Wool Omnibus on Nook!

Due to popular demand, I’m proud to announce that the Wool Omnibus is now available on the Nook store. Now, this is a terrifying moment for me, because the move to Kindle exclusivity really helped boost the visibility of Wool on the Lending Library. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep Wool on the Nook store unless owners of those devices are more supportive this time around. Previously, my sales on the Barnes and Noble device have been a pale fraction of my Kindle sales.

Which is why I need your help in spreading the word. If you want these books available to a wider audience, we need to let them know that they can now sink their teeth into this awesome saga. Inform your Nook-toting friends that if they don’t snag these stories now, they may not be able to in the future. And if you’ve written an Amazon review, feel free to copy and paste that sucker onto the B&N store to let browsers there know what you thought of the read.

Here’s the link for the Omnibus: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wool-omnibus-edition-hugh-howey/1110185323?ean=2940014544085&format=nook-book

You can rate and review the book at the bottom of that page.


6 responses to “Wool Omnibus on Nook!”

  1. I wanted to buy it on Nook a month ago, but since it wasn’t available then, I bought it on Kindle and read it on my partner’s iPad.

  2. Done.. Just posted a link on the MobileReads forum.

  3. Re-posted my review on B&N. Now all the Nookies can become Woolies, too!

  4. I did the same as Matt. I wanted it on my Nook a month ago but had to buy the Omnibus through Kindle. Finished the Omnibus tonight but am so pleased other Nook owners can now also enjoy Wool!

  5. dear Hugh, if /when you have additional sellong places, please tell us, that we market them for you ;)

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