Bandit: “I don’t get it.”

Lisa: “What don’t you get?”

Bandit: “If it’s World Order Operation Fifty, how come the book ain’t called WOOF?”

Reading Dust copy

Bandit: “And you promised there would be sheep.”


12 responses to “W.O.O.F.?”

  1. Priceless! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. My cat had the same question!

  3. Caroline McIntosh Avatar
    Caroline McIntosh

    OMG!! That is SOOO cute!!

  4. So cute! I love the glasses, it really makes Bandit look refined and intellectual. Which, if you’re reading Wool, I’m assuming you are anyway :)

  5. hilarious! i also noticed the woof and the sheep in the prequel storyline.

  6. also, molly fyde and the darkness sheep?

  7. Too funny!

  8. If I stay up until midnight, will Dust be available then? I’m so excited!

  9. *Thumbs Up*

  10. Wow! It’s bloody awesome!

  11. Cool beans!

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