Life on Jupiter

The last week has been a mind-numbing blur. I feel like I’m just tackling the thing in front of my nose, hoping to do it well, then hitting the next thing. ConCarolinas was a blast, and came right on the heels of my trip to NYC to meet with several publishers. The day after the Con, we stuffed our U-Haul and drove 12 hours to Jupiter, FL. Just an hour from our new house, I suffered a blow-out. It sounded like a cannon going off inside the container. After a two-hour delay, I finally joined my wife and dog at our new home.

It didn’t feel much like a home last night. All we had was a mattress inside, as the movers we lined up here bailed on us. A neighbor came through with his own movers this morning, and we were able to empty the truck and get it returned. We rewarded ourselves with a quick jaunt to the beach, then ran a crapload of errands before coming home and tackling box after box.

It feels a little more like our home, now. Still a ton to do. Hopefully, by the start of next week, I’ll be back in the swing of things. I’m already planning on getting out over a dozen signed books tomorrow, which will relieve some stress. Now to get some writing done, so I can feel somewhat normal…

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  1. I’ve been telling everybody that my favorite Sci-Fi writer just moved to Jupiter. Congrats and enjoy the new home!

  2. I’ve had movers bail on us during a move. It really, really sucks. Glad to hear it’s over and your settling in, though. ;)

  3. I’ve been thinking about you and wishing you had this move behind you. Try not to stress over it too much (I know you are). Things will be good again. Thanks for keeping us updated. Get some rest!

  4. So happy for you that things are starting to settle. This will all be a distant blur soon. Just about the time you need to break out your poodle skirt and practice Grease, I’d say. :-) Never a dull moment.

    But, most importantly, you need to get writing: you should see the list of people waiting for copies of your books here at my library!

  5. You didn’t have to post, you know, we all know how stressful moving is. So it’s appreciated all the more. Hopefully you’ll be able to start taking deep breaths by the weekend. Maybe even while you write. :)

  6. I’m convinced that moving is punishment for terrible acts committed in a previous life. People who move a lot are serving their time in hell for kicking puppies or something :/

    Best of luck on Jupiter :)

  7. (So what… I can’t log into the blog anymore? Damn… but anywho…)

    Congrats on the move dude… Hope it’s going well!

    1. There’s no link, but you can still go to /wp-login.php :)

      1. Awesome, thanks dude!

  8. Think positive. You are now in the “TOP TEN” at Amazon for the Wool Omnibus.
    You have moved into a new home, and your birthday swiftly approaches.
    Take a chill pill, do something that’s gonna make you happy, or better yet, something you’ve all ways wanted to do, but just never got around to doing! Anyone who yells “Avengers assemble” in a crowded room surely can think of something fun and creative to do, like making a Hummingbird cake. Just made one myself, turned out pretty good.
    If you ever move again, do the Pod thing. I’ve moved myself many times, it’s always horrific. The Pod thing is by far the least stressful. Good luck on unpacking, and start thinking about those storm windows!

  9. Congratulations on moving! I would say to relax and enjoy yourself, but I just finished Wool 6 so honestly all I can say is PLEASE FINISH WOOL 7 ASAP.

    Thanks :)

  10. I’m mad you took time off writing to move. Cant wait for your next few books – get back to work dammit. :) Your meters on the home page are not moving fast enought. Wool fan!


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