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The Best Kindle Ever

And honestly, this is in spite of my name being on the thing. George R.R. Martin, Ursula K. LeGuin, Terry Brooks, Ernie Cline, William Gibson. All in different colors. How badass is this?

My question is this: Name the two authors (that’s all that will fit thanks to Georgie!) whose names you’d like to see squeezed on there.

Also: How much would you bid on this thing if it were up for auction (not that it ever will be; I think the owner knows it’s priceless to him.)

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Every time I ask an author to sign it, I get nervous they are ebook haters and will give me a dirty look and refuse to sign.

I was also worried Ursula Le Guin would be offended that I gave her a purple pen to sign with. (considering the subject matter of some of her most famous books) It wasn’t intentional or gender based to give her purple, it was the last color I had. She was very cool however, and commented on the inconsiderate size of George Martin’s signature. I laughed, thinking ‘Hugh Howey said the same thing!’

I’m hoping to add Bacigalupi, Mielville, Haldeman, Willis, Rothfuss, and Chabon. I figure I can fit a few names across the keyboard on the front and up the sides.

Thanks Hugh for sharing this picture on your website. You know how to treat your fans.

Someone already said Neal Stephenson, so how about Robert Charles Wilson, Dan Simmons, Orson Scott Card, or Greg Bear? Or Isaac Asimov :)

Sadly, Isaac Asimov stopped signing autographs in 1992. I was fortunate enough to have gotten one; it’s right next to my Hugh Howey! :)

I would be honored to have any of those authors sign it. Good list. I own books from all of them.

Hugh, please just push the ‘publish’ button on Third Shift already. I can take the wait no longer!

The only thing I’d consider trading it for are copies of the ARC for Wool 1-5. I like to collect books, and those are at the top of my list.

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