The End Has Come

The End Has Come

UPDATE! The first two books are currently on sale for 99 cents. For one week only!

This is a very special release day for me. It was nearly two years ago that John Joseph Adams and I had lunch in Chicago and he told me about his idea for a 3-part anthology or “Triptych.” Each entry of the triptych would focus on one stage of the end-times. With The End is Nigh, we looked at the pre-apocalypse. And then came The End is Now, which was when the bad stuff went down. Today, we proudly release The End Has Comewhich looks at the post-apocalypse.

The roundup of authors who signed on still astounds me. It’s been an all-star lineup, and I’ve been both terrified and honored to work with them on these stories. There’s a little bit of everything in here. Just what a great anthology should be.

A few notes about my story: This is the only place where I’ve continued to write about the world of WOOL beyond the original trilogy. The story arc of my three pieces was set up very deliberately. I wanted to explore how people with tenuous connections to one another can still manage to drastically shape lives, even over great distances of space and time. What we choose to do reverberates. What motivates us has consequences. There are characters here who make decisions out of fear and anger, and this leads others to make even worse decisions, and it all ends badly.

I know many readers will be shocked at the final page of the third story. Know that I don’t write in order to be gratuitous. Often, what I write hurts me as well. It hurts deeply. And that’s reason enough to go there and to explore those ideas and to commit to them. Because it shouldn’t be easy or flippant. Nothing about this series has been. And that’s why I’m as proud of these books as any that I’ve been a part of.

The End is Nigh

The End is Now

The End Has Come


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  1. Ben Bahlmann Avatar

    Great! I am currently I am really enjoying working through v.1. Do you know why v.2 & 3 are not available direct from Adams and in the mobi or pdf formats like v.1? I love my Kindle but I only get books from the public library or buy DRM free works. So far I have refused to participate in the ebook long term lease model–when I buy something I want to own it. Speaking of which I would love to read your thoughts on the first-sale doctrine and how it might or might not work with digital books (assuming change in copyright law and ebooks.)

    1. Volumes 2 and 3 will be available direct once they come out of their window of exclusivity. I think that’s coming up for volume 2 in the next couple weeks.

      All my works are sold direct, DRM-free, right here on this site. I’m up for reselling digital works. I’m also a fan of my works being pirated, so perhaps I’m not the right person to ask. :)


  3. Will there be signed copys by Adams or you of the third book?

    Regards, Torben

    1. JJA might be doing this. I could order one and add it to your Pot Luck order if you like. I haven’t planned on doing signed books for new releases in the near future.

  4. I’ll have to pick these up to complete my “read everything Hugh Howey” binge. On a side note, why did you take all of your stuff off of Kindle Unlimited? I feel like it may have been mentioned in a post or comment somewhere along the way, but I can’t find it

    1. It was a trial run with my works. If I go back to KU, I’ll have to take my works down everywhere else, which will frustrate some readers. It’s a difficult choice to make.

  5. Adam Zweimiller Avatar
    Adam Zweimiller

    You can count me as one of those who you shocked with the last page of “In the Woods”. I will not be sleeping well tonight, thanks. Well done.

  6. Hugh,

    Will you be accepting crypto-currency as payment in the near future? e.g. bitcoins



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