The $16.99 Media Hub that Saved My Knees

I love this little device. I ordered it with very little expectations. The price and fuzzy picture on Amazon did not instill much hope. What I got in the mail ended up being a little marvel that keeps me at my desk rather than under it.

My computer speakers don’t have a headset jack. So when I get on Skype, I have to crawl around behind my computer to unplug the speakers and plug in my headphones. This little puppy does all that for me and more. I never have to take anything in or out of the jack. Just press a button, and I’m on my earbuds. Press it again, and I’m on my speakers. Even if I used the front jacks on my computer case, this would still be more convenient and worth the investment. Even better is the volume control right on the side. No more clicking down in my task bar to adjust the volume for my earbuds. Now it’s just a turn of the dial right by my keyboard. Same for the speakers.

I don’t pimp wares often. Just when they change my life. If you find yourself switching back and forth between speakers and headsets, you should check this guy out.

8 responses to “The $16.99 Media Hub that Saved My Knees”

  1. Sometimes it’s the simple things that work best…

  2. i use a webcam with an integrated mic. skype is set up to use that sound input instead of the built in of the notebook.
    on my other pc i have two sound cards: one lousy integrated, and one audigy2platinumpro. integrated is for voip only, audigy is for everything else.

  3. A lot of external speaker sets actually come with additional jacks that support putting in a mic and/or headphones. But that device certainly made a cheaper alternative possible!

  4. If you use a USB headset, it’s very easy to switch between them using the audio control panel.

  5. 3 letters.. USB :)

  6. I am so getting this. THANK YOU! I not only have to crawl under my desk, I have to hove three large dogs (and sometimes a small one, too) before I can! Awesome!

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