Wayfinder: An Early Peek

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  1. Washing machine!? Once I was aboard a friend’s boat that had a washing machine. It never left the dock.

    Otherwise, good-looking cat.

    1. This is going to be my home for many years. And I won’t be in marinas — I’ll be at anchor. A washing machine is a must. No dryer (will use the sun for that).

      1. I understand that, Howey. No criticism offered. Just unusual in my experience.

        Two questions:
        1) What make and model washing machine? (If it works well for you, I may want to try it.)

        2) Holding tank or macerator?

        1. 1) It’s a Versonel top-loading compact.


          2) Both. There’s a macerator that can feed into a holding tank or overboard, depending on valve settings.

      2. Kudos. a washer is fabulous, especially if you have ever lived without one.I use the sun for drying also, in my superinsulated home in Arizona. Free!

  2. I awoke from a dream about a live-aboard and then minutes later got the notification that you’d posted this. Thanks for sharing this video tour. What’s especially cool is understanding that your readers are an essential part of this journey, too.

    1. Maybe I shouldn’t comment on blog posts until I’m sufficiently awake.

      My family had a 26-foot sleep-aboard Ranger when I was growing up, and we frequently spent weekends sailing around the Chesapeake Bay. One of my favorite memories is of awaking on a Sunday morning, cozy in my sleeping bag atop one of the storage benches out in the cockpit and with the overhead bimini just barely sheltering me from a fine, misty rain. I don’t know precisely where we were anchored at that point, but even when I’m out camping I find myself trying to recreate that feeling of bliss.

      To this day, I cherish the sounds of rigging, particularly of metal lines slapping against the mast in a strong wind or on heavy seas.

      You’re living the dream, Hugh.

  3. Wow Hugh, that is amazing! If I weren’t so scared of the water I’d say I was jealous. I’m mostly jealous of how you’ll be off the radar! So exciting…

  4. Greetings from NZ

    1. When will you be having your first writers on-board workshop. I’d like to be able to sign up now and make plans to travel.

    2.I’d like to know more about how you plan on generating power to charge your batteries. Will you use solar or wind?

    I note you get six comments on this amazing inspirational video and ten to twenty times that amount over other posts. I think a lot of your readers are missing the point. I’m sure that you do not make this kind of post to brag. I have been fortunate to sail around the world with my wife and two children.Knowing what it takes, I’m sure are sharing your dream to inspire others.If you had called her “Star Ship Enterprise” I bet you would get a ton more viewers. I would love to see you write / reflect more (with these kind of video posts) about the value of extending yourself and your willingness to be daring in the face conventional thinking. The big “WHY” we should do this. Wayfinder is certainly a great “material” example of one of the rewards. I’d like to hear you write / reflect on the other benefits that cannot be measured in dollars or cents. eg emotional wellness, spiritual well being, the value of the confidence you have gained from extending yourself (not conforming). I know that the majority of your readers are Land Lubbers, but they all have dreams. They are not getting this post … and they should be ….!!

    1. 1) It will be a few years, I think. But it will happen.

      2) Solar.

      I’m already writing in this vein. Waiting on the site redesign before I start waxing philosophically on the joys of living a striving, more difficult lifestyle. This is not a new thing for me. People know me as a writer, because I became famous as a writer, but I lived on boats for ten years before that, and have been a frugal vagabond for most of my life. I’m not doing something new, but rather getting back to who I am at heart. And I will be writing about that at length. Possibly ad nauseum.

  5. I love this, and am not normally a cat fan. I lived on a monohull and a fat houseboat, and storage was always a challenge. I watched your tour thinking, ‘Wow, look at all that space for stuff!’ And I must give a cheer for the washing machine. One of the lowest points aboard was washing my clothes in a salt water mix. Gack. Nothing truly dried or felt right until we got to a proper washer. I think you’ve done it right by having a hand in the design. *makes note to self when ready to live on hook somewhere*

    Congrats! She’s lovely!

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