Vote on your favorite cover

Click on each link to see a variation in these Graeme Balchin Half Way Home spreads. Use the comments to tell me which you like the best and why. If you don’t like any of them, let me know that as well. The back jacket text was pounded out in Photoshop and isn’t final. It’s just a placeholder for the visual effect.

Swamp Tree

Green Leaves

Red Leaves

Orange Leaves

5 responses to “Vote on your favorite cover”

  1. Me again! Ha! ;-)

    The Swamp Tree is by far my fave. I did like it better in technicolor — you lose a little bit of the lushness of the image in making it B&W. But it’s mysterious, haunting, the trees are a key figure in your story, and I love the reflection of the title in the water.

    The other tree just doesn’t capture the futuristicmess, otherworldliness, or elemental fear of the topic. And the leaves in these colors make the whole image somewhat flat.

  2. I think the swamp one is most beautiful but it strikes me as a book that is about the Bayou of Lousiana and murder mystery. This book is more adventure, YA with some darkness in it. To me the best fit for the story is the green leaves one. On the other hand if you put both books in front of me – I’m buying the Swamp tree one cuz I’m a sucker for murder mystery. Is there anything we can do additionally to the Green Leave ones that might be a tad more “grabby” and still fit for the plot of the book?

  3. Oh – I know Hugh – can you add the lock idea we talked about on the cover or the leather ties?

  4. I like the Tree of Light ( swamp tree ) painting the most, it has a much more serious and mysterious feel but I think you have upped the green to much. I would like to see it as the painting is.
    The green is good as it compliments the border colour the others are too drab.
    If I had more time I could paint one specifically for the story.

  5. Hey Graeme, I think a lot of people like that one the best. And yeah, I think I took too much color out. I need to work on my RGB -> CMYK conversion. The printer requires CMYK, so I do all my editing in that color space.

    I sent a copy of Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue your way. I really appreciate you letting me mock-up covers with your excellent work.

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