The last guaranteed batch of Holiday books!

I took a huge load of signed books to the post office today. The ladies there told me that this was the last day for international books to be guaranteed arrival before Christmas. It’s also the last day for media mail to be sure to get to you before the holidays.

I was able to get everything ordered through Sunday in the mail. I’ll get the rest out this week. And I’ve got a huge announcement coming soon that will greatly impact all of this. Stay tuned!

11 responses to “The last guaranteed batch of Holiday books!”

  1. Why must you toy with us Hugh!? :-)

  2. I hope it won’t impact on our getting autographed copies…because I have been putting off ordering my Molly Fydes but now I am worried.

  3. Finally found a stateside publisher who will let you keep your digital rights?

    1. Simon and Schuster

      1. This comment belatedly approved! ;)

  4. I love good news!

  5. You now have the power to cancel Christmas, don’t you? Did Random House throw that in with the UK book deal?

  6. Oooh! I know! I know! You’ve decided to run away to join the Washington state fair with your dog where, due to the absence of any women, you will be the lady tightrope walker. And there you will remain until your dog learns to speak from being around so many humans at one time, and subsequently becomes a side show, after which she says “All right, I’ve had it. Lets steal all the helium and hightail it back to Florida.” Only then, after a good two or three years of being in the Washington state fair thing, will you resume your writing.
    Or something. I’m just going nuts wondering.

  7. I have just finished the Wool omnibus and it is a brilliant read. It was engrossing and I was hanging off each page. Is there an easy way to arrange a signed copy of the Omnibus for my collection in Australia please.

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