Hugh Howey
Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

My WIXE 1190 Interview

Last Friday, I went down to Monroe, NC and did some book promoting. We hit the same spots that welcomed us with the first book, and the second time around was just as fun. A huge thanks to the guys at Oasis and Blu Moon for being such awesome hosts. Also, a massive thanks to all the fans and readers that came out to show their support. It was amazing to get a chance to sign so many books, even better to be able to discuss the plot of the…

Q&A With Photographer Nadia Huggins

One of my favorite phases of the book-creation process is creating a cover. It’s also one of the most difficult. It’s worse than staring at a blank canvas, because the end result can’t be anything; it has to be a very specific something. While going through this process for HALF WAY HOME, my wife stumbled upon a photograph on DeviantArt. It blew us away. It was haunting and mysterious. Gritty and primal. Young and mature. Dirty and innocent. It was a photograph of contradictory juxtapositions. The mood of the shot…

In case you missed it…

The fine folks at WIXE 1190 AM in Union County, North Carolina put on a good show. (Maybe not so much when they have science fiction authors on the program, but overall the production level is quite high.) I really appreciate them having me, and hope they’ll see fit to indulge me when my next book comes out. In case you’re so glued to your FM dial that you don’t get a proper dose of longwave radio, here’s the archived interview for you: WIXE 1190 Interview

Interview with the Author Exchange Blog So, like…go comment. Or something.