Vlog #2 – Swag edition!

4 responses to “Vlog #2 – Swag edition!”

  1. Frédéric (rsndn) Avatar
    Frédéric (rsndn)

    i’ll be darned, for 4 books long i pronounced drenard the wrong way (in my head that is, ofcourse).

  2. Frederic: It could be me that’s pronouncing it wrong!

  3. I’m with Frederic! I was pronouncing it wrong all along, too!!! I don’t know if I can start saying it the other way in my head now, or not… :-(

  4. You are very welcome, and it looks like you have a lot of appreciative fans out there!! Your framed Publishers Weekly article looks great! I’m definitely going to keep Michaels in mind for the next time I need something framed.
    (And your dog is adorable!)

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