The WOOL Comic

Issue #5 of the WOOL comic book series hit Comixology today. The cover art for this issue is from my favorite scene in the novel, when Jules dives down to restore the pumps. Also, tomorrow is when the first issue hits physical comic book shops, so I’m looking forward to going out and sourcing a copy.

Just one more issue left before the story is wrapped up. And if you think you know how it ends . . . you probably don’t. :)

The comic series is available at Comixology and also at Amazon. Another huge thanks to Palmiotti, Gray, and Brox for the job they did with the adaptation.

WOOL 5 (Copy)


2 responses to “The WOOL Comic”

  1. Oooh! I want it, even though that scene gave me the creeps!

  2. Hi Hugh, I have been enjoying the graphic novel immensely….well, that is with one caveat: I have an Android with Kindle reader and also use Kindle for PC. I had initially downloaded the novel to my PC, however the program gives me a message that it can not be read using the software. As you can imagine, reading the graphic novel on a 7″ android tablet is a challenge and not nearly as much fun as it would be to have a full-page presentation on my large pc monitor. Truly sucks that Amazon hasn’t remedied this issue and made our graphic purchase available to Kindle for PC. Just wondering, is there any work-arounds for this challenge, perhaps a way to read the book on a pc using a some other comic software? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. [For all the appreciation I have for Amazon, this crap rather pissed me off…I was soooo looking forward to really “seeing” the great detail in large, living color…as well as being able to see a whole page without having to zoom in-out-and wiggle the page about. :)]

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