WOOL Art Competition – Win an iPad!

Listen up you doodlers and graphic artists, you photogs and knitters, you sculptors and puppeteers, Random House has just launched an unbelievable art competition for fans of WOOL. The gig is simple: You create something artistic inspired by the series, and they hand one lucky winner an iPad. AN iPAD!!

Good gracious, it gets even better. The winning entry will also be featured inside my next book, SHIFT, which will be released by Random House UK in the Spring. So you’ll be sitting there with your new iPad and be famous, too.

WOOL seems to attract the most talented of readers, so I can’t see what you all come up with. They’re allowing any medium, so if you enter something irreproducible and it wins, a picture of your piece will go in the book. Random House wants this to be open to as many artists as possible.

The details are right here: http://apps.facebook.com/woolbooks/PhotoContests

Best of Luck!

7 responses to “WOOL Art Competition – Win an iPad!”

  1. This is great! Hope there are some good entries! I look forward to the visuals. Will mention it to artistic friends.

  2. What about piece of music?

    1. I don’t see why not. We could print the score!

  3. What’s the deadline for the comp hugh?

  4. Anyone else getting an error at link?

    1. I got the error a few times around, Joe – changed file from .png to .jpg and worked after that.

  5. Hey! I have spent ages on painting a picture for this comp but it says error when I’m trying to enter? Please help!!

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