Wayfinder Build: Part 5 – Coming Together

I seriously teared up seeing this. The hull comes out of the mold and is joined to the deck.

I fly out a week from today to see the boat in person. Surreal.

DSC_0025 (Copy) DSC_0028 (Copy)DSC_0030 (Copy)DSC_0027 (Copy)DSC_0031 (Copy)DSC_0035 (Copy)     DSC_0037 (Copy)   DSC_0039 (Copy)DSC_0040 (Copy)DSC_0042 (Copy)  DSC_0052 (Copy)DSC_0051 (Copy)

4 responses to “Wayfinder Build: Part 5 – Coming Together”

  1. That is one BIG-ASSED piece of fibreglass! Congratulations!
    You’re going to be that guy at parties, the one who is always going on about the size of his monocoque…

  2. Jeremy Husted Avatar

    Very exciting progress, Hugh! Really looking forward to the day we see her in the water, as I’m sure you are.

  3. The joyous union of body and sole!
    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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