The Pot Luck Book Signing Begins!

Welcome to the Pot Luck Book Signing!

For a long time, I offered signed books on my website. When my book tour travels got hectic, and the number of orders grew to hundreds a week, I had to take a break. Now I get emails asking about signed books, and it breaks my heart not to make exceptions for everyone. So for a limited time only, signed books are going to be available. We’ll keep this going until May 15th, so everyone has time to stake their claim.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s up for grabs:

The logistics of signing and shipping tons of books can be overwhelming. The fairest solution I could think of is a “Pot Luck” book signing. You can list your preferences, and I will try to make them happen, but please understand that these items are limited, so you might end up with something unexpected. Pretend to be excited! (No, seriously, video yourself opening your package and really put on a show.)

To be democratic, every item is a flat $15, plus shipping. Some of these items would fetch many times that on eBay (and you’re welcome to put them there). Others are probably worth $14.38, and that’s with my signature devaluing the thing. A great place to share what you got and see about trades or bartering is the Silo Facebook Fan Page, so join up over there, share your pics and videos of your spoils, and take advantage of suckers with your crocodile tears and tales of woe.

Three things to do when you check out:

1) Make sure your address is correct! I’ve had items returned to me over the years. Don’t let it happen to you!

2) Let me know who I’m signing your item to. If you are a collector, feel free to enter “No Name.” If no name is given, my tendency is to assume the first name of the person making the order.

3) List your top three preferred items or categories of items. “Something in French.” “Anything audio.” “One of those awesome USB Thumb Drives.” “Comics.” “Manuscript Pages!” Anything like that. I’ll try to match what I can. Please go into this knowing that you might get something other than what you ask for. Again: Crocodile tears! The Facebook Fan Page is your friend.

If you’re keen on participating, start by clicking the Add to Cart button below:

Add to Cart

Next, set the quantity of items you want; enter your zip code; choose USPS Media Mail if you are in the US; and then click the PayPal button at the bottom.

Step 0

Now click down here to go to the payment screen (use that button instead of logging into your account, or you might not get a chance to enter a message to me):

Step 1

Enter your payment info, and then click where it says “Add” to add a note to me:

Step 2

Let me know who to sign the items to (include as many names as the items you ordered, or just one name, or “No Name.” Then list your preferences. Be sure to check your shipping address and make sure it’s correct!

Step 3

Items should start heading out around the end of May. I’ll touch base and upload some videos of Amber and myself packing stuff up. Best of luck! May the odds forever be in your favor. Or something like that.

Oh, and if you have stuff in your cart and need to access it, try this:

View Cart

Any troubles, or good luck invocations, use the comments below. Begging me for a particular item won’t help, but it’ll be entertaining as hell, so go crazy!

P.S. Every item (as long as it’s possible) will be stamped with this bad boy:









**UPDATE** 4/11/2015

Yowzers. Amber and I made a bet after I launched this campaign. I said there was no way I’d get as many orders as I had items. She thought I’d run out. So we made a wager. Not looking good for me.

I did a count of every item I have, all the foreign editions, all the USB drives, the comic books, the print-on-demand classics, and it came to 1,276 items. This doesn’t include the dozens of “Huggers Gonna Hug” t-shirts that I’m going to throw in to any orders of 4 or more items (until they run out). Or all the bookmarks and manuscript pages that I’m going to stuff into orders. That’s just the 1,276 items I thought of as actual “Pot Luck Goodies.”

Well, in the first two days of this Pot Luck Book Signing, you all have snatched up 593 items. Leaving 683 to go for the next six weeks. Now, I’m sure ordering will slow down after this initial flurry. But I don’t see the items lasting until May 15th. Which means Amber will win the wager. Which means never hearing the end of how she’s always right.

So here’s what I’m going to do if we run out of Pot Luck items. I’ll make sure that the first 1,276 orders get these random goodies, and then I’ll create a few other product links. I’ll do blood-splatter I, ZOMBIES for anyone who wants one. And I’ll order in as many hardback and paperback copies of WOOL as you all order and sign those and ship them out. So we’ll keep this going until May 20th, no matter what. I want to make sure everyone who wants something signed gets something signed. More updates as I keep an eye on the incoming orders.





118 responses to “The Pot Luck Book Signing Begins!”

  1. Wow expensive postage of $26 to Australia but hey its a one off – can be my Christmas present to myself for this year – lol

    1. Believe it or not, the actual postage will be nearly twice that to Australia. But I tweaked things down to incur some of the cost on my end. The shipping from the US has gotten out of control.

      1. Yep shipping from US to Australia is absolutely horrid. I pay 3 times the amount for postage than to buy MY OWN books! lol *sigh* the life of an Australian author! Oh and I will be doing this anyway. It’s totally worth the $40 :D

        1. Benjamin Davies Avatar
          Benjamin Davies

          Totally agree, certainly worth the price. Glad to know I’m not the only one here who’ll be getting something sent to Australia.

          1. And one being shipped to New Zealand.
            I hesitated for a moment on the shipping price but decided that it was worth it.

  2. So cool – but my paypal expedited right past options to pay. (I guess I have it set up that way) So please sign anything the danielsmi email gets to Daniel Smith. Prefer books – english if you have them and then go from there. Thanks

    1. Hmm. Might be best to cancel the order and use the pay button at the bottom instead of logging in. Once I have hundreds of orders, it’ll be impossible to keep notes for stuff like this.

      1. No cancel without going through the resolution center. I’ll take my chances. Maybe you’ll remember the danielsmi email when the novella I wrote ‘Hugh Howey Lives’ comes out next week (which I guess I can’t send you now – because you have no storage).

      2. I bought more with the pay button. This pot luck is a feast!!!

    2. Steve Bloomfield Avatar
      Steve Bloomfield

      It’s easy to miss. After I logged in I scrolled up and down the page before I saw the “add note” link.

  3. Squee! This is awesome, Hugh!

  4. $20 to ship to Canada, ugh! Will have to wait until I get paid next week, funds are already tight as it is.

    Good luck to everyone that gets in on this.

    1. You’ve got six weeks. Check the sofa cushions!

      1. There’s enough supply for 6 weeks? I thought it would remain open for 6 weeks as long as supplies lasted!?

        *does a little dance* Woot!

        1. I can’t imagine selling out of everything. There are tons of items here. If I do run low, I’ll give some advance notice.

          1. Today was payday, totally thought it was next week. Order has been submitted, top three choices included. Spent 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted the “To” name to be…ended up settling on “Dustin” since I couldn’t think of anything else.

            VERY. EXCITED.

            To say the least. Also, our Canadian dollar is abysmal right now! $44.18 CAD shipped, but TOTALLY worth it. Thank you Hugh! Further proof you’re an amazing author and human being :D

          2. PS. please post the next time you’re in Toronto, would love to actually meet you (briefly of course) in person and buy you a coffee (or other adult beverages)!

  5. Steve Bloomfield Avatar
    Steve Bloomfield

    I’m hoping there’s some Molly Fyde stuff in there!

  6. Sweet. Someone already asked about Boba Fett. This is going to be fun. :D

    1. I thought about asking for Vader from the last video. :)

      This is really cool. Thanks!

  7. Heheh! I totally choked under the pressure – I left off my name (Mike) and didn’t list things in 1,2,3 format. What can I say, I panicked! Fortunately, I think I’d be happy with just about anything I get!

  8. This is such a cool thing you are offering!! Already put in an order as a gift for a friend! :)

  9. This is so awesome! Can’t wait to see what you chose, Hugh.

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  10. Hugh!!! I just purchased 2 before i read your full post, and deflated my own chances of the pot luck :(. I only listed 2, so respectfully I would like to add the following:

    3) i, zombie
    4) that gorgeous Sand artwork
    1) and 2) were Any manuscript page and Half Way Home

    I know this is not the proper venue, but i dont think you’ll mind.

    Thanks for being you, Hugh :-D

    Jennifer Barry

    1. Then again, maybe I caught you early enough!!! This is such a fun thing to be a part of :-)

  11. I used PayPal and it skipped me over the option to add a note and went straight to checkout. I would love them signed to Emily and if at all possible I’d love to replace my ugly Wool, Shift and Dust that I lost in a breakup (I do still have all the original signed Molly Fydes though)! Anything ugly or weird and preferably books in English will do however. Huge fan for years and years! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep buying it all!

  12. I was busy writing stuff to you and forgot to say who to have it signed for. Hope you make up a fun name for me!

  13. This is fantastic, Hugh! My birthday is at the end of May. I just bought myself some birthday presents.

  14. My first order, I missed the note. Thus, the second order! Oh boo hoo (enter sarcasm), I’m so upset I have an excuse to get TWO pieces of signed, Hugh Howey merchandise. God bless Paypal and their itty bitty writing prompts!

  15. Order placed and I am in! Thank you for this sale. Reading this blog helped me over the decision to self-pub the first book in my series. A signed book will be a treasured part of my collection.


  16. If you send me that effing suit, we won’t have to wait for Mr. Scott and his friends to make the movie. I’ll make a home movie here, starring ME!! I’ll probably suffocate during the process, but what the hell. I’d love it if you could do a cameo…lol
    You’ll see the note on my purchase. I’ve requested something that may not even be up for grabs, but I figured that I’ll never know if I don’t try, right? This is fun. I have my fingers crossed. Love you lots. MANUSCRIPT PAGES!!!!! Jeez, dude, you crack me up!

      1. Oh geez, Charla! That would be so hilarious! I would pay good money to see that. ;)

        1. Cheryl Minekime Avatar
          Cheryl Minekime

          I would pay good money to see that too Charla! :)

        2. Cheryl Minekime Avatar
          Cheryl Minekime

          By the way, how do you folks add your pictures to this thing??

          1. It’s been so long, I barely remember. I think it has something to do with your Google Plus account or something. If you have it there, it automatically shows up here. Good Luck

          2. Check out, all you have to do is sign up with the e-mail you commonly use (for instance, here on Hugh’s site) and then associate an image with it :)

        3. Don’t encourage me, ladies!!!! :D

    1. Charla, if you get that suit, we’ll have to pull the tank and gear together to go with it for your video. (Warning; that tank is heavy.) lol

    2. Do it Charla! Do it! :)

  17. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    Hugh, will you still be attending San Diego Comic Con this year? I hope so and can’t wait to open the package whenever it gets here!

  18. It’s just so hard to decide! I already have each of the individual SAND parts, signed in person by you… that’s pretty cool. (Though I think you signed the fourth one, “I can’t believe you’re not going to sell these on eBay.”)

    Off to make my order.

    “Manuscript pages!”

    1. kathy czarnecki Avatar
      kathy czarnecki

      Patrice, you have a signed picture of the 2 of you and and a crocodile wearing Crocks. What more could you ask for in life? :)

  19. Martina Loader Avatar

    I just have to say, if you are tweaking the cost to post to Australia, THANK YOU!! Man the conversion rate is terrible, and we pay so much to get anything from the US on a good day! But this is worth it. Best “bought it for me” birthday present ever!! Can’t wait! xoxo

  20. Just ordered FOUR somethings. Very tough to find that little note spot, and once you click continue it’s too late to go back. Also, they limit your characters, and I had to describe all the possibilities of what I wanted!

    Anyway, this is great, and I’m so happy you’re sharing this abundance with fans. It would be a shame to take all those books to sea and get them soggy as you reread WOOL for the 23rd time as you traversed the Atlantic…

    I believe you will get a LOT of orders.

  21. Order Placed! Now to wait… How many orders to get a “Day Sponsorship” on the boat? “This blog post made possible by Charlotte who received a USB drive, signed copy of WOOL, a lucky penny, three shells, and, of course, manuscript pages!”

    1. A day on the boat? That’s an awesome idea!

      1. That would be beyond awesome…!

  22. Amber Sutterby Avatar

    Today is my 39th birthday and I just bought myself TWO potlucks. Thanks Hugh (& Amber) for adjusting/reducing the postage to Perth Australia. It is $41 postage and totally worth it!
    This is just so over the moon amazing. I’m expecting baby no. 1 in June, hope it arrives before then as I may know know who I am after…, lack of sleep n stuff.


  23. WHOO! Don’t care what I get or how they’re signed! (After all, I have an “I, Zombie” with real HH blood slash DNA.)

    Thanks for having so many of us along on your wild ride, Hugh. Pets to Amb…er, I mean, Bella.

    1. Ah! That’s where the other one went!

    2. Do you think we could clone him? Maybe we could finally get the next Molly Fyde story written….

  24. This is so exciting. I missed the last times you were selling autographed copies, and am so glad this one worked out! I can’t wait to see what I get. :)

  25. I’ve never been a fan girl before, but I’m here I am totally hooked. Somehow I had to use my husband’s paypal account to get the add comment thing (versus paying with my credit card because it didn’t have the add comment box??) so now he TOTALLY knows what spent my money on. Worth it. Just glad to be part of this crazy party setting sail. Thanks for being so utterly cool. Since the damn box was so tiny … I was wondering if your mom was going to help again, and if so, give her a hug. She reminds me of my mom and it makes me misty (but not too cloudy).

    1. Yep. Definite fan girl. Be proud of it!!

  26. When you mentioned the Molly Fyde with the faces, I went to look at mine. I’ve got two from NorLightsPress with two faces but they have different prices. One is $12.95 and one is $15.95. Is the $12.95 the older one?

    1. Good question! If it’s from NorLights, those are definitely the very first editions. Didn’t know there were ever two prices. Not sure which came first or why they changed the price.

      1. PC = publisher´s copy :-)!!!

        Have to check my editions of Molly Fyde, if i have both covers, otherwise i have to complete this too …. grrrrrrrrrrr

      2. I’m not sure. Covers are the same except for the price, ISBN area, and some quality differences. The formatting is completely different between the two. One has 258 pages and one has 283. The $15.95 version has a CPSIA tracking label from 12/26/12 and I can’t find a date on the other one. I don’t really know the publishing history for the book but 2012 seems a bit late for NorLights.

  27. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    I was so careful and precise. Making sure to add a note and be as specific as I could be on what I wanted as my first choice. So what do I do? Put the wrong book name down. I was so sure I wanted Italian Shift. Well, I think what Hugh has is Italian Dust. Shift and Dust, sound so alike right? Well, all said and done, I felt like a kid doing this order. It would serve me right to get another copy of I Zombie (no no, please no)!

    1. One I, Zombie, coming right up!

      (Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. :) )

  28. This was such an amazing thing to wake up to this morning! I’m so giddy-it feels like Christmas! Hugh, I just want to say thank you on behalf of everyone for what you are doing here. You are such an amazing person and this is why you are our favorite author! I wish you so much luck in the new phase of your life on the boat-it’s gonna be an adventure! :)

    1. Amen

  29. Just made my order! Thanks for doing this. I’m going to miss being able to see you at events, but I’m so excited for you and Amber. I’m going to love having these on my shelf.

  30. Wow…..brilliant……can’t wait to see what’s in the box…..thanks Hugh. You could save on postage for the UK and come over !!

    1. Well, I’ll be in London for 9 hours next Thursday if you want to bring anything to Heathrow for me to sign. :)

      1. Cheryl Minekime Avatar
        Cheryl Minekime

        Am I the only one who is totally floored by the fact you would even suggest that? Wow. :-)

      2. Oh man! I’ll be flying through Heathrow on Tuesday. Any chance you’ll be stopping in Hong Kong on your travels? We don’t have amazing bookstores like Taiwan but we have lots of boats…

  31. You are an amazing inspiration, Hugh. Thanks so much for doing this! I am totally going to order me a signed copy! :)

  32. I didn’t see Shell Collector but, as you said you would place orders for additional books if needed, is it a option? I bought 3, but didn’t request Shell Collector as one. If it IS, I’ll gladly order 1 more! :)

  33. Will Swardstrom Avatar
    Will Swardstrom

    But are there manuscript pages??

  34. Hi Hugh, I’ve tried three times but the “add note” doesn’t show up. Should I just email you my preferences, or list them here? I know that you can’t guarantee what I’ll get, but I want to try at least to get something I want (Wool stuff, basically). Thanks!

    1. You can leave a message here. I’ll try to match things up, but it won’t be easy! :)

      1. Hugh, I figured it out! In your example, it shows the “Add Note” part BEFORE putting your payment info, but for me, that came afterwards. So, I did it! I’m excited!!

  35. I’m so sad that you’re leaving Jupiter (but excited for your new adventure) that I have to order something. I’ll have to do an unboxing with Kal (tiny, fuzzy black puppy that you/Amber/Bella met on the beach a few weeks ago). Yes, I knew who you were but I didn’t want to be that, “O.M.G.! IT’S HUGH HOWEY!!!!!” person. Can’t wait to read what you write next. Thank you.

  36. I’m so excited! I wish I could have ordered more but can’t wait to see what I get. I haven’t read any of the Molly Fyde but asked for anything Wool, but I also love audiobooks so that would be cool too. May 27th is going to be a long time to wait!

  37. As if you don’t hear it enough – you sir, ROCK! Order placed, hoping for one of the awesome USBs, but will be content with whatever shows up at my door. This will be kinda like one of those LootCrate unboxings!

  38. Thanks, Hugh! I was one of those who was already logged in and went past the Add Note button. My preferences:

    1. Anything early or ugly
    2. Anything else that’s in English. :-)

    I hope to publish my first novel while you’re on the boat. You’ve been an inspiration, and I thank you for that!

  39. Celeste D'Emilio Avatar
    Celeste D’Emilio

    waaahhh – I didn’t get the option to write to you through PayPal (I’m sure I screwed it up); I ordered 3 – if it’s not too much trouble, here are my preferences:
    1. WOOL – Italian preferably but any WOOL (signed to me – Celeste)
    2. any I, Zombie (not personalized)
    3. any comic/cartoon (not personalized)

    thank you!

  40. Placed my order earlier. This is just so much fun, I can’t wait to see what I end up with! Thanks for doing this Hugh and giving use the opportunity to take these treasures off your hands and give them good, loving homes. I think you mentioned coming up to the Annapolis boat show once Wayfinder was finished. If so, I hope you’ll give us warning. Annapolis is not far for me and I would love to drop by, meet you and say hello.

  41. Just ordered 3 items- if you have any “Misty” stuff that’s #3- the kids wold love a piece of artwork- not sure if you remember their #bemisty campaign, but they do!

  42. Of course – the weeks I’m on vacation and not refreshing my Hugh Howey page every ten minutes, something like this happens! I just submitted my order…hopefully I’m not too late!

  43. Shoshaughna Jenkins Avatar
    Shoshaughna Jenkins

    Hi Hugh! I re-watched the video and didn’t notice anything for The Shell Collector which was one of my 3 options. If there isn’t anything available for The Shell Collector something with Shift (English please) would be awesome! Thanks! (Sorry for the inconvenience).

    1. I have a few of those. And I can throw in a shell or two from my collection. :)

      1. Hey Hugh Howey … you’re effing awesome!

  44. Hi Hugh!

    I just placed my order, and I have returned here to beg for one particular item, even though it won’t probably help, but why not?

    In your SAND unboxing video you showed us the Jason Smith-designed UK edition of SAND with the map inside the book jacket. Can I have that one? Is it possible? Does it still exist?

    That’s the begging part. Here’s the entertaining as hell part:

    My daughter, who is the most entertaining person I know, said that I should tell you a joke to get your attention. She would know about jokes getting people’s attention, as she recently was in trouble at school for standing around in the bathroom and telling jokes to second graders instead of being in class. Worse, it was my wife, who teaches in the same hallway, that caught her in there after hearing her doing her “witch laughing” all the way down the hall. I asked her what joke to tell you and she said, “Here’s one that always gets ’em:

    Why did the cow receive an award?

    Because he was out standing in his field.”



    PS. I don’t know if it helps my plea, but I’m posting a Kindle Worlds story to the SAND saga sometime this month. It’s called “The Harvest.” I’m just a fan of that universe, y’know? :)

  45. I forgot to mention that if you need help packing all of this stuff, I’d gladly volunteer. We’ve got a school holiday on Memorial Day (May 25) and I’m in Apopka, not *too* far from South Florida.

  46. Just placed my order for the first draft of the first book (Molly Fyde) manuscript! Don’t know if anyone else purchased that, but since there is only one, I’ll be the first to publicly beg for it.

    I’d love to own the very first words from a brilliant mind. Holding those pages would truly be inspiring and breathtaking! And since I haven’t read the series yet, that’ll be the first thing I do when I receive it.

    The manuscript will never be sold, loaned, or given away. I’m gonna cherish that manuscript as much as I cherish my own! The way you paused and looked at those pages … I know that manuscript and those words are special, and the nostalgia is real.

    I’ll take good care of it. Please, send it my way.

    Thank you.

    “manuscript pages”

  47. I’ll have a 50′ catamaran, please!
    Wait a minute, that WASN’T in the video?

  48. Oh yeah, do you have an idea of when you’ll be shipping these things? Like, are you sending them out as they come in, or waiting until the whole thing is over in May before sending en masse? I’m in Canada now y’see, but only until the end of May. After that I’ll be traveling the US, so I’ll have to send it to Australia to wait for me!

  49. Heather Coleman Avatar

    So I tried rather unsuccessfully to squeeze a novel into 255 characters ;) Figured I would expound here a little so it made sense. I will own it, I totally pirated I, Zombie and Wool Omnibus. I read I, Zombie first and liked it enough that I dove into Wool next. Partway through it, I decided to look you up, found your page and found your attitude towards other writers, and even towards piracy awesome, so I paid for the kindle of Wool and the rest of the Silo series. After I finished it I bought Sand. Now I am not so patiently waiting or the rest of Sand, and have read a number of the Silo Universe books.

    I ordered 2 books, asked for them to be from either Sand or Wool (I meant Silo!). I also asked for them to be made out to Simon, my 10 yr old fantasy lover who is a voracious reader and also an aspiring fantasy writer. I am going to put Wool on his kindle soon. He is finishing up the Inheritance series right now. I think I might wait on Sand a bit, although I love it maybe more than Silo. He will think it beyond awesome to have things signed by an author that he has actually read and enjoyed– so hopefully he gets something awesome! (or I get the new Sand– your choice! ;) )

  50. Wow, this is pretty amazing! I ordered but had the same issues as a few others. I am on an iPad and PayPal just skipped the options section. I will be happy to get what I can get but If you happen to see this, Half Way Home is my favorite but Wool or Dust would be amazing too. Manuscript pages would be way too cool!

    Thanks so much for doing this! It really is pretty awesome.

  51. Niels and Kristin Pedersen Avatar
    Niels and Kristin Pedersen

    Just placed a double order. I wasn’t going to, because I have a bunch already and thought I should let others have a chance. Then my wife brought me to my senses.

  52. so i messed up. Probably those ten 15 hr days in a row I’ve just logged as a CPA. I put in my order but missed the note to Seller. I wanted

    1. Something in French, signed to Bobbi
    3 Three things in English signed, respectively, to Bobbi, to Marc, to Jon (separately of course)

    Thanks and happy sailing! We have our Hunter 27 in drydock due to the drought out here in The Land of Enchantment. Was always our dream to go bluewater.

  53. Benjamin Davies Avatar
    Benjamin Davies

    Didn’t get an option to add a comment with the payment. If you make it this far down the comments, then my selections are…

    1- A copy of shift. preferably in English, but I’m not too fussed
    2- Something that can’t be bought in a store or online under normal circumstances ( a manuscript or something along those lines)
    3- Absolutely anything else

    All the best with the signings, I think it’s a fantastic idea.

    P.S. whatever I end up with, make it out to Ben/ Benjamin.

    1. Benjamin Davies Avatar
      Benjamin Davies

      Just realized payment wasn’t under my name as well. The order will be under Tracey Davies but still for Ben

  54. I woke up extremely early today and like any fan, thought “man, there were a lot of people who didn’t get to enter their preferences during the order process…that sucks!”

    So…I just went through the list of comments as of 7:35 AM EST and compiled a quick list for you. I have no idea if you have already begun a list, or someone else has. It is on my Google Docs account and shared to you’re Gmail. Link is below in case e-junkie flagged it as spam.

    I only counted 11 people who listed there preferences in the comments above, but it’s entirely possible I could have missed something, you know, with it being so early in the morning :)

  55. Oh Dear, I’ve ****** up!
    I meant to click for two items but before I knew it I was at the end of the checkout.
    Do I have to re-apply again or can I send another payment direct through PayPal?
    Otherwise postage will be added again and to the UK it’s pretty expensive.

    1. Scrap that! Ive ordered again HaHa……

  56. Hugh, there’s not enough room in the Paypal note box. I had to forgo requesting any specific item and focused what I would like the sentiment to be. Hope that is OK. Cheers.

  57. I didn’t leave any preferences on my order. I blame it all on too much work,and not enough sleep. I’ll add my preferences here if that’s ok.

    Signed to Cody, and hopefully a hardcover, slipcase, or omnibus. Either Wool or Sand.
    Hopefully you see this, but if not I’ll take what I get. I’ll just be glad to have a signed copy from a favorite author.

  58. So excited about the Pot Luck. Nothing I love more than getting interesting mail, I think this definitely qualifies. Can’t wait to see what comes through my door. Hoping for a comic, but absolutely anything will make my day. Postage to the UK was horrible, but worth every single penny. Thanks for doing this Hugh, I imagine its gonna be a logistical nightmare but it really is appreciated.

  59. Erin - AJ - Jones Avatar
    Erin – AJ – Jones

    So I got carried away and not only ordered quite a few from you, but also conned family into buying some for me as belated birthday gifts! Yay! I am so very excited to see what comes in the mail!!
    Just FYI, as of right now, there are three separate orders coming to me, and of course, if it saves you money, throw them all in the same box.
    I don’t know if the family knew anything about requesting certain items or if they followed your directions…
    I would love anything from the Silo Series, I, Zombie, and Sand, especially. I love Molly Fyde, too, and I would love to get my hands on some of your early work, manuscripts, personal items that mean a lot to me in my shrine – I mean library. Our game room is also decorated in graphic novels and comics, so would love to get a hold of some Silo GNs to frame!
    Thank you so much for everything you do for your fans! You show us that amazingly gifted authors are real people, too!

  60. Made an order and then turned around and did another one because it just wasn’t enough! If you see them both, please feel free to box and ship them together if it’s easier!

    I’m so excited to see what I end up getting!

    1. Also, 593 items sold as of 4/11?!! That is crazy awesome! So glad I got in before everything was sold AND bought 4 items so I can get some fun grab bag goodies :) That was a total surprise until I read the post addition today. Score for me and my Hugh Howey shelf!

  61. Valerie B. aka DarthMom Avatar
    Valerie B. aka DarthMom

    Pay day! Got my order in, but no note to seller found, same as a some others I told about The Potluck. No problem, I’ll be very happy with whatever I receive because I’ve really enjoyed Hugh’s work so far. His Wool books are in my “permanent” library with all my Star Wars books – over 500 of them and forever on the prowl for more… Always on the lookout for new Silo fan fiction too to keep the silos “running”. I’ve been a real pusher since I started the first Wool book and told anyone who’d listen to me. I’d overhear people talking about books and randomly interject threads of Wool on then until I’d knitted them a cozy sweater and they were searching Amazon for it in front of me. (As a pusher I might have knitted straight jackets and handcuffs at times, but all is good in the world of Silos.) Thanks a bunch Hugh – for the Potluck opportunity, Wool and for getting me to actually post something online for the first time ever!

  62. So exciting! Placing my order today. Hoping there are some huggers gotta hug t-shirts in that pile .:)

  63. Just wondering if you have any of the proofs of Wool that were in five parts? (with multicoloured spines!) – I have parts 2-5 wahhh

  64. Any updates on numbers sold? :) I think this is a fantastic idea btw. So much fun! I won’t be able to order until the first when I get paid, but I’m holding my breath for that blood signed I, Zombie!!!! (please, please, please! I’m on my knees, begging/typing) lol

    1. I haven’t checked lately, but I think there are around 300 or so items left. Could be way off.

      Not sure how many people have requested that DNA-infected book, but we’ll see!

  65. Nathan Williams Avatar

    Drats! Didn’t get my note in either. I’ll take whatever may show up at my door but I would love a signed copy of wool, particularly with one of the earlier covers (the multicolored one you held up in your video is my favorite).

  66. Yasuhiro Ryusaki Avatar
    Yasuhiro Ryusaki

    Not to sound overly anxious but I was just wondering when we should be expecting the orders. I check my door every day since I have placed my order. I just cant wait! Thank you for all of the wonderful hours I have spent in your writings.

    1. Items should start heading out around the end of May. You don’t have to check your door for at least a month :)

  67. When I ordered I my paypal skipped the step where I could add a note because my shipping address is per-confirmed I guess.

    My account name is keefer2309(at)

    I just want your signature I don’t want it addressed to anyone.

    I would love to get a signed book, preferred book is Wool. I have been hearing great things and I was about to go buy the whole series when I saw this contest and thought why not go for it.

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