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The Art of Nidhi Chanani


Six years ago, my two awesome nieces invited me to play a game with them. We were at my dad’s farm in North Carolina, and my father and stepmom were huddled with Jordan and Catherine on the sofa. They were taking turns telling stories, and I was asked to come up with something.

Not knowing the rules, I made up a story about a cloud named Misty. What I was supposed to do is tell a story about something that had really happened to me recently. As I watched how it was done, this forgotten little tell about a little cloud began to coalesce in my mind. I thought that if I had any sort of artistic talent, it might make for a cool children’s book.

Six years later, I decided to turn that story into an actual book. I started looking for an artist, and when I saw Nidhi Chanani’s website, she became my top pick. I just wasn’t sure if I could get her onboard. Today, I can announce that Nidhi is starting sketches, and Misty — The Proud Cloud is going to be a reality.

To see more of Nidhi’s work, check out her gallery. Swoon-worthy art. More soon!


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Hugh congrats on the kids book. Looks beautiful. Are you by chance able to do a blog on how you would go about marketing a kids book. If you can’t no worries at all. Sorry for the self promotion plug here but last year I published my kids book (DIARY OF A DINOSAUR) and have had very little success marketing and selling it to the world. Curious if you might have any tidbits of information for struggling writers out there who might be trying to market kids books.

Congrats on your success. I read your blog religiously each week and feel it gives me motivation to keep going in the difficult publishing industry.


I second the desire for a post about how you’re going to market your indie children’s book, aside from putting your name on it:) I’d also love to hear your thoughts on how indie authors can grow the middle grade portion of the ebook market–preferably before June when mine comes out:)

Hugh, as your author earnings data suggests, self published middle grade ebooks are a tough nut to crack. Those of us with kids know that reading behavior among kids is changing. The question seems to be, is buying behavior also changing? So far, not really. Would love your thoughts on this and second what Mike and Robert have to say. Thanks, DK

I know! I was like, No way. A brown girl and a white guy? I’ve got to get me some of that!

And I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled (gross expression, huh?) for the book marketing. I, too, haven’t cracked the MG market, or any children’s market, but I suspect Hugh will keep us up to date.

This is exciting news! Thank you for introducing us to Nidhi Chanani’s uplifting art work.
Looking forward to seeing this new work come into being.
P.S. Did you mean “this forgotten little TALE?”

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