WOOL Boxset Giveaway Winners (and more!)

Announcing the winners of the Great WOOL Boxset Giveaway:

And I’ll be updating this post after the video with details about the surprise announcement…

…which is that: We’re doing it again! The response to this giveaway was overwhelming. After I saw the comments pour in, I asked if we could do another 10 boxsets, and HMH was more than keen. Instead of choosing from the original post, we’re gonna reward those of you who stuck with us for the sequel, so comment below for a chance to win.

Congratulations to our previous winners. And good luck to everyone!

(Remember that karma probably plays no part in this, but if you want to share the news about this boxset with friends/family/followers, it couldn’t hurt: Here’s the boxset on Amazon. It’s super affordable for all this goodness.

And if you’ve read these books in their individual form and want to write a review on the boxset product page, that really couldn’t possibly hurt either. Thanks so much for the reviews thus far. I’ve read them all and they mean so much!)

365 responses to “WOOL Boxset Giveaway Winners (and more!)”

  1. Love your books especially the Wool series. Good to see you on line again. Some how I got out of the loop. Hopefully I am back now. (Remember visiting LinkedIn? My son took you on the tour. ) Happy writing and Happy Fall.

    1. Here we go again!

    2. Cara Bloomfield Avatar

      I really enjoyed these books. They were a serendipitous find and the unique story has stuck with me. Looking forward to reading them again.

  2. How do we I enter?

    1. You just did!

    2. Loved seeing the unboxing video and getting a glimpse of what the success of this series has meant to you.

  3. Congrats to the winners and good luck to everyone on the second giveaway. Same intentions as the first giveaway, would give the trilogy to my local library and hopefully surprise some lucky patrons.

    1. These are my all time favorite books and I always recommend them first to my friends and family looking for a new book. I have read them multiple times and can’t get over how good the story and writing is. Thank you so much Hugh :)

  4. So I heard you say on the live stream there was an “Andrew” in the mix – based on a ctrl-F I have a 1 in 3 chance… And if I was in the 2/3 then hey, I just entered again.

  5. It’s great to see the love for this series. I can’t wait to dive back in after, what, almost 10 years? Wow.

  6. Thomas Randolph Avatar

    I think my favorite thing about the Silo series is introducing people to it. It’s so consistently good that people from lots of walks of life find something appealing in it.

    Congrats to the previous winners, and here’s to me winning in the second go-round ;)

    P.S. If I win, I’ll either give away my individually printed Wool books & the Wool omnibus, or I’ll donate them to my local library.

  7. Love your books. I’d love to see I, Zombie made into a series. I think it would be amazing and it’s one of my favorite books.

    1. Agree 100%
      They could put it on following The Walking Dead. Juxtaposition…(I think.)

  8. Whoa! A second chance?!? Those don’t happen often and when they do you better not turn your nose up at them! Thanks for doing this! I’ve been wanting to read this series for awhile now.

  9. What can I say, if I win this glorious boxset I’m still going to buy another one.

  10. We love your books. Thanks for the 2nd round.

  11. Oh, hell yes.

  12. Nothing is more comfortable for a Colorado snowstorm than Wool.

  13. gimme book

  14. So exciting! I missed the announcement of who won.

  15. Congratulations to the winners! Have a great night, Hugh!

  16. First!

    Okay, not really. I just wanted to pretend.

  17. I read the first WOOL as a Kindle Single when it first came out and have been hooked since. Please write more! You have opened up a new world that I don’t want to end🤗. Thank you!!

    1. I highly recommend the stories in that little chap book (?) I think that’s what he called it. So satisfying.

  18. Excellent series! It would be great to finally have print copies of Sil0 stories! Hope I win! Would really make a bleak time more bright.

  19. Love the Wool story. Actually, love all the stories. Sand is a favorite. Thanks so much.

  20. Hoping my luck is better this time around…still not sure if I would gift to someone or keep for myself. All this talk about the books makes me wanna reread them again though! One of the best things to do while on call for work is to go away into the silo world and hope the pager doesn’t interrupt!

  21. One of the most memorable novels I’ve read. Thanks for imagining that world (hope it doesn’t come to pass).

  22. If I win, I’ll add them to my reference shelf at school to use in my lessons on science fiction (and HMH pubbed our textbook, BTW)

    1. My wife is a high school English teacher and has recommended the series to many of her students. Good luck!

    2. Some teachers are the brightest people in the world. Love that you have included the series in your classroom.

  23. Oh please.. oh please.. oh please… Pick me!

  24. Jessica Phillips Avatar
    Jessica Phillips

    Fingers crossed to win this time!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  25. Stephanie M Edwards Avatar
    Stephanie M Edwards

    OMG. I’m Losing my mind. He said Stephanie and I did the same look up – there are five of us but two of us have the same name!!! I included my middle initial by happy accident but did the program filter one of us out thinking there was only one Stephanie Edwards??? My poor husband is watching me melt down in real time.

    1. Gotta love those poor husbands. I’m certain mine can relate…lol. Just keep breathing. You’ll look back on this with fond memories. :)

  26. That is a good looking box set.

  27. Yay I love second chances! Thank you!

  28. Hi! Hope you pick me to win ! 🙏

  29. I have thoroughly enjoyed every book of this trilogy, and would feel honored to win a boxed set.

  30. Kristen Ritchie Avatar

    This pandemic had had me stalling in my reading. Kids, a spouse struggling, work, work with the angel teachers, so much. I think this series is the last time I truly enjoyed a read–during another difficult time. It’s everything I need again.

    1. ((((Hugs))))

  31. So glad to have been a fan since the beginning when you were still releasing Wool part by part. 😁

  32. Caroline Benton Avatar

    Thank you for the chance!!

  33. Will Swardstrom Avatar

    I cast my ballot on Wednesday and I didn’t vote for an orange raging lunatic. Does that help my chances of winning?

    1. Stephanie M Edwards Avatar
      Stephanie M Edwards

      Highest of fives

  34. Geoff Henderson Avatar

    Absolutely love your writing style… with Wool, the story pulled me in immediately and couldn’t stop reading until everything was revealed. I then moved on to your other stories… Beacon 23 was another that sucked me in. Thanks for sharing your imaginary friends with us! Delightful…

  35. Caught the replay. Congrats to the winners!

  36. This series is amazing. New box set looks great!

  37. I read these books during a rough patch. About to reread them with my kids

  38. One of the most amazing stories ever told.

  39. Congrats to the winners of the first giveaway and good luck to all the hopefuls for this one!

  40. Stephanie Nelson Avatar
    Stephanie Nelson

    I love this series so much! I actually got to “meet” Hugh while he was a guest on a podcast and it was one of the best days ever! Congratulations on all your success! Keep the great books coming :)

  41. This is my absolute favorite series. While I love the convenience of ebooks (the format I have all of your books in), I prefer to have paper copies of my favorite books, and I would LOVE to add this boxset to my collection!

    1. This would be great to replace the vacant spot of my printed versions! Also super excited to hear about further development concerning the TV show!

  42. Celeste D'Emilio Avatar
    Celeste D’Emilio

    I want I want I want!

  43. Love this series! It got me into all of your other work, which has made my life better. Thank you!

  44. Silo saga is a great series. Ready to read again!

  45. Once you silo you never go back, baby!

    1. Thanks. My first smile of the day.

  46. Maybe this time I will be a winner!!

  47. Oooh a second chance?!? I can’t think of anything clever to say… but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I love this series!!❤️❤️

  48. I’ve actually had the pleasure of reading ALL the singles so many years ago while you we’re still Indie. I loved them then, and love them now! Beautiful set.

  49. Congrats on the new box set, and for an awesome return to the Hugh-unboxing videos!

  50. Thanks again for giving us another chance! Loved getting the small amount of info on the upcoming TV show in the stream tonight.

  51. Awesome! Loved book one. Got the ebook set to read the rest!

  52. Aaron Markworth Avatar

    I read the entire series on kindle and that box set with that awesome art on the spines would look mighty fine on my shelf!

  53. I think I’ve read the entire series three times and I’m about to do a fourth thanks for making something so re-readable.

  54. Please let me get one of those box sets! Please please please…please?

  55. I’m in on the second round!

  56. I love how much you interact with you fans! I’ve been reading your stories since 2012 and I recommend Wool to everyone I know! It would be awsome to win this set. Thanks!

  57. I’m entering again!
    Dying to know more details about the tv series, and I know you can’t give much of that info out… so I’ll just be over here waiting until you can.

  58. A second chance? Fingers crossed! Love this books!

  59. Love every one of your books. My daughter refuses to read on the kindle though so winning some “real” books would help :)

  60. Cheryl Minekime Avatar

    Congratulations to all the winners. So jealous! But I’m throwing my hat into the ring again and hoping to come away with one of these beautiful boxes sets in Round #2! Thanks Hugh for sweet talking HMH into another 10 sets for a giveaway!

  61. Husband making me do again. Maybe I’ll read all too if we win :)

  62. Yay! Another giveaway! Love this series.

  63. I would not say no to that beautiful boxed set!

  64. Been a fan since the beginning!

  65. Congrats to the winners and good luck to everyone on the second attempt!

  66. Congratulations to the winners! I love this series so here’s to another shot! Thank you for your generosity and engagement with your readers :)

  67. Congrats to all the lucky winners. It’s great that you are doing this for your fans. I loved the Wool series and very much looking forward to a tv show. I’ve read many books by many authors and many many genres, but you are my favourite by far. Thank you.

  68. I’m sooo excited to have a chance to get your new box set! Fingers crossed!!!

  69. Excited for a second chance. Would love to win this beautiful set and reread the entire series. Thanks for the opportunity.

  70. I missed the 9 p.m. name draw, but was so happy when I watched the video to see you’re doing another drawing. Yay! I can’t wait for the Silo TV series.

  71. I’ve worn down the stairwell in my mind. Love wool.

  72. Did you say a second chance? YIPPEE!!!!

  73. Attempt number two to win books for my favorite series!

  74. Awesome book series! What a great gift idea!

  75. Daniel Bellinger Avatar

    Saw the second chance and had to jump on it. The art work on this set looks amazing. Love a handsome looking box set of series I reread! Not all authors (and publishers) would be so generous to do this once, let alone twice. Well done champ!

  76. Patrick Desrochers Avatar
    Patrick Desrochers

    Would love to win. Thanks for the extra 10!

  77. Here goes again. Hope I win this time. Keep up the good work!

  78. I absolutely love not only this series, but Sand, Beacon 23, and pretty much anything I have been able to get my hands on. This would make a beautiful addition to my collection.

  79. Loved the books and very overdue to reread!

  80. Congrats to the winners of round one. Here’s hoping for round two. :P

  81. Love the Silo series and all your work. Imaginative, fun and always a lot of twists and turns. One of my favorite authors!

  82. Thank you. I appreciate what you do and how you do it. You Give me hope.

  83. I’ve cleared a space on the bookshelf — front and center.

  84. Trying again, my favorite book series.

  85. Such a great series.

  86. You have become my favorite author ❤
    I love your writings.

  87. Did you not receive the crisp hundred dollar bill I sent you to be bumped to the top of the list?! :-) Please enter me for another chance at a signed set. I’ll happily buy it from Amazon, but then I’d need to fly you here to sign them, and that will get pricey. Be well.

  88. Back for round two! Thanks for another opportunity to own these great stories.

  89. Eeek! Another chance! 😁

  90. So excited to hear that the Silo TV show is finally underway! Fingers crossed and all that to keep the show moving along. Wool has long been a favorite of mine, as have all of your books. You never disappoint and always keep your fans excited about what’s next.

  91. Loved all three books, read electronically, would love to have hard copies to share :-)

  92. I would still love a box set for my daughter Jules!

    1. Wow! Your daughter’s name is Jules? Amazing.

  93. It so good to see you having fun with your readers again. Super boxed set! Love it.

  94. TV show coming?

  95. Yay, another shot at this! Plus I was able to copy my review from the single ed. of “Wool” to the boxed set (didn’t know it wouldn’t automatically cross over.) Just a head’s up, there’s a weird typo in the title of the set, which appears like this: “The Silo Saga: Wool, Shift, Dust, and Sil0 Stories.” Closer inspection shows that the “o” in the second Silo is a zero (it’s much more obvious on the Amazon page.)

    1. Stephanie M Edwards Avatar
      Stephanie M Edwards

      That is 100% not a typo. The series itself is about the silos (numbered 1-40) and the small booklet is the collection of stories from outside the silos but still having a massive impact on our beloved characters inside.

  96. Gorgeous boxset! Stoked for the tv series!

  97. Draillia Scarabae Avatar
    Draillia Scarabae

    This is one of my favorite series EVER!

  98. After I finished “Holston,” I was so exhilarated and so shook that I immediately wrote down a list of all the people I knew who had to read this book. Wool was an unforgettable read. I had no idea what I was getting into and I will never forget it.

  99. This is an amazing series, and you are an amazing guy! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  100. Didn’t win the first time around, but this second batch would also be a welcome replacement for my dog-chewed copies of the books :D I of course have them digitally as well, so I can still re-read whenever I want, but this is a fantastic looking set that I’d love to display for all to see!

  101. I love the idea of donating the books to the local library. Introducing other people to Wool has always been really exciting.

    1. I second that.

  102. The box set looks wonderful. If I don’t win, then I will buy a copy for myself.

  103. Love the Wool series! This is a beautiful boxset I’d love to add to my collection.

  104. I wonder if me entering something other than the URL in the “website” box is eating my comments since I didn’t see my comment on the last giveaway, and didn’t see it on this one either… hmmmm.. since we can comment multiple times now, I’ll try without the website area and see if that gives me a different result. Either way, love the books, would love to have a replacement for the copies that my friend’s dog chewed up, and would love to have these to display for all to see :D

    1. I saw your comment above. Memorable profile pic. I left the website blank and it worked. I don’t have a website. As long as you are experimenting, it would be interesting to see what might happen if you copy and pasted a super inappropriate website in the field. Just saying. Let us know what happens, but don’t blame me if you get banned…lol

  105. Been taking book advice from a friend from years, who has introduced me to so many great writers. Joe Haldeman, Joe Abercrombie, Jack McDevitt and many more. Anything I pitched to him, he’d already read … until I told him about Wool! He swallowed those books, loved Beacon 23, The Shell Collector and many more. It’s my one big victory in this regard.
    Can’t wait for the tv show and looking forward to more give-aways. Still super happy about the one before you started sailing around the world.

  106. Wow! Such a cool box set! Really like the covers and how everything comes together artistically. Crossing my fingers again!

  107. I love this book series

  108. Thanks for another chance, Hugh. The box set I purchased will be here tomorrow.

  109. This is so cool of you and the publisher! Fingers crossed I make it this time!

  110. Oh, wow. I was just passing by but I guess I’ll give this a shot. Hi all :)

    1. Hi, Mikko. Love your name.

  111. WOOL was actually the first book I read on the Kindle. Would love to read it again in these beautiful books. Thanks Hugh.

  112. Read the years ago. Huge signed my original copy in Denver. I let my kid borrow them and he loved them (hooray!), so he let his friend borrow them. . . and I’ve not seen them since (boo!). But I now have the Kindle version (hooray!!). Great read in any version.

  113. Yay, do it again!

  114. Christina Griggs Avatar

    Glad to have a second chance to win!

  115. Woo! 2nd chance! Will be great to reread these books

  116. Checking in! Thanks for good writing!

  117. I cant wait to read this series again, it’s back at the top of the list.

  118. When I stumbled upon this series it had around 6000 reviews on Amazon and 5 full stars (I’m sure this was a while ago). I’d never seen anything like it (5 full stars) so I purchased the ebook. Turns out the reviews were spot on.

  119. My husband and I love the Silo Saga.
    We’re watching the Borat movie tonight too!

  120. Entering again. I love the Wool series and can’t wait to give it a reread!

  121. Giving this a second try 🤞

  122. Hey, Hugh!
    Nice to see more of you online. Looking forward to WOOL TV and any other projects in work.
    I have three print copies of WOOL, including a hardback you autographed for me at the Oasis over seven years ago. Also one ugly edition each of SHIFT and DUST. It recently occurred to me that if I had a spiffy new boxset instead, I could donate all but the signed WOOL to the public library in Uptown CLT.
    Thanks to you and HMH for doing this again. Good luck to all entrants and congrats to previous winners!
    Daring to hope,

  123. The silo series re-sparked my interest in reading. I can’t remember how I first heard about Wool, but I remember reading about how Hugh would write bits of it during breaks. While I was finishing the series, I loaned Wool to my wife, who at the time was an English teacher in North Carolina. She has recommended the series to many students over the years.

  124. Ten lucky folks there! Congrats, winners and Hugh!

  125. Been here from the very beginning! The new boxset looks great

  126. Thank you for writing some of the best books I have ever read! Keep them coming.

  127. Oh Great Random Picker Bot, I beseech you to grant me the honor of receiving this Major Award from the giver of words and editor of triptychs.

  128. I have been following you since way back before the omnibus ugly edition came out. You and your books have changed my life.

  129. Cool, thank you for another chance to win the awesome series.

  130. Sherry Jurykovsky Avatar
    Sherry Jurykovsky

    Oooh. Try, try again. Would love to own the set.

  131. Come to Portland Hugh! Congrats on the new release!

  132. So happy to see you having such success. I can hardly wait for the TV show. You deserve praise, not just so I can comment to enter the giveaway.

  133. Another chance? Awesome! I recommend the WOOL trilogy to anyone who asks about my favorite books.

  134. Here’s to hoping the odds are ever in my favor ^____^

  135. I recommend this trio to just about anyone. A classic in my opinion

  136. I found Wool totally by chance on Amazon years and years ago. It had around 5,000 five star reviews so I figured it must be good. So I took a chance on it and I’m glad I did. I devoured it and then read the sequels. I told all my friends about them and they loved them, too. I liked them so much I started reading anything else by you I could find and everything that came after. I lived vicariously through you on your boat trips around the world. It’s nice seeing you again with these new pieces. I have some signed older copies of these, as well as Sand (with real sand inside) and I Zombie. I’d love to add these to my stash. I love your work and I also want you to run for president!! #Howey2024 😁

  137. I added the boxset to my Christmas list as soon as you announced it. They look gorgeous!

  138. Reading Silo series yet again now; somehow the current pandemic has led me back to your awesome storytelling. We watched the Borat movie tonight too. Unreal! So glad to be seeing you/hearing from you again Hugh.

  139. Kimberly Evers-Llewellyn Avatar
    Kimberly Evers-Llewellyn

    Trying for the second round! Thanks, Hugh!

  140. There’s nothing better than a sequel.

  141. One of my favorite series,

  142. I’ll try again for this most excellent trilogy!

  143. Awesome books!

  144. This box set looks amazing!

  145. Wool brought back my old love for distopian fiction!

  146. Tasheena Tomlinson Avatar
    Tasheena Tomlinson

    I love gifting Wool to friends and family, it was my first introduction to Hugh and now I’ve read just about everything he has published. Yes, I feel as though we are on a first name basis after the countless hours I’ve devoted to his craft.
    This set is amazing, I’m so excited for the lucky winners!

  147. I had the privilege of sitting next to Hugh on a flight from ATL to West Palm 8 or 9 years ago. We talked about everything from WOOL to self publishing to computer hacking. He was genuinely the best stranger I’ve ever been paired with on a flight and I’ve since recommended him to all of the voracious readers I know and they’ve all enjoyed his phenomenal storytelling. Here’s wishing you much continued success, good sir!!

    1. Thumbs up for the best stranger.

  148. One day many years ago I was at Target looking for a book. Then there was a book looking at me. That beautiful orange cover that said “Wool”. Turned it over, read some blurbs and if it was ok with Ernie Cline it was good with me. Wool was like no other Science Fiction I read before. It had the entire spectrum of the human condition. Oh, then I found the amazing community of people, all fans of Hugh’s work. It was a blast, I have copies of Wool in languages I’ll never understand and even had a friend pick up the Croation edition when she visited. I met Hugh at San Diego Comic Con in 2015. A very special memory. Here we are again with a new box edition of the Wool Trilogy. I think I’m gonna want this version too. Who am I kidding, I’m gonna need this edition.

    1. You are kidding no one, Kathy, especially not yourself. 😀 💗

  149. I just loved the whole WOOL series and recommend it every time someone on social media asks for a good book or series. I feel like your books are these hidden gems that need to be shared with everyone!
    Then I watched your unboxing video, and your emotion at seeing the box set for the first time was so touching. We could see how much this box set means to you. Even if I don’t win, I’m glad I got to see it live. Congrats on your success!

  150. I’ve been haunted by Wool ever since the first reading. Four readings later Juliette still shadows me but it is Sand which blew me away. Whether it is my imagination (a worry) I can feel every piece of diving under the sand and life in the dunes. Enough for weird nightmares. To be this skilful in cultivating imagination and alerting all the senses with such a command of English is a gift not everyone has. Your writing brings out the goosebumps. Thanks, Hugh.

  151. Woah! Thanks for the opportunity to win again!

    I really dig the new covers and how they fit together. I saw Wool at Barnes & Noble today, but it was the only one with the new cover art and I gotta have matching cover art. Lol

  152. One of my favorite sci-fi post-apocalyptic series. Excited it now has a box set!!

  153. Yay!! Second chance!! So grateful!! Thank you!!! And you should do a signed book! I would love a signed book… especially beacon 23!! :) I love all of your books though. Im glad I found you online!

  154. Your books renewed my excitement for reading again. I got so caught up in life I forgot how fun it is to let your minds eye envision all the details the author leads your mind to see with their creative writing skills I feel like I lived in these books and and work my own shifts in the silo. I am so glad Molly mentions you’re books to me when I was talking to her about wanting to start reading again. Great job and thank you.

  155. This is feeling like “old times” again Hugh…unboxing videos, giveaways, so much fun! The box set looks awesome by the way…definitely going to add it to my Hugh Howey collection!

    1. Todd Beingessner Jr. Avatar
      Todd Beingessner Jr.

      I was thinking that too!

      1. Me too! Great fun.

  156. Congratulations everybody that has won in the first giveaway. Hugh, I am glad the selector you used made your life easier. I will hold my thumbs for the next draw, it will be wonderful to share this boxset with the bookclub. We swop our books between each other. Good luck everybody.

  157. Todd Beingessner Jr. Avatar
    Todd Beingessner Jr.

    I had the opportunity to interview you over 8 years ago for my blog and have been a fan ever since. Would love to win one of these if I had the chance. Will likely buy it anyway :)

  158. Michael Campagnaro Avatar
    Michael Campagnaro

    Hi Hugh, big fan of all of your work, especially the Silo series! I’ll never forget the first time I read it. Looking forward to your future publications :)

  159. Congrats to the first round winners. Loved this series. It inspired some decent fan fiction vas well.

  160. Yes please HH

  161. Woo hoo for round two! Wool is one of my faves!

  162. Love all your books. I convinced my husband to read them & he still talks about them! He said just last week “Are they going to make a movie out of those books?” 😁

  163. Another chance? Woohoo!

  164. This new collection looks so good! The Silo Series blew me away when they originally came out. I still think of them regularly! Thanks Hugh.

  165. Would love to win but more than that, wanted to tell you a) that your books are awesome, b) you are an *irritatingly* good writer (as I now have to compare new authors to you!) and c) please write more!!

  166. Good luck!

    Just picked up a Kindle and started to fill out my profile more and explore other books. The Silo Trilogy has been one of the few sets of books I have read over the past couple years.

  167. Michael Karalun Avatar

    I was hoping to hear my name last time but maybe this time is my chance. The set looks AMAZING!!! We would have to reread these because books are meant to be read no matter how beautiful on the outside. And what a reread it would be! This was such a gripping trilogy and we tell everybody about it! I so want to win this for my wife. She doesn’t know!

  168. Ok let’s try again!

  169. Fav author first read Wool in 2012 whilst deployed in Australian Army to East Timor.

  170. I read Wool a wee while ago now and loved it! With uni starting I never got round to reading the rest of the trilogy, but they are at the top of my to read list. Keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  171. Going to try this again! I had fun at the Book Club you hosted, Hugh! Would be so lucky to have a physical copy.

  172. Round two…fight! No, just kidding. Reality is: I love your work. I enjoyed following some of your sailing adventures, and the unboxing video is touching. The series is engaging and intriguing, and I suspect it’s time for a re-reading. :)

  173. Wool has been on my list of to-reads for some time now on the advice of a friend. Would be awesome to win the whole saga

  174. Really generous of you and your publishers to run this again, Hugh. Don’t know if you are answering questions on here, but may I just ask if you are considering “going wide” again with your ebooks now that Apple books and Kobo have increased their readerships worldwide? It’s a bit of a pain to have to buy an ebook tied into Amazon and then mess about undoing the DRM and converting to e-pub from mobi to get the ebook onto my beloved Kobo ereader. Thanks, and continued success and luck. Mark

  175. Looks like I missed out first time around, so let’s try again!
    Please send me one of these fab looking box sets, as they are not available in the UK.

  176. Charles Pearson Avatar

    Congrats to the winners. Wish me luck for this round.

  177. I’d love to win one of these. Terrific series.

  178. I really want to read this series again

  179. Wool encouraged me in my writing journey, and for that I will always be grateful.

  180. Awesome! Thanks for being so generous.

  181. What a fab idea for a brilliant series, loved it first time round and the chance to love it again in its new format – delicious!

  182. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks Hugh for letting us have another go :)

  183. Carole Van Camp Avatar

    I won’t say I’m your number 1 fan, cause that’s been creepy since 1987. But I am a fan. Just a normal fan. Posting for another shot at a box set of books I already have digital, hardback, and paper versions of. Totally normal.

  184. The boxset looks so cool!

  185. Coincidentally just finished re-reading the series. Still super relieved you allowed Solo to survive to the end.

  186. Me me me! Love your books! Will have to decide if I keep them for myself or lend them to friends so that they can share the joy!

  187. Hey Hugh!

  188. Shauna Hepworth Avatar

    Pick pick me haha :)

  189. Yes, please.

  190. Since you’re commenting back, can I ask a question? Well, I had it typed out and just realized that it might be a spoiler and I’d hate to do that.

  191. I love all you’re books!

    1. I love all -your- books!

  192. Nice to get a second chance, I love the series and the box set looks amazing, so fingers crossed!

  193. Love Wool and also Sand. :)

  194. Christopher Jackson Avatar
    Christopher Jackson

    Thank you for doing this again! Congratulations to all the previous winners!

  195. Second chances 🙂

  196. Love that move of these are getting out into the wild. Thanks for the great boxed set Hugh!

  197. Would love to get a copy of this box set to read again!!!

  198. Katherine Britt Avatar

    Thank you HMH! Been a fan of your works for a few years! So excited for this box set and to see what Wool will look like on the screen/tv! Good luck everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor ! 😂💕🤞

  199. You da man Hugh.

  200. Sweet, hoping to get lucky this time.

  201. Kelly Alexander Avatar

    These books are my favorite series!

  202. Such a great set of stories! Great seeing you on Facebook again, can’t wait to see what’s next

  203. Hooray for second chances!!

  204. Wool is an absolute favourite of mine as soon as I finished it my husband read it followed by my two sons, I have my very battered copy’s of the books on my book shelf and even though I’m going to get the box set for Christmas I really don’t think I can part with my old books.

    1. Hoping the 2nd time’s the charm

  205. I loved Wool so much, but have always wondered how the series continued. Can’t wait to find out!

  206. Christina Keaton Avatar
    Christina Keaton

    Absolutely loved reading your stories!

  207. I’ll be sticking with your writing and blog for a long time to come so I’ll enter my name for a chance at a new box set again. Your books are a big part of what re-started a daily reading habit that continues today. I look forward to your new releases but also revisiting the silo series and essays!

  208. Thabks for another chance! Excited for your future endeavors

  209. Round two is almost more exciting!! Congrats to all the winners! Fingers crossed that this time is my lucky chance because everything I said in my first comment stays true.

  210. I so enjoyed watching the unboxing video. I remember watching all of your unboxing years ago. You were always so excited to receive every shipment. I can’t wait to see WOOL come to life on the screen. Fingers crossed that Beacon 23 and Sand will follow suit. 😉 Would love, love, love to have more to read from you. Patiently waiting for the Sand sequel. 🥰

  211. Trying again for the second chance!

  212. Ok let’s try this one more time..

  213. Loved all the books and would love to win this beautiful box set!

  214. So good to see you online again! Of course would love to win!

  215. Me! Me! Me! Pick my number! I still want this set.

  216. Loved these books, keep writing Hugh!

  217. Wool is such a wonderful series.

  218. The love for this trilogy just keeps growing! So exciting for you. Here’s hoping my odds increase by commenting in “the sequel” ;)

  219. I thought I couldn’t be more gobsmacked after reading the trilogy, but then I read the Wool coda novella in The Apocalypse Triptych! Jules still haunts my brain.

  220. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to re-read the series!

  221. Jason Nielubowicz Avatar
    Jason Nielubowicz

    Looking forward to hearing more details on the show as it moves ahead!

  222. Best trilogy ever!

  223. So very excited!
    All 4 of my kids have read your series and now I have hooked my boyfriend on to your books as well! Loved to see you via video!

  224. I toggled the wrong thing and woke up to about 200 emails from this contest. It made me laugh but I am commenting again as a warning to others to not toggle the button for comments and to retoggle the button for subscribing to new posts since I somehow I’m unsubscribed from everything. I am not complaining… just very amused.

    1. Lol…I haven’t checked my email yet. Can only imagine. :0

  225. Thanks for a second shot at winning!

  226. How fun is THIS?!? Thanks for your awesome engagement with fans @HughHowey 🥰🤩 Love these books and following your life of adventures! XoXo

  227. Leslie Lee Sanders Avatar
    Leslie Lee Sanders

    Thank you for the chance to win! I’ve read the short story the year it became hugely popular, and continued with the omnibus. Now it feels right to finish with the box set! Looks beautiful. 😍

  228. I stumbled upon “Wool” so many years ago. It was suggested as something I might like on my new kindle. Hugh was still self publishing and none of the sequels had been written yet. It still stands as my all time fav story and it introducers me to so many other amazing authors. ❤️

  229. Take two! My Kindle’s plenty full of reads — ready to add this collection to my bookshelf . Amazing series.

  230. Scott Schwienebart Avatar
    Scott Schwienebart

    I want the box!

  231. Hooray! I’m so glad there’s another chance. Thanks again, Hugh!

  232. Would love to win!!

  233. With my first name being John I assumed I would make the first name announcement cut but still have to remain in suspense. However, didn’t win the first time so I will try again. Going to gift it to my son and get him hooked on the series. I am finishing up the Three Body Problem series now and after may reread some of the old Wool along with my son.


    I’d love to be in the running for the box set.

  235. I have the full set in digital, but I sure would like to win this for a friend who I know would love it. He has to have his books in paper format. He has room for the shelves :-)

  236. Melissa McConnell Avatar
    Melissa McConnell

    I read wool when it was some random pdf self published e book thing – I can’t even remember where I found it, and have been a die hard fan since!!!!

  237. Michael Cianciola Avatar
    Michael Cianciola

    Great series! Hope to see a film/series adaption soon

  238. I’d love a box set, and I can gift my existing books to someone else :-)

    1. Todd Beingessner Jr. Avatar
      Todd Beingessner Jr.

      Todd – one of us won! I don’t see any other Todd’s that commented :)

  239. I would love to have a print set. All my copies are electronic

  240. Count me in! Also count me as a Wool/Silo addict who has been happily infecting every new acquaintance she makes with the same addiction. I warn everyone I recommend this series to: Don’t plan to get much sleep after you start these! (And inevitably, a few days later, I see these people with bleary eyes and zombie-walking to the nearest coffee machine, and I know…)

  241. Hey Hugh, I’ve really enjoyed your short stories over the years, your support of indie writers, and the fact that you’re such a genuinely positive person. While it is ultimately the story that matters, a cool book cover never hurts either!

  242. I Love this series!! Just loaned out my books to a friend! I love introducing people to this world.

  243. Ha ha! New digs… new post office staff to punish ;)

  244. I’ve devoured every one of your books since I first came across them years ago. I looooooooooove these! Keep up the great work!

  245. Hello Hugh.
    Until recently, I didn’t know anything about you. I didn’t know about your existing. But thanks to one story, that happend to me and thanks to my interest, I learned that you existing in real life, that you are famous writer, traveler and interesting person. I have not read your books yet, so I cannot write anything about them. But I really want to get these books and to read them.
    I wish you all good luck and myself too.
    I wish you all good luck and myself too.

  246. My husband and I both love your work. We’ve passed these books on to friends as well!

  247. Trying again! This box ser would be an awesome addition to my book collection!

  248. I love your books but I also enjoy how you interact with fans. Your characters are dynamic, your story lines complex. As a reader, I am constantly on my toes. Congrats on the box set!

  249. I know you said a Debbie won a box set but you didn’t say what Debbie so here I am again commenting that the Wool Series is the greatest series I’ve ever read.
    ⚠️Warning these books are impossible to put down. If you have to get up early the next day I don’t recommend you Reading them at night because you will not be able to put them diwn⚠️
    They are by Best selling New York Times author Hugh Howey. I highly recommend them to family and friends.
    Be prepared to have hot flashes, intense moments where you will be clenching your teeth and holding your breath. I am completely in love with these books. Very cool stories absolutely love them!

  250. These days I’m a little envious of the Silo population.

  251. I’m so excited to have a second chance! This box set would look beautiful next to my omnibus and German language versions. Thanks!

  252. I would be proud to be part in the second part. Regards from
    Your no1 German collector/ fan. Still proud to own the really first ugly wool with personell signature.

  253. I love this set! Pick me! Pick me!

  254. One of the best series in the Post-Apocalyptic Genre to date. Excellent read. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment Hugh.

  255. Devalon Crawford Avatar
    Devalon Crawford

    I love this series. I just started reading it for the 3rd time.

  256. Nikki Vanderhoof Avatar
    Nikki Vanderhoof

    This is so amazing! This is one of my favorite series of all time and one I was able to get my husband to read (who isn’t a big reader) and we pretty regularly talk about what an amazing story this is and what a phenomenal storyteller you are!

  257. Loved this saga so much! I tried to recommend this story to people but I always had trouble describing the plot without spoilers!

  258. Wool is one of my least favorite textiles but also one if my favorite books/stories 🤣.

  259. Another chance? Awesome!

  260. Count me in! Bought the Dystopia Tryptich but would love the shorts in this format too

  261. Really dug those pink sweats , Wool brought my eldest son and I together if only for a time he was taken back by me reading that book. Thank you Hugh .

  262. So this

  263. doesn’t increase

  264. my chances

  265. of winning?

  266. Jenny Kovacevich Avatar

    Probably my favorite dystopian sci-fi of all time. Sorry, Fahrenheit 451, you’ve been displaced!

  267. How awesome! Thanks so much for continuing to write! I can’t wait to see the wool tv series!!!

  268. Wool is one of my absolute favorite book series. If you have not read it you are missing out!

  269. My favorite books! I think about the story everyday!

  270. Congratulations on the previous ten winners, and here’s hoping the algorithm will fancy me. Hugh, please read my previous comment about the translation.

  271. The boxset looks really nice! Well done

  272. Can I win this time? Congrats on the set

  273. Marcus Djonlija Avatar

    Second chance draw!

  274. Crossing my fingers to win!

  275. Whoops am I too late? :)

  276. I can’t believe how many people I’ve recommended to Wool, have read it, and have been blow away. It’s defiantly one of my favorites. Would love to get my kids hooked.

  277. Ready and willing to try again. Ding, ding, ding. Round two

  278. Doing it again! I plan on paying it forward to a friend who has not read the books yet.

  279. I’m currently rereading the series for the 7th or 8th time. I randomly stumbled on Wool years ago and was instantly hooked. I was ecstatic to learn there was more to this world in Shift and Dust. You’re one of my favorite writers and the world and characters you create are amazing !

  280. Second time lucky!

  281. Brian Crutchfield Avatar
    Brian Crutchfield

    This whole series was amazing and life changing. My copies are well worn they have been shared around with everyone I know so many times. I can’t wait to get my hands on this box set!

  282. Let’s do this!

  283. 2nd time is the charm! Love all your work, Hugh! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next

  284. Ooooooh! I want to win! And I liked Wool of course.

  285. Definitely would love a new fresh set to read through again!

  286. Douglas A White Avatar

    My favorite sci-fi series.

  287. I would love to have your boxed set!

  288. The boxed set is stunning, Hugh!

  289. I haven’t read the series but plan to.

  290. Congrats to the first winners and good luck to everyone on the second drawing. Thanks for another round of fun Hugh!

  291. Definitely in on this again.

  292. I’m hoping to win this so I can take it off of my Christmas wish list! My aunt and husband always team up to get me books for the holidays… if I win then I’ll get even MORE books! (I like books.)

  293. Would love to win! Great series.

  294. Thanks for another try!!

  295. If I’m not too late I’d like to be in it to win it.

  296. Love, love, love these books. I recommend them to everyone I meet!!

  297. I would like to enter myself into this giveaway. This is it. This is me entering. Assuming I did it in time.

  298. Love your books!! Even have the French version signed by you.

  299. Melissa Mendoza Avatar

    This is so awesome! I am sad I missed the first one but count me in for this one.

  300. It would be the best thing that has happened all year if I won this set!

  301. Love this trilogy and good luck on turning it into a TV series. On another note, have you ever considered turning I Zombie into a VR game or experience?

  302. Trying again. Love to have a rallife lend able addition for my bookshelf. Love the live giveaway and hearing your excitement whe you do it. I think your are more excited to give the books away than the winners are.

  303. Love the wool series! I suggest it to everyone. I would love to be able to read it IRL instead of on my phone.

  304. I’d love to win!

  305. Wow! What a great giveaway and all those responses! I would love to own this beautiful box set. This series was so enjoyable and can I say “outside the box” for an apocalyptic saga! Hope the Wool tv series/movie is still in the works.

  306. Isn’t it still a mystery to you what became out of that first wool short story?
    I think for most of us readers it actually wasn’t because we knew we wanted to know more. We wanted to have more time in this world. It is just beautifully crafted and I can’t wait to see what’s still to come.
    And I will be back for the sand boxset giveaway in a few years. ;)

  307. I’m glad you found the plug in for the giveaway. I’m looking forward to many more.

  308. Derrick Etheridge Avatar
    Derrick Etheridge

    Please enter me!

  309. Sarah Lewis-Hunt Avatar
    Sarah Lewis-Hunt

    I really enjoyed Wool! I’m an English teacher and normally prefer Jane Austen over sci-fi books. The students I’ve recommended it to have enjoyed it.

  310. I sure would like one!

  311. Me, me, me! This time it has to be me! :)

  312. This trilogy is such an intense journey, I loved every part of it!!!

  313. Love all of your books especially the wool series would love a new set of wool series my 3 year old ran out side in the rain with one of the books so it’s a little damaged right now lol

  314. Britney Mubarak Avatar

    I want one so bad!

  315. My favorite book set ever!

  316. Probably too late…

  317. Another chance to win and force your series onto my friends and family? Count me in.

  318. I would love to win this set. I love these books and have recommended them so many times, creating new fans, of course. Just finished reading for the third time!

  319. You’re still my favorite author!

  320. I think I’ve read the series in all formats starting with section by section then book by book. Then, my wife the librarian and her book club read Wool even though they ain’t sci-fi fans. What could be bad?

  321. My favorite books!

  322. I stumbled upon Hugh Howey via a free / reduced ebook offer on BookGorilla, for Beacon 23. The writing style and descriptiveness, as well as the observations and insights into human nature and our surroundings, captivated my attention. I had to have more of this kind of storytelling!

    I dove deeper and found the Silo Series. After reading the synopsis, I gave it a try… and was blown away with the concept, the world-building, the interplay of characters, and the plot twists that made me sit up and go, “No way! Now what?” Hugh Howey immediately bubbled to the top of my Favorite Authors list.

    Then I perused his website / blog posts. I saw Hugh was a major proponent for Writers taking the responsibility of fashioning their own success, via the self-publishing industry. His vision to accomplish this himself, his leading by example, his constant admonition to “try this a different way” got to me. As a struggling Writer, it piqued my interest and gave me the motivation to do likewise.

    Suffice it to say, I’ve since used AKDP to publish three books that I’m proud to have authored. That in itself — transitioning from the title of Writer to Author — was unthinkable for me, having grown up in an era where the Big Publishing Houses held sway over all things printed. But let me tell you, when that first proof copy of my fantasy novel — the one that had waited 35 years to come to fruition — showed up on my doorstep… and I held that “labor of love” in my hands… I almost did cartwheels across the room!

    I can hear how jazzed Hugh is to see his dream of having his tale of the Silos make it to the screen (either theater or long-running TV series). It gives me hope for another one of my novels to make it to Hollywood, because it needs to be told. Hugh’s example proves it can be done! So… believe me, I’ll emulate as much of his process as I can muster, and navigate to my own version of success. YOU can, too, so keep after it until YOU reach your Goals!

    ~Sam Westhoek

  323. fingers crossed this time!

  324. Here for the second time!

  325. Jean Hatzopoulos Avatar
    Jean Hatzopoulos

    Great Books!!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win free books!!

  326. Absolutely love these books – took Wool with me on a sailing trip & had to download the others on spotty WiFi when we anchored several nights later. I recommend these any chance I get!

  327. Love these books! When asked recently what my favorite books of all time were, I was a little surprised my mind immediately jumped to the Wool series. Thanks for creating such an enjoyable read.

  328. Jessica McCallister Avatar
    Jessica McCallister

    Is it too late to enter for the second chance?? If so I’ll just have to by it for myself for Christmas :)

  329. I love the Wool series, and the new artwork! Would love to add the box set to my collection <3

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