Twitter’s Andrew Fitzgerald on TED

I would totally be sharing this, even if WOOL wasn’t mentioned. Andrew is right-on about new forms of storytelling.

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  1. That’s just wicked cool. He did word it a bit wrong though, no? “…culminating in Wool 5 which was a 60,000 word novel” Should have been “culminating in the Wool Omnibus”?

  2. It’s an interesting talk. Although I think, it was way before twitter, and this internet storytelling revolution started at least then years ago or in the 90’s with FRPG-ers. Forum roleplayers, who believed they could construct a story together with forum posts. And they were right, and they (we) still do it. These twitter things are cool too.

  3. Hello Hugh,

    Thank you for posting this mini Ted Talk. It was a clear and concise presentation that went deep while only touching the new skin forming on the surface of the current technology pool. The speaker did an excellent job of highlighting the power, opportunity, and freedom available to individuals who wish to create new markets with new forms and combinations of media. Very exciting stuff! The presentation also restates what you’ve already mentioned elsewhere, that there’s never been a better time for creative individuals to enter the “free market” (or what is left of it!). With very little financial overhead and expanding distribution platforms, individuals can compete with on a scale that was only available only to multinational media corporations and there ilk. We are only limited by our imaginations! Speaking of imaginations, my g.f. showed me the WSJ article on your Wool print deal. Between that terrific story,and your advice to aspiring writers here on your blog, I plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Thank you for taking time to promote writing, and the effort you’ve taken to get your work out there. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this comment. So, many thanks again, and congrats on your hard earned successes!

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