The cosmic unfairness of it all

So, James Frey, the guy who lied to millions of Oprah viewers in order to sell his fiction as if it were real, is preparing to write teen science fiction. And of course, since he’s already famous for being a big fat liar, the movie deal is already signed. Meaning the guy is going to get paid millions, rewarded for being unethical, and flood the market with more of his rubbish.

Meanwhile, here I am writing about the VERY REAL events that are going to take place in the 25th century and having to do it as if I’m writing fiction. These books, this story, they’re everything teen and adult readers want out of a novel right now. It’s sure to please every reader that gives it a chance. And yet, thanks to the cosmic unfairness of it all, an admitted liar is getting all the press while I do research on Molly Fyde out of my electronic Reader from the future.

No. Really. I swear! Put me on Oprah, I’ll swear it to her as well.

Here’s the link. Just like James Frey and Michael Bay, there isn’t much there:

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