The Editing Process

Boy, I can’t begin to tell you guys how wonderful the editing process has been for me. It isn’t over yet (five more chapters to revise on my end and a dozen or so for the editor to go over), but we’re getting close. And it’s been an absolute joy.

It’s easy to imagine how painful this would be for writers that aren’t open to change, but as a know-nothing, I’m just trying to soak up each new lesson. That doesn’t mean I don’t disagree now and then, it just means I eventually see how wrong I was in every case.

Writers write, but there’s more involved in producing a book. The editing process is gradually transforming a moderately well-written story into an actual novel, fit to be printed. I have Lisa Kelly-Wilson to thank for assisting me with my original draft, and Nadene Carter has been grinding away with a finer-grit sandpaper. Thanks, to both of you. My self-doubts will never be fully eroded, but you’ve taken the worst bumps out with each pass. I really appreciate it.

The readers will, too.

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  1. FYI, readers — Hugh never gives himself enough credit. Maybe this is one of the reasons that he’s in my “Top 3 Most Painless Writers to Work with” (and the other two are academics, so I’m not even sure they count), but I prefer to believe that he’s pretty much done with any major self-doubt issues and is just one of those people who can step outside themselves and dispassionately view what they do and have done with an eye toward always being better at whatever it is.

  2. I wrote, deleted, re-wrote, edited, deleted, re-re-wrote, deleted, and finally, all I could come up with, was this.


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