How freakin’ awesome are these?

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  1. Hey Hugh! I can not see the video! It always says, that the Video is private ???

    Have a nice evening, Torben

    1. It says that for me too. Are you on a mobile device?

    2. Same here ,it says “This Video is private” and it is just static ?

  2. Same here. At first, I thought it was because either a.) mobile platform or b.)RSS reader I was using. Unfortunately, I tried on my pc as well and it is “private” there as well.

  3. DO WANT (and the video is broken, set to “private”)

    We need IT up here!!

  4. Also says “private” for me. Hmmm…this a hint I didn’t win one? :-/

  5. “Video is private” needs to be sent out to clean.
    Help us, Hugh Howey. You’re our only hope.

  6. Should be be a youtube privacy setting for the vid

    or do we need to call in IT?

  7. Oh my god. I would volunteer for a cleaning for one of those!

    I hope I can win one, despite my problems with the twitter entries.

    Also… its my 28th birthday *wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean know what I mean?*

  8. Make sure to run a virus scan on a few of them before you send them out. Would hate to see IT compromised.

  9. Does Dust come out at midnight? Should I stay up? :) Can’t wait!

    1. I am on the west coast (9:58pm), waiting two minutes as the time-stamp would imply would be easy….;-)

  10. Wow, those are fantastic!

  11. Hey Hugh,

    I think your Australian and Kiwi friends should get these without having to be selected.

    Just a thought. ;-)


  12. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth) Avatar
    Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth)

    I can see why your wife is nervous with you and big knives – I was nervous too watching you wield that knife!

    Cards look awesome!


  13. Ow. I shuddered when I saw THAAAT knife in Hugh’s hand…

  14. First of all, way cool. I’d love to have one. Ok, next, I gotta comment on the background. That skull and bones wreath is seriously awesome. What’s the story on that? Then the Seussian Chinese Cat character on the other side. What is that? Love them both.

  15. Oh Yeah…gotta have one of those bad boys!!!!!


  17. I want one. So cool! How do I get one????

  18. So freaking awesome!!!

  19. Coolest thing ever!

    I have to control myself or I’m going to want to buy a handful of these to give away as presents.


  20. You couldn’t find a bigger knife? :-)

  21. That is an outrageously cool idea! What service did you use to make the flash drives? Those look amazing. As for what you’re doing with them, that’s even better!

  22. I’ll trade you one of those for a box cutter. Your fingers will thank me. :-)

  23. Very cool Hugh.

    I like getting these in video games (usually with digital versions of the game on them, or the previous version Starcraft II had SC1 in it)

    This is a super awesome idea for books.

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  25. AweSOME!!!!! I so want one!!!! (Even though I own all three already! LOL) So cool!!

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