well-known Internet retailer?), though it isn’t stated. The remaining inhabitants – novelists? editors? – live in sunken shafts. Venturing out is forbidden, and those that are caught expressing such a wish are punished by being given protective clothing and sent to the surface to clean the lenses of the cameras that provide footage of the outside world to those in the shafts. To do this, they use the wool of the title.

Hodder is among five bidders with Associate Publisher Oliver Johnson commenting: “It’s excellent, very well done indeed. Dystopian SF set in the far future of the earth. The Kindle rating has been high, although interestingly, I believe they’re sticking to digital for the US and only going for print elsewhere.” The eponymous Jenny Meyer is selling, for whom LBF 2012 is shaping up very nicely indeed.”

Source: http://publishingperspectives.com/2012/04/lbf-2012-rights-update-from-dystopia-to-dyspepsia/

5 responses to “Wool gets top-billing on Publishing Perspectives!”

  1. What does the article refer to when it says “an auction is underway”. An auction of what? I’m sure if I was a writer I’d have some clue what they were talking about…

    1. The rights to Wool in the UK market are currently at auction. :D

  2. Shawn (a.k.a. Mr. RAD) Avatar
    Shawn (a.k.a. Mr. RAD)

    The Wool series is great and it DESERVES all the attention it’s getting. Congrats on the success, Hugh!

    Now I’m off to purchase First Shift. :)

  3. Anarchy in the U.K.!

  4. So, would some publisher end up paying you a flat fee, and then they make whatever money they can, or do they make advance/royalty/marketing support offers and you just pick one?

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