Check out that word count! Over 42,000 words in Wool 6 – Legacy (the title keeps changing). All the chapters are in place, it just needs some heavy revisions. Another week or so and I’ll get it in the hands of editors and beta readers and we’ll see if it’s publishable or if I need to scrap it and start all over again.

I’m thinking mid-April, barring any disasters or reports of beta readers throwing up in their mouths. It could also get pushed back to the end of April or middle of May. I’ll try to lock down a date as the feedback rolls in.

I Skyped with my second book club yesterday. It was a freakin’ blast! I think the kids in the book club enjoyed it as well, but I’m less concerned about that. If you want to see how this goes, convince your friends at work to read Wool together and get in touch. Both book clubs I’ve chatted with met during their lunch hours. I could do one of these a week!

Let’s see, I got my blue Holston coveralls in the mail yesterday. I need to do some customization and then I’ll get pics up. This is going to be my convention costume. Hell, I’m gonna be a cosplayer. That’s terrifying.

More signed books going out today! I love personalizing these things and shipping them off. If you know anyone who needs to read this series and hasn’t jumped on the e-book bandwagon, order a copy as a gift. All the links are over there to the right.

Okay, back to work. Peace out!

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  1. Lookimg forward to the next book. Read the other 5 in 2 days. Very good. I appreciate what you do. Love getting in caught up in a series. I was upset when holston died in the first book and thought I would not like the books, but then the other characters drew me in quickly and I loved the series

    1. Very good. I hope that means you’ll keep reading when I kill everyone else. ;)

  2. GREAT news! If you need beta readers…just saying…(PICK ME! PiCK ME!…he says jumping up and down like a contestant on “Lets Make a Deal!) PLUS the first Silo home was built in my city, and another is on the market 30 mind from here…something about Kansas that we are drawn to life underground…I blame tornadoes…

  3. I guess that means I’d better get my Kindle Fire in overdrive and see if I can get Molly out of trouble quickly (halfway through “Land of Light”). Surely another chapter or two and things will settle down to a more normal pace. I’ve been losing a lot of sleep trying to not leave her in peril overnight. Didn’t succeed last night (apparently some Drenard’s don’t care for Molly and her crew) ;-)

  4. This is such exciting news, I can’t wait for Wool 6!

    I’m so happy to have a signed copy of The Wool Omnibus, which I will have in my possession sooner or later! I had it shipped directly to my family in Atlanta and, assuming everyone has finished reading it, I’ll pick it up the next time I’m back home to visit them. All I’m asking them in return is that if they love it as much as I do, which I think they will, they have to review it on Amazon and donate $5 to the Hugh Howey Creativity Fund. Seemed like a reasonable way to let them enjoy this really great book without shortchanging Hugh.

    1. Thanks! I’m happy to have people share the books. I want more readers!

  5. I’m curious if you know why Wool 4 has been taken from Amazon. Ive got some friends and family hooked on the series and now they are stuck. Maybe something to look into.

    1. I’ve been dealing with this all day! There’s nobody I can call or speak to on Amazon. I’m flipping my lid over here.

      Have them log a complaint. Hopefully this will be fixed within the day.

  6. Did you know my full name is Robert Betareader Brumm? Just wanted to let you know.

  7. So here’s the silo home here in Topeka…I must admit this looks a bit more like my grandmas house than the digs in Silo 18…but they are selling another one like I said, just outside of town…so Hugh if you ever get bored of the Ocean, and palm trees, or the easy access to Disney World and five star resorts…you can party like it’s the apocalypse here in the Sunflower State!


  8. Can’t wait. You got me hooked with Wool 1 – 3 being free on Amazon a few weeks ago. I picked up the Omnibus and read all 5 books within 2 weeks. I’m working on #3 of the Molly Fyde series. Keep up the great work!

    BTW, if you need another beta reader… (hint, hint)

  9. Wait. You have beta readers?

    1. Yeah. And no shortage of volunteers! I may expand my beta pool with Wool 6. I want to hear from as many readers as possible how awful this is before it goes out.

  10. I would be ecstatic to read and tell you how awful wool 6 is! Count me in! Though, that might only delay the I, Zombie masterpiece… Hmmm, I may have to be honest with you as your Baltimore Beta Reader, cause I know it’s going to kick a$$!

    1. I think you may deserve to be included in the Hugh Howey Roasting Party of ’12.

  11. I would think somebody who is the proud owner of a W.O.O.L. Dark Green “Farmer” t-shirt and proudly wore it for a full day at Silver Dollar City last week might make a good beta reader…. ;-)

  12. I would like a mid April release… if by mid April you mean the 16th… that would just be pure awesome!

  13. I just got done reading the whole series in three days and I loved it! This is one of the best series I have read in ages and can’t wait for Wool 6! If you still need beta readers count me in. Great job with the series. BTW, am I the only on that thinks this would make a great movie or at least a mini series?

  14. I was absolutely enthralled with your books! I read them all in a few days…didn’t get much work done but it was worth it. These books just stuck with me! I would love to be a beta reader if you’re still looking for any. I can’t wait for #6!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I appreciate that.

  15. Betti Gebhart-Sloane Avatar
    Betti Gebhart-Sloane

    Just finished Wool Omnibus 1-5…..when can I get six? I’m going to read your other books while I wait.Thank you for a truely riveting story.Terrific writing…love your work.

    1. Thanks, Betti!

      Check out Half Way Home and The Plagiarist. Wool fans seem to be digging both of those.

      The next entry will be a prequel entitled FIRST SHIFT – LEGACY. Look for it later this month (I hope!)

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