WOOL 4 is Knitting Together Nicely…

After a monster morning of burying myself in the awesomeness that is WOOL 4, I have surfaced to bring news. The latest in this exciting series should be complete right around the first of the year. That doesn’t mean all you random readers should stop emailing to pester me for a release date; in truth, those constant proddings spur me to action. So keep it up, you impatient kids!

Any other news? Oh, yeah, the length of these stories. What the hell is wrong with you people? I’m charging a buck for each entry. Think of them as episodes of Lost (Only better. I actually know where the fuck this story is heading). Did you slam down your remote when each episode ended in a nice cliffhanger? What did you do while the credits rolled for The Empire Strikes Back? Did you cry in your cold popcorn because the greatest film in a stellar franchise ended with Han Solo in Carbonite, Luke injured, the knowledge of his father’s identity left hanging? Hell no! You wept with joy at having been told an excellent story and with the knowledge that more was to come!

So do what sensible readers are doing: They are writing awesome reviews and reading the books for a second or third time. Stop being a bunch of pansies. I’m practically giving away some of the best entertainment this side of Lady Gaga’s butt-cheeks and for less than you pay for a shot of espresso.

And now, some lunch. Later: more writing.


P.S. WOOL 4 will be right around 30,000 words, or a third the length of a full novel. Written in a damn month, people. Agonized over. Revised a half dozen times. Rewritten. Edited. A nice cover made. All for under a buck. So just enjoy. And write more glowing reviews! I subsist on them, damnit.

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  1. Your little rant about your impatient, and immature readers, was inappropriately childish. If you are going to allow comments, grow a thicker skin.

    To the point: welcome to POI (Planet of Imbeciles). Enjoy your stay. While the natives may seem friendly, they will turn on you viciously in a heartbeat. Amidst the cacophony and corruption, remain calm. It is all for entertainment purposes only, after all. Please, no wagering.

  2. And your use of commas is silly! :P

    Okay, just kidding. Haha. More inappropriate childishness on my part.

    Now, allow me to let you in on a little secret: I don’t take myself too seriously, and neither should you! I mean, all of this ranting and raving was 2% letting off steam and 90% me having fun and creating some content for my blog. (The rest is like that portion of our atmosphere that no one seems to know the makeup of. The “other.”)

  3. Hugh, I just finished the whole series in a matter of days. It is one of the best series I have ever read. It is like you reached in and wrote a story based on all the things I love to read about. I think your comment above about the cost is justified and you can tell it is tongue in cheek. Most consumers value creative content far too low and have begun to feel entitled to something for nothing. I pay money for content for the quality and experience, not for a set number of pages. Please keep up the excellent work and per your note above, please finish Wool 5 soon! I am going to check your other books out.

  4. Thanks, Boowie! I really appreciate the feedback. Did you happen to write the reviews that went up on Amazon last night? They were motivational to wake up to. Wool 5 is coming along nicely. There’s a word count in the left sidebar where you can check in on my status. It’s looking like the end of February. The concluding entry is going to be the length of a short novel, and probably priced around $2.99. I hope others agree with you that this is good entertainment for the cost. I sure like to think so!

  5. I would pay $2.99 for each part of this series! Definitely worth every penny! And is there only going to be 5 parts of Wool? I want moreeeeee! (Sorry for the crazy use of exclamation points, I am honestly that happy when I talk about Wool)

  6. I LOVED this series!!! When is #7 coming out? Is there any way we can get email notification when it does?

    1. Sue: I have a different book coming out in June or July. I’m shooting for August/September for #7 and November-ish for #8. To start the new year, we’ll be picking up with Jules, Solo, Lukas, and the gang. :)

  7. Where is book 7? )-:

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