Vacation? Or Writing Retreat?

It’s amazing to be standing here, on the other side of the last few weeks. All of our stuff has been safely transported across four states, and Amber and I now live on Jupiter. Jupiter, Florida. (I’m trying to convince everyone on these parts to substitute “on” for “in.” Both seem technically correct to me — this is Jupiter beneath our feet. And yeah, I’m already getting strange looks from the locals).

I also have the trip to New York behind me, which was a flurry of interesting and not-so-interesting meetings. The offers are coming in, and one actually made me sit up straight. No, it wasn’t a bunch of zeros written on a napkin and slid across a desk. There’s one publisher out there with a different vision, it seems. A publisher breaking ranks. I swear, if this kind of thing becomes common, it’ll turn the industry upside down. The others will have to scramble to compete or they’ll be crushed.

Okay, enough about that. The hectic trip to New York is behind me, as is ConCarolinas 2012, which was an absolute blast. I met a ton of awesome writers, got to hang out with a handful of fans, spent time with an old friend, and learned about “filking.” I could get addicted to cons. Even Amber had a great time, and she’s one of those “cool kids!”

Now we’re in Florida. On Jupiter. Our days have been a mix of fun and hectic. Writing in the morning, unboxing stuff, trying to get projects done to the house (HOAs are crazy!) and running an endless list of errands. I won’t bore you with all this stuff. The accomplishment of each one, however, greatly lessens my stress. As did our house in Boone closing. Things feel manageable again.

Which makes the timing of our vacation absolutely sublime. Amber and I planned this trip back in February, maybe earlier. We weren’t even sure we’d be living in Florida when it came around. Our 10-year anniversary fell at an awkward time for her work, so we set up a trip to the Bahamas during the summer and delayed the celebration. We leave tomorrow for Staniel Cay for five nights of practically nothing. Staniel is a quiet island in the Exumas. Snorkel, sit by the pool, drink a Kalik, write about zombies.

I have no idea what the internet availability will be like. It’s been 6 or 7 years since I’ve been to Staniel. So, I may not be replying to emails and Tweets as I normally do. People say this is part of vacationing. It sounds like hell to me. I will be writing, however. I’m trying to have the zombie mess out in July so I can get back to the silos. This also means that signed books will go out today, but future orders will have to wait until I get back. Apologies for any delays incurred!

Damn, this is nerve-wracking. I’m thinking of how my routine works right now, and putting a halt to it for six days sounds awful. Hopefully I’ll feel differently once I’m over there. Hopefully you cats are still around when I get back!

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  1. Seriously? You get to spend time alone with Amber on a tropical island, and you’re worrying about Facebook? Regaining perspective is a real good reason for a vacation. Have Amber read aloud to you the definition of vacation. Put the internet down and back away. Go forth and celebrate.

    No, we won’t be here when you get back. It’s 6 whole days, after all. By then, we will all have run off to be beta readers for other authors, published our own books, started new blogs, knitted a new spaceship, built our own silo, and had a huge block party without you. We’ll mail you photos.

    Go! Have fun!! :)

    1. What Deb said. :-) I’m *trying* to knit this spaceship, but the casting on is killing me.

  2. We cats will still be here waiting for you!

    Hey…..poor Bella, she will miss you guys. Maybe not if grandma and grandpa or another friend is caring for her. She will probably be spoiled rotten when you get home.

    Be careful and don’t take on too much water or spirits!

    Have a grand time!

  3. Kristen Kohli Avatar

    Write absolutely nothing while you are gone. That’s not what anniversary/birthday vacations are for. Give yourself permission to enjoy it right.

    As for the signed books, I only noticed it because of this post. Please don’t put that copy I ordered on your to-do list until you come back. It is worth the wait!

    Bon voyage!

  4. Just read Wool 1-5 and Half Way Home. I really enjoyed both. I feel Wool is a fresh take on post apocalyptic fiction. I was skeptical reading it in the begining, but wonderful job….looking forward to reading more.

    Half Way Home…. I flew through it. Had a modern day Jules Verne feel to it. Normally, when things start getting too far out there and more fantasay than sci fi (in my opinion) I become disinterested. But the adventure of Porter and company up the trees and through the canopy kept me flying through the pages. Riding the “fuzzies” softened some of the more dark and gruesome portions of the book. Just the right mix of sci fi, fantasy, violence, hope and fun…. Superb job….I wish you many future successes. My Uncle turned me on to you. Hope you land many well paying deals that make you a household name.


    Zach Smith

  5. Heather Thomas Avatar
    Heather Thomas

    You always have taken such good care of of your fans, please take advantage of 5 days away with your wife, to take care of you! You have earned the rest and relaxation. And really, once you go a day or two without constant internet vigilance, you’ll find you don’t miss it as much. We’ll still be here waiting for you……but in the mean time, we don’t want to hear from you. At all! Go enjoy the Bahamas with your wife!

  6. Back to the silos! Back to the silos!

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