Tweet Love from Rick Riordan

It’s hard to top Joel McHale Tweeting about you. Unless Rick Riordan comes along and calls your book “top notch.” Can you dig this? The bestselling author of the awesome Percy Jackson series sat down (one presumes) and read WOOL. A self-published collection of short stories and novellas largely written during NaNoWriMo.

The universe is out of whack. I’m expecting a well-aimed meteorite will soon correct this…


9 responses to “Tweet Love from Rick Riordan”

  1. That is so cool.

    And I know this may seem out of place, and I don’t want it to reflect poorly on the author of “Wool”, but I’d just like to say to the ‘publishing experts’… SUCK IT!

  2. That’s just awesome. No one shares their enthusiasm quite like happy SF readers.

  3. How cool is that? It’s so cool, it’s multi-generationally cool! Now that’s cool!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  4. Epic news is epic dude!

  5. direct quote from email from my IT manager that is currently in France on business. (he bought wool omnibus and read it on the flight over):

    Hi Susan,

    What happens after Wool. I finally finished it last night. Then I could not sleep thinking about it.

    (mahahahahhahahahahah – got him!!!)

  6. Tremendously well deserved! I am really enjoying reading your books. Stay down to earth — love it!

  7. Hugh, that is just wonderful. Very exciting!!

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