The Uber-Unboxing!

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  1. How long are all the Shift books going to be up on your website for sale?

    1. Until someone buys the print rights to them here in the U.S. Maybe forever. Possibly for another three weeks.

  2. Curious to know if my check got to you yet?

    greg m

    1. Yup. Your book is packed and ready to go out in the morning (Saturday).

  3. Best looking books yet! Glad my name and address are on one of those labels :)

    Unreal that we can still get signed copies direct from the author. Hugh you are ridiculous, can’t thank you enough.

    Are you still planning your Chicago visit in March? Saw it on your calendar :)

    1. Yup. I’ll be there in March. And I’ve had to enlist Amber’s help in packing the books away. You wouldn’t believe how much work is involved!

  4. Love the work keep it up!
    Also my pup Baron enjoys any shots of you furry friend!

  5. Congrats on the last book for this arc! I really am looking forward to snapping up the Omnibus for this one. I know myself and those novelettes that you’re releasing as individually won’t do for me. I have to read it all at once so I’ve been holding out to binge read in one go. I wish you were still offering the original cover for the first omnibus. I’d really love to have a signed copy of that one plus the new one coming out for the sake of aesthetic continuity.

  6. Bella!!! Loved her the best in this video! ;-D

  7. So, you and the courrier are bossom budies now. Love to Bella.

  8. I just finished the silo series. I started reading them a week and a half ago and couldn’t put them down. It affected my sleep and work. I kept thinking “what happens next??? How does it all end and why does Donald look like Justin Bateman in my head? And when was the last time I ate and why am I still in my Jammie’s?! ” I could not stop reading. Thank you for a wonderful story. Now I have to find my eye balls because I read so fast they fell out…

    1. So glad you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far!

    2. Donald looks like Justine Bateman?! Mallory from Family Ties?! :)

      I think you mean Jason. Now eat something and get dressed!

  9. Hugh, I can see your book but I can’t buy it ! When is it coming to Kindle ? I’ve started another book now so might have to wait a few weeks. I’m seeing your ads all over the tube now. Live it large man !

  10. Thanks for the video, Hugh. Love Bella’s appearance and attitude. Sure you gave her some extra doggie treats or an extra run around the park for her troubles. ;)

    Your success and perseverance are so inspiring. Have fun and keep it up. You rock!

  11. Michelle Hagans Avatar

    *squeeeee!* Ours came in the mail today. A new treasure!

    Thanks again Hugh!!

  12. I recognise the spoilt sofa sulk, I have a furry girl who does exactly the same thing if I spread out books or other materials on the couch…its a ”Look at me all squashed up, and note how UNcomfortable I am…its not fair” kind of look.

    I bet she is also thinking ”You’ve changed….since all this book fame thing…..I just want the old Dad back who was never busy, had loads of couch space and for whom I was the number one priority. Harrumph!”

  13. I just want to take a moment to say thank you for the eloquent way you dealt with Shadow. I don’t want to give any spoilers (but seriously, who possibly hasn’t finished the book yet; I can’t put it down), but it was a source of stress for me the entire middle of the book. I knew it had to come to an end. It was beautiful, realistic, and not over dramatic. Some may say it was a small point, but it made the book and defined the character for me. Thank you.

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