Ultimate WOOL Unboxing and Giveaway!

This is the most excited I’ve been about a blog post in ages. Why? Because this one is all about you, dear reader. And it’s about getting you some FREE SWAG.

Okay, not swag. That’s underselling it. Swag would be like a t-shirt or a tote bag or a ballpoint pen that leaks and ruins a nice shirt. How about instead we give away these puppies!

The Ultimate WOOL Boxset :)

What you are looking here is the Ultimate WOOL Boxset! Inside the custom wrap, you’ll find the original trilogy (with a new essay in each), plus a collection of the three post-WOOL stories that originally appeared in the Apocalypse Triptych. This little chapbook won’t exist anywhere else; you can only get it with this boxset.

The entire package is drool-worthy. I’m looking at mine on my bookshelf right now, and never has a trilogy looked so amazing on display. The stairs connecting across the spine and the figures on those stairs tell a story all on their own. The entire scene wraps around the box with little surprises to discover. We worked for months to pull this together, and when I saw them for the first time… well, I got quite emotional. Here’s the video if you missed it live.

Okay, Hugh, fine, great video and all, but what about the free stuff you mentioned?! Well, my publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt sent me more copies than I needed, so I told them I was going to give away the extras (after my sister and mom got their copies), and they said please don’t give away those five boxsets. Give TEN of them away instead!

TEN BOXSETS!!! Deep breath. I have the best publisher in the entire world. I mean, if only ten of you enter, you’ll all get one! That’s math!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

– Leave a comment below. You can say how much you love this series, or if you’ve never read it before. You can say you just like free stuff, or that you’re looking for a new doorstop. Maybe you need a dirty Santa gift or you’re scared we might run out of toilet paper nationwide again. Whatever. Leave a comment. This step is MANDATORY

– If you’ve already read this series, go write a quick review of it on Amazon! Maybe you’ve already reviewed these books elsewhere, so most of your work is already done. Book reviews don’t have to be long, they just have to be honest and heartfelt. Write a sentence. Even if you hated it. This step is OPTIONAL

– If you like turning other readers onto great books, share the link to the boxset with friends and family on your social media pages! If they go out and buy a copy, they won’t steal yours! Theft protection! Genius! This is also OPTIONAL

Really, as long as you don’t believe in karma and you aren’t superstitious at all, you just need to comment below to enter. Sharing the amazing news about this singular work of fiction in this gorgeous new packaging is entirely up to you. Writing a review is entirely up to you. I won’t judge.

After a few days, I’ll use a random number generator to select the winners (the comments are numbered on my end, so it’s super easy). Make sure you use a real email address when you comment. Important: don’t put your email address in the comment itself, just in the form where it asks for your name and email address when you create the comment. Don’t worry, I can see it on my end and no one else can. I will never use this email to spam you or contact you for any other reason. I’ll simply email the winners to get your shipping addresses and you’ll have these beauties lickity-split.

For those of you who can’t wait, buy your copy now while they last! These things could actually sell out, and then I’ll have to strong-arm HMH into making more. Here’s a link at Amazon. If you can get the boxset through your local bookshop, please give them a try first. They can use all our help right now.

The price on these is amazing, pretty much what you’d pay for the books individually. In fact, even if you enter this giveaway you probably want to go buy a copy now to hedge your bets. If you win, your Christmas shopping is done! These are made to be read, not just collected, so they make great gifts for anyone who hasn’t blazed through the series already. Hook up your hipster friends before the TV show comes out!

That’s it. Comment away! Write a review! Share with your friends! Karma is totally real! (I think)


532 responses to “Ultimate WOOL Unboxing and Giveaway!”

  1. I loved the Silo Saga so much that I’ve actually started writing myself. I’ve never considered myself much of a writer, but dystopian themes, especially now, really resonate with me.

    Can’t wait to give these books another reading.

  2. WOOL was the first book I completed in my adult life, after school so it holds a special part in my heart. as a screenwriter, this is still a book (and The Plagiarist) that I turn to for inspiration. thanks, Hugh for inspiring us all.

    1. Lovely version of a fantastic series!

  3. This series was one of the best series I have ever read. The story of WOOL has stuck with me throughout the years and one of those series I wish would never end. A whole new world and one you won’t be able to ever put down!

  4. Patrick Desrochers Avatar
    Patrick Desrochers

    Read them and loved them. I keep recommending them to anyone who asks for good sci-fi. Already becoming classics. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. For me, the Wool trilogy read itself. I could not put it down! By this time, I’ve read it twice along with probably every fan fiction story that was published. Looking forward to rereading in this new format while continuing to patiently await the TV series.

  5. Was great watching you unbox these live (and now I’m interested in women’s sweatpants…). Long time fan and follower so I won’t bore you with how much I love your work, especially the WOOL (Silo) series.

    I’ll be completely honest, if I won, this would be going to my local library for some lucky person to hopefully come across unexpectedly. I’m already lucky enough to have a hardcover copy of WOOL signed by you, which I treasure.

    1. Women’s sweat pants for the win! Could start a new trend.

  6. I love this book series!

  7. This is one of my favorite book series . I can’t wait to see the new box set.

  8. Karen Arbuthnot Avatar

    I love, love, love your writings & have encouraged all my family & friends to read your books. Huge fan and will definitely want this beautiful set for my collection.

  9. I read the Silo books years ago and still LOVE them. What a fantastic world you created. And also that you have allowed other authors to play in your world. I have read many, many fan fiction Wool novels. Thank you so much! Thanks for the opportunity to have this amazing boxed set!

  10. Late 2019 I was looking for something Mad-Max-ish to read so I went through a bunch of BEST APOCALYPTIC FICTION lists and Wool was at the top of, well, basically all of them. I bought it, loved it, and bought Shift, planning to dive right in. This was about February ’20. Then…well, 2020. I haven’t been able to crack Shift yet because of anxiety about pretty much everything and “apocalyptic fiction” being a bit too plausible at the moment. But I’m hopeful for November and beyond, so maybe soon it’ll be time for some speculative darkness again.

  11. I’ve heard nothing but great things about these books and they’ve been on my TBR/Backlog for a little while now. Would be an amazing way to obtain them and who doesn’t love pretty things adorning their bookshelves?

  12. I read Wool on the advice of my friend, Dwight and loved it. I haven’t had the chance to read the rest yet, but I’m excited to finish it.

  13. I absolutely loved these books! Thank you for all you do.

  14. One of my all time favorite book series. Wool is the book that convinced me to give writing an honest try. Still working on that first novel but I keep plugging away. I try to read at least one of these books every year.
    I already have my boxed set but I’ll be giving one away to a friend if I win.

  15. Love this series! I’ve bought a dozen copies for friends. Need to have my own set other than ebooks!

  16. Thomas Heneghan Avatar

    Read Wool and loved it. I need to read Shift and Dust

    1. Excellent series. I just reread it this summer and it holds up well. Great looking new edition!

  17. I have so many copies of the Silo series including one that you gave away – the one with the yellow wrap around it. Love these books so much!

    1. I’m just a little jealous. ;)

  18. I have toyed with the idea of writing for, well, forever it seems now. In a forum I lurk they shared the Wool short story and I was immediately hooked. I read the entire thing during a Christmas break. I have only been kept awake reading for a handful of books, and this series kept me sleep deprived (and loving it) throughout the whole thing.

    Since then I have recommended it multiple times, given it as a gift. But also, I have become a fan of Hugh the author (and the person I think). I enjoyed his take on life, have participated on a couple of webinars with him, and find a lot of inspiration as a writer from his personal story.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve read the entire trilogy but only in ebook form. I’d love to have a physical copy of the set!

  20. Your books have been lingering on my periphery. I haven’t read them yet (grad school) -but now I really want to. Hope you’re having a great week!

  21. Sara Compher-Rice Avatar
    Sara Compher-Rice

    What a gorgeous box set of my all time favorite book series! Now that my boys are getting older, I’m so excited to finally be able to share the Wool saga with them–and know that they’ll love it as much as me!

  22. I loved this series and would thoroughly enjoy reading all of it again, especially from such a gorgeous set of books. WOOL was my choice for my book club this past year, and that turned a lot of members on to a genre they had never read before.

  23. So very excited by this. Read Wool to my Grade 5 class and one of my students (now in Grade 8) chose it as his favourite book from that entire year. Looking forward to reading it to my 6s and 7s this year!

    1. Yay! From one teacher to another. :)

  24. Hugh, the Silo Saga rekindled my love for reading. Thank you for the wild ride!

    I also think of Half Way Home regularly… Some really cool ideas there.

  25. Oh How I love this series! I have digital versions of all three and paperbacks of Wool and Dust (and that one is signed by you!) It’s one of my great treasures!

  26. Rereading Wool and the rest of the Silo series was oddly comforting while trudging through the depths of the COVID lockdown, and made me happy I was able to share the journey with my silo-mates. My teenagers finally understood why I love Wool so much, and they look forward to reading all of the series.

  27. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the opportunity to own this set. It was hooked from the first. I found part one of five of WOOL for free to read on my new Kindle, before a big deal. 😄😉 I have shared my love of your books with everyone I can bother and given your books as gifts to others. I am also very excited for the sequel to SAND!! 🥰

  28. This set looks great, and it’s about time I gave this series a re-read.

  29. Caroline Benton Avatar

    Wool (& the whole Silo saga) is probably my favorite sci-fi series. And Hugh is an instant-one click author. No blurb needed. I want all his words in my head & heart!

  30. I have the audio books, but i would love the collection to read. As im dyslexic i normally shy away from reading. Love love love this collection.

  31. Christina Griggs Avatar
    Christina Griggs

    Very exciting! I love this series and hope to win but, being one of the first comments, I probably won’t.

  32. The Silo series are my favorite books of all time. I can’t wait to see if they become a TV series, tough I’m a touch nervous because I’ve read them so many times that the Silo world lives in my head a certain way already. I would love this box set to share the wonder with sons!

  33. I love reading everything you write! Wool got me hooked.

  34. A long time ago, I won a Kindle in a raffle at work. I had lost my passion for reading and I didn’t know what to start with. One of the first things to pop up on my reccomendations was the Wool Omnibus for 99 cents. I said to myself. “Well, can’t beat that for a buck!”.

    I loved it and Hugh re-ignited my passion for reading again. I downloaded all his available books and while my favorite of his is “Half Way Home”, I will never forget the series that got me reading again.

    Thank you for writing so many incredible books and I can’t wait for more! It’s been too long! (Well, besides the anthology series he contributes to)

    1. This makes my heart happy. It is wonderful that you rediscovered your joy of reading.

  35. I discovered this series by a whim late at night browsing through Amazon, and couldn’t put my kindle down once it downloaded! One of my favorite series of all time!

  36. I love these stories. Watching the unboxing I kept wishing I had this awesome looking box set to add to my collection. They look great!

  37. Read them all, digitally, and now would now love to hold the books in my hands. The box set looks amazing.

  38. Will Swardstrom Avatar

    Wool changed my life for the better. I started writing which led me to know so many great people in and around the bookworld. I will alwahs be grateful for Hugh Howey and how giving he was to other authors as he himself started his writing career.

  39. Just an incredible series! Loved it!

  40. To replace that one signed copy from Krakow which has since been lost in a move… It’s rather obvious that I would get the whole set of these beauties to make up for the loss 😍

    These look AMAZING Hugh, so chuffed for you.

  41. Richard Westmoreland Avatar
    Richard Westmoreland

    I absolutely love the Silo trilogy. Wool was one of the first books I bought on Kindle and it hooked me right away. I’ve tried to get my wife into it but she prefers real books, so these would so nicely.

    Keep up the good work Hugh, I can’t wait to see the TV show when it eventually gets released!

  42. The Silo series was introduction into your books. (I’ve read them all except iZombie; I haven’t gotten to that one yet.) I obviously loved the series. So, if I win this, I’m giving away my original Silo books to my town’s Little Library exchange. Actually, if I don’t win, I’ll probably buy the set anyway and still give away those other books. But a free set sure would be sweet. Also, I can’t wait for the next Sand book. Yay!

  43. I’ve read WOOL several years ago and enjoyed it. I clearly need to read the rest of the series. I purchased the full ebook set after watching your unboxing, but would love to get one of these, they look amazing!

  44. Christina merrill Avatar
    Christina merrill

    I love this series so much, I can’t wait for the tv show. If I win this I will gift it to my brother because I need another person in my life that loves Hugh Howie too, and buy one for my self most likely.

  45. WOOL was recommended to me by a co-worker. He refused to tell me anything about – “just read it” we’re his only words. I followed his advice and give the same recommendation. Just read it and prepare to read the whole trilogy! Fantastic!!

  46. I have enjoyed your books since we met at High Country Writers, and this set looks so cool.

  47. This set is so beautiful! I would love to give it a home in Jupiter, Fl.

  48. I picked up WOOL on kindle a while back and read through the whole series in like two weeks. Definitely one of the best series I’ve read in a long time, but I’ve never bought a physical copy! A perfect opportunity haha

  49. Wool is the book I recommend most often since it’s appeal transcends gender, age, and genre tastes. Every time I reread it it’s as enjoyable as the first time.

  50. How exciting! This box set is beautiful and I hope I win! I loved reading the books on my Kindle but would love physical copies. Will you sign them, by chance?

  51. Honestly this set, this story, is what led me to the rest of your work. Sand in particular was a great follow up to read after I was done and wanting more. The box set looks great and congrats on everything.

  52. Elaine Musgrave Avatar

    After reading Wool, you were the first author I felt a desire to contact to let you know how much I enjoyed your work. This has led to many other great stories of yours, as well as several author Facebook friends and their wonderful books. I love a good story! Would love to win this set!

  53. Cheryl Minekime Avatar

    So good to see you Hugh via the unboxing video the other night! It’s been too long. The boxes set is absolutely gorgeous. I got on the WOOL bandwagon later than most others (just before the DUST release) but it remains 1 of only 3 books that had me completely and utterly hooked in the space of the opening paragraph. Seriously. And it remains one of my favorite books of all time. I just adopted 2 kittens at the beginning of the year and one of them is named Holston thanks to you. Looking forward to the sequel to SAND so good luck during NaNoWriMo next month! Best, Cheryl

  54. Whenever someone is looking for what to read next I recommend Wool.

  55. This collection looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m a sucker for good collected editions. I read the original WOOL stories when they were released as kindle singles, (and the very well done graphic novel adaptation!) so seeing this makes me realize how much more there is to the story.

    1. Never read them, but have them on my to read list based on the recommendation from Penny Arcade’s Gabe.

  56. Geoff Henderson Avatar

    The Wool series was just incredible…took me into another world where the characters came to life. I feel in love with the people and their plights and couldn’t put the story down between reads. Ultimately, the meta-story came together and knocked my socks off to consider the overarching reasons why all of this occurred…so creative and downright frightening to think it parallels some of the societal issues of our days….a masterpiece.

    1. Oh, well said. 👏

  57. I absolutely love this series. It got me started on my post-apocalyptic novel kick.

  58. Hey Mr. Howey love your work. You inspired me to write. I listened to one of your interviews and was just blown away by some of your advice. Thanks for everything!

  59. Albert Ciavolino Avatar
    Albert Ciavolino

    I love this, so much! Please pick me!

  60. Hugh, I enjoyed Wool since it first came out, the entire series is great. I’ve read most of your other books as well and shared them with my daughter. They are her favourite books right now. We watched your unboxing the other day, it was very exciting! I appreciate all of your hard work, we are happy for your success! PS I miss watching your adventures on your boat! Love from the Niagara Region in Ontario where I hope you’ll come someday for a signing 😊

  61. Right before you went out on Wayfinder, you cleared out and personalized a huge stash of goodies which are some of my most-prized possessions. This box set? Would be amazing to add to that collection! Let’s face it: I’m a sucker for a pretty book.

  62. Janice Achterberg Avatar
    Janice Achterberg

    Wool is one of my favorite book series!

  63. So awesome, Hugh! I have an entire section on the bookshelf dedicated to Wool and other assorted H.H. writings.

    Now… if only I could add a new book to the “Molly Fyde” shelf…

  64. I originally picked up the first book to see what all the hubbub was about. I’m so glad I did.

  65. Awesome! I’ve read all three and LOVED them! You just get pulled into the first few pages and it’s like a vortex: you just cannot put it down! I’m also silently thrilled you’re drinking Dog fish head because I’m in Delaware, home of dog fish head !!!! Too cool! I also lived vicariously through your adventures on the water! Lol

  66. WOOL was my gateway into indie sci-fi—fantastic series, and SHIFT is my favorite. Thank you for your time and generous online advice over the past 11 (wow, that’s crazy!) years. So happy and excited for you! A giveaway from you would be going on our shelf, but I’m getting some of these regardless. :)

  67. I loved this series so much and have recommended it to many friends. Even got my original “Wool” signed by Hugh 😊

  68. The WOOL, SHIFT and DUST series have been stories that have stuck in my mind more than any other in this genre over the past decade. Great storytelling and a compelling message.

  69. Wool is one of my favourite books even, and lead to a love of the series, and a love of your writting. I share Wool with everyone I know that enjoys reading, and it is sitting by my bedside awaiting another full reading – how great would it be to be re-reading with the new set instead?! :)

  70. I’ve been a fan of classic sci-fi since the early 90’s, gorging myself on Heinlein, A.C. Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury, etc. I don’t recall how I stumbled upon the Wool series, but it immediately stimulated the same grey matter as those previously-mentioned authors.

  71. Shauna Hepworth Avatar

    Hugh!!!! YES, Show me the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From your biggest Canuck fan, I need these eh, they will complete me and look amazing on my bookshelf next to my maple syrup and hockey stick.

  72. Great books paint a vivid picture and are impossible to put down. That’s what these are and did for me.

  73. OMG these are the best books ever written I have read them twice. Once I start reading I couldn’t put them down you have to know what happens next. I have tweeted about your books that everyone must read them on Twitter and Facebook quite a fewtimes. I would love to have the box set. Mine are on my kindle fire I love having the book to hold in my hand also. You mentioned me towards the end of your unboxing said i was sweet. You are my favorite writer. The unboxing was amazing beautiful covers. Congratulations!! A must read for everyone! I’ll even write a review on Amazon and tell everyone how great they are!

  74. WOOL was one of the first books I read when I was just easing my way back into reading for leisure after a lifetime of being traumatized by assigned reading in school. I immediately loved it (and still do)! If there is one book/series I could go back and read again for the first time, it would be this one. This new boxed set is beautiful!

  75. I don’t think I ever read a series faster than I did with the Silo Trilogy. This and Tales of the Otori are my two favorite series hands-down!

  76. I loved this series. I still recommend it to everyone who reads. I’m really excited about the AMC series as well. Way to represent C of C, Hugh. I love your work and thank you so much for it.

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. AMC? What?! How did I miss that. It’s going to be incredible!

  77. LOVE the Wool series though I only have it on my Kindle and I would love the physical books to add to the library and so my kids can grow up wondering what those amazing looking books are (and then when old enough they can read them!!)

  78. Jonathan Pinckney Avatar
    Jonathan Pinckney

    I read your story on a whim a few years ago and LOVED it. Even if I don’t get the box set, I just wanted to let you know that, as someone who writes and a fellow South Carolinian, I thought it was awesome.

  79. Todd Beingessner Jr. Avatar
    Todd Beingessner Jr.

    I had the opportunity to interview you over 8 years ago for my blog and have been a fan ever since. Would love to win one of these if I had the chance. Will likely buy it anyway :)

  80. I love Wool! One of my favorite series. These editions look fantastic!

  81. I absolutely love The Silo Trilogy! Already read the Wool Omnibus as well.(Hope there is more in store). It’s my favorite by far. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the future.

  82. Loved reading the entire Wool saga when the books originally came out! Would love to win the box set!

  83. I read Wool and loved it. And I’ll be honest, until this popped up in my Twitter feed, I didn’t even know there were two more books in the series! So regardless of whether I win this drawing, I now have awesome reading to look forward to. :-)

  84. Wool was gifted to me by a dear friend when it was first published and I fell in love with story! I’m actually re-reading it again as it has been some years, to then continue on the saga which I anticipate to be just as great.

  85. I have not read the series, but I would like to do that. Having the box set would make that easier, for I am lazy.

  86. I’ve been reading this series since the original Wool short story went up on Amazon and you (Hugh) prodded me to check it out when I was in the ASU bookstore one day. I’ve also lent out my copies of Shift and Dust and will likely not get them back. It would be nice to have a complete set again.

  87. I read Wool and listened to Shift and Dust on audible. From the beginning, I was HOOKED on Wool, but Shift and Dust lost me. I like the story, but getting there was prickly! I feel that there were too many obviously omitted responses or incorrect conclusions drawn used to compel the story. I noticed it most with Donald. He could not say what he meant ever!

    All that said, I’m glad I read them and I’ve recommended them to several people who have liked them a lot. I’d love to read the chapbook that will be in this box set! It might answer some questions I still have or clear some things up.

    Thanks for putting some of your brain on paper, Mr. Howey!

  88. Stephanie Edwards Avatar
    Stephanie Edwards

    I read this series to my daughter when they were 8 and 9. We all loved it and still talk about it today. Thank you for giving us such amazing characters to share! 💙

  89. I am looking forward to reading them.

  90. What first hooked me on the series was the palpable sense of antiquity with which you’ve endowed your setting. The WOOL boxset is a throwback to the vintage publications of the last century, which strikes me as wholly appropriate.

  91. These books got me through a depression. I would love to have this set

  92. Loved Wool on my Kindle but my favorite books go on my bookshelf for my daughters to read and for friends to browse over. Best of luck with your next projects, eagerly awaiting

  93. I absolutely LOVE this series and have passed it on to everyone who could stand to listen to me go on and on
    …I should go back and re-read it again…. Thanks for such wonderful stories! I’ve read everything you’ve written after I found wool randomly.

  94. Read Wool and never got back to finish the trilogy, but I would love to. Wool is one of those special books for me, and as a person with a small collection of vinyl, art books, and fiction, I would love to have this set displayed in my collection.

  95. I really enjoyed this whole series! You’re inspiring to writers everywhere, Hugh. Thank you!

  96. Michael Melchers Avatar
    Michael Melchers

    Hugh – I’ve read this series multiple times on Kindle but would LOVE a hard copy. Whenever anyone asks for a book to read I always recommend this akd it’s always a hit. It even inspired me to write some of my own self published stories on Amazon!!! Thanks!

  97. Michael Karalun Avatar

    My wife and I LOVED this trilogy! We talk about it and recommend it all the time! I would love to win this for her for the extra essays and the beautiful look of it!

  98. Absolutely love the wool trilogy. I have read this trilogy twice and always tell people about it. I would be donating this trilogy to our small library that we have for our cancer patients.

  99. Love the books and the new box set looks fantastic. I was lucky enough to get some swag from your storage swag sale but would love these to add to my collection.

  100. These would be perfect replacements for the copies I’ve worn out, especially my copies of Wool and Shift that have suffered through journeys to South Africa and back.

  101. I’ve bought this series a few times, but love it so much that I keep giving my books away to share it with others. If I win, I will probably still buy another set just in case I give one away again 😂

  102. I would squeal like a little girl if you were to choose me for one of these – and I’ll record it and upload it to YouTube. I found the very first WOOL story shortly after I got my first Kindle, and I immediately became obsessed. I bought each individual book on Kindle as it was released, then the omnibus, then Shift and Dust; then I bought one set of the paperbacks and promptly gave them to a friend; I bought another set of the paperbacks and kept those; I jumped at the chance to get one of the Silo IT security badges/USB drives (and had you autograph it); I watched your unboxing the other day and ended up ordering my very own box set. Haha, yes, it will be delivered tomorrow – the same set you’re giving away. So why do I want yet ANOTHER FREAKING COPY OF THE SILO SAGA? Because I’m hoping to actually have autographed copies, because I have a friend who hasn’t read the books yet and I will send them the brand new box set that I ordered.

    It’s all about finding hope. The first part of the story is intensely, unremittingly dark and hopeless – up until Juliette is sent to clean in the suit rigged by the good people of Supply… and she walks over the hill. (I’m gonna get cheesy here for a minute, so bear with me…) I’ve had severe major depression for my entire adult life, and that unrelenting hopelessness of the first third of the story drew some parallels to my own life. Having Jules discover that there was hope… that shook me. It wasn’t easy for her to survive, not for one moment, but she was determined to make it regardless. Kinda how I feel, too. (Not sure I’ll ever forgive you for killing her in the short story. I get why it happened, but still…)

    If you get a request from someone who hasn’t read the books, or who hasn’t been able to afford their own copies, or who really wants to surprise a loved one, then please don’t choose me. I don’t have much, but I have what’s important. But if you mostly get requests from other hardcore fans, well, I’m not sure they come much more hardcore than me.

  103. This will always be one of my favorite series of books I’ve ever read, right next to those by Dune, David Eddings, and Tad Williams.

    My wife, who does not read these kinds of books, read and enjoyed them all as well after I harangued her to do so.

  104. I love this series! I can’t wait for the TV show :-)
    I’ve loaned out my books to several people and they’ve all loved it too!
    Good luck, everyone!!!

  105. I have read Wool, but for some ridiculous reason have not read the other two books in this fascinating trilogy. Adding this beautiful set of books to my library would be great especially now when I have lots of quiet time at home to read them.

  106. Holy hell thats a gorgeous set!

  107. Love the books. My wife and I were review 300 on Amazon years ago to get a free signed copy. I got my dad and a few friends obsessed as well. Great books!

  108. Wool has been on my list of to-reads for some time now on the advice of my sister. Would be awesome to win the whole saga

  109. I’ve been reading (and rereading) Wool since the original wool omnibus came out. It is so incredibly creative, and I think, pertinent to today’s political climate. It shows the strength and despair in similar, yet different silos, and shows that the human spirit can still shine through. Been a fan for a long time! Thanks for writing, Hugh, and keep it up!

  110. The Silo Series is one of my all time favorites! I work at a library and I loved it so much that I insisted my director order copies to carry it in the building so I could recommend it to our patrons (I already recommend it to everyone else I know). She had never heard of you but took my word for it and ordered them. Once she read it them you became one of our “auto order” authors. I love seeing Wool (or any or your other books) come across the desk.

    A few year ago you were in the state doing events with the Watertown public library and I was never so sad as when I found out that every single library event you were doing was scheduled for a time I was working at my own!

    Enjoy every minute of your success – it is well deserved

  111. Silo has been on my list for quite a while now, and when I finally get to read it why not in style…

  112. Such a huge fan and can’t wait until you come out with something new. Meanwhile, I’m content rereading the series. PS Love the Molly Fyde series and would love to see more of her :) Thanks!

  113. I’ve already read the Silo Saga but it’s been years and I can’t really remember story specifics anymore, but I do remember I loved it a lot. A few years later, a friend of mine read the Czech translation based on my recommendation. :)

    Wool was one of the first books (or maybe even the first) by an independent author and I’ve discovered lots of great ones since then (for example, Peter Cawdron is an amazing, but hugely underrated sci-fi writer).

    I mostly read ebooks but this boxset looks SICK, so if I win it, I promise I’ll re-read the entire trilogy! (Okay, I might eventually re-read it regardless, but you don’t need to know that.)

    And finally, are you writing any new novels, Hugh? It feels like it’s been a while since the last one.

  114. These books were highly recommended by a friend, so here I am to learn more!

  115. I love this series- the creativity, the writing, all of it. After I read it, I recommended it to my spouse and a few other friends, who also loved it it recommended it to others. It also led me to read pretty much all of your other books. I only have the digital versions of Wool/Shift/Dust and would LOVE LOVE LOVE the print version to read over and again.

  116. This is one of my favorite sets of books. The characters are well thought out and the setting is so different.

  117. I absolutely loved the series. I downloaded all three books on my Kindle and dived in. Read these on my commutes to work (pre-pandemic) and missed my stops a few times as I was too focused on my reading. I’d love to get my ends on a physical version of this masterpiece!

  118. Judean Andreassi Avatar

    This series is AMAZING! I recommend it whenever I get the chance.

  119. Scott Schwienebart Avatar
    Scott Schwienebart

    This looks beautiful and is love to win this set as it’s about time for a reread.

  120. Congrats on the new edition art! Bought the set, but I’d love to win a signed copy.

  121. I love this series and even shared wool with my 90 year old grandma when the mobile library stopped due to Covid.

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  123. Like a good meal, this series is definitely worth sharing with friends and this new boxset is stunning!

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    I loved this series. I read it on my kindle, but would LOVE to have the box se for my collection!

  125. I love the Wool series so much. I have read all theve versions and would love to read the real books.

  126. “Wool has been on my list of to-reads for some time now on the advice of a friend. Would be awesome to win the whole saga

  127. OMG!! This would be amazing! Hugh has been my favorite author since I first read the Wool series when it first came out on Amazon as the Omnibus! I recommend his books to everyone I meet and hope one day to meet him!!! Waiting patiently for new stuff!!

  128. Ah I’d love this box set. I have the paperbacks on my shelf which I read furiously a few years ago during commutes back and forth to work in NYC. Would really love to re-read all over again. What a great story!

  129. Hugh,

    These books got me through my second year of law school! I remember emailing you a question regarding the structure of the Silo and was surprised when you quickly emailed me back giving me an explanation. I truly appreciate your story telling and how active you are with your readers.

    None of my friends care to read, but I have convinced a few of them to buy the audiobooks! We are all ready for a SILO TV series! No more Steven King adaptations please.

    Thanks again!

  130. I love the books. As does my gf. I will be gifting this to her if I’m selected. Good to see you unboxing it! :)

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  132. From the first short story I was hooked. One of the most amazing science fiction series I’ve ever read.

  133. Wool was the first book I read on Kindle. I got the books for my brotheras I knew he would love them. Such a great series.

  134. I am a fan of all your work, but the Wool saga is really special. I had never read any dystopian fiction prior; Wool was the right place to start. I went down a path of reading new things (not just your books) that I never would have found before. So I am grateful for that. I wrote a rambling review on Amazon of the new box set that manages to say nothing at all about the story, but that I hope expresses how much your story means to me and so many others.

  135. Do I *really* need to tell you how much I love this series? :-) Ok, I really, really, really, really love this series! I believe I have every English-language version ever published except for that cool, banded proof set. Hope never dies, though. I will be buying the boxed set – multiples, I’m sure – as gifts. It would be awesome from a financial perspective to receive one as a gift – preferably signed! Hugs to you, my friend.

  136. I adore all of the books. They are timeless and intelligently written.

  137. Charlie Deterline Avatar
    Charlie Deterline

    Loved these books; I would be delighted if they were the first new hardbacks to go on the shelves of our new home

  138. I still have the Fallout Shelter USB. Afraid to lose it. Need to send them to my Kindle

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  140. Wool is my favourite book. I’ve given many copies to friends over the years and will continue to do so 🙂
    Thank you for the enjoyment

  141. I have never read Wool, but my girlfriend seems rather obsessed.

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  143. I read a lot of books. and these books are by far the best books I’ve ever read. I’ve never Been poured into a world so easily. From the very 1st page it was like I was in the silo. I am a singer that tours around the country performing for a living, and many of my fans know my love for reading. These are the 1st books I talk about anytime anyone asks me for a recommendation. Keep up the great work Hugh!

  144. This is soooo exciting…feels like old times! I’ve been with you from the beginning and so happy for you! Not sure there is too much room left on my Hugh Howey shelf as it’s pretty full…but I might be able to squeeze this set in, lol.

  145. Please? I need this set. I downloaded them to my kindle back in 2012. I loved these books so much I ordered for my best friend and my brother, who also loved them. I have read them twice and am now listening to them on audible. I think I need hard copies to round out my life! The only thing I have read more than twice is LOTR. It’s been fun following you on your adventures, thanks for so much!

  146. Love this series!!! I work at a bookstore and I make sure it’s always on display with my “Staff Pick” sticker!

  147. I have not read this series yet…I stress yet! I have read some of your other works though and love your stuff. I am very excited to read these!

  148. Your stories are wonderful, but I also love knowing how you self-published your way to awesomeness, and how you share your wisdom with other aspiring writers. :-) You give me hope!

  149. Florence Saunders Avatar
    Florence Saunders

    Haven’t read any of your books but they do look interesting so would love to read them

  150. Hope to reread the series again, soooo good. Miss you Hugh, can’t wait to see what new books you have in store for us next.

  151. This is the one series I wish I could read again for the first time. I’ve read them so many times, and so many of the fan stories in Kindle Worlds as well. The universe you’ve created here is amazing. <3

  152. Hi Hugh! Congrats on this gorgeous project. I absolutely LOVE “Wool”, as well as all of the fan fic that others have written. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m that dork that gave you an amazing introduction in SF a few years ago…
    PLEASE PICK ME!!!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  153. These books are awesome! I have them twice!

  154. I first read Wool years ago when it was released as a short story for $.99. Quickly devoured the rest. I have introduced this book to my children and family. Also introduced it to my children’s librarian at our small school. This book got me back into reading on a regular basis. I love this series. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely looking set.

  155. Jeannine Del Rossi Avatar
    Jeannine Del Rossi

    I loved these books. I felt very immersed in the story. And the fact that they were long just sucked me in.

  156. I did a college paper on WOOL because I loved it so much and Hugh was nice enough to answer my questions via email for my paper.

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  159. My favorite book series ever! Huge fan, have lots of (actual) swag from prior giveaways. Please sign these before sending them out!

  160. I read a ton of stuff. Much of it is throwaway, rapidly forgotten, just read for the escape from present (that we all need especially now). WOOL was different, engaging and thought provoking, but the sort of thing you ponder long after reading and that keeps coming back in your subconscious. That may even be a good thing!

  161. Been a fan for years and I’ve read just about everything you’ve written. I just started the audio version of Wool to refresh my memory. We met once in Chicago and you signed my Kindle. Dorky, but cool to me. I’ve recommended your books frequently and I think I wrote an Amazon review years ago. I’ll have to check. Thanks for sharing the box sets with us. As a fellow writer, I was touched by your heartfelt video. Can totally relate. Take care!

  162. I read Wool several years ago and loved it! Cant wait to read the other stories!

  163. I read Wool when it was first published, before the whole series was finished. Love it!

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  166. I need this! I’ve told so many people about this series.

  167. I love the Wool stories and already own them. The design is beautiful on the new box set and I would really like to win it to donate to the nonprofit silent auction for my son’s school (and I will probably bid on them myself). Thank you for doing this.

  168. Wool turned me on to the whole post-apocalyptic dystopian society world view and I never looked back. (what can you do when the world is destroyed but clean the lens and look forward?) I recommend this series to anyone who asks for a good read.

  169. I’ve been a big fan of Silo Saga since I first read Wool in 2012. I’ve read the full series several times since and recommended it to friends, coworkers, and family. I actually purchased the paperback versions even though I already had the e-books, just so I could lend them out. My wife is a big fan as well, and has read through the series several times. We even read Wool Gathering!

    The Silo Saga also inspired me to read other Hugh Howey stories, like Sand, Beacon 23, and The Walk Up Nameless Ridge. Big fan!

    The new box set looks beautiful, and would love to have new copies to lend to others!

  170. I first read Wool eight years ago and recommended it to my people on Facebook right away. I’ve had a physical vs. Ebook complex for a long time now, but this box set might be what brings me back to paper.

  171. This morning (before I saw Hugh’s post about the give-away), a friend said “I also read enough post-apocalyptic fiction not to rule [Covid in 2023] out” – at which point I asked if he’s read Wool yet (he hadn’t). So, hopefully Wool will have another fan shortly, and I can talk to him about how on point it is giving our current situation!

  172. I have twin sons. One lives in Idaho and sent me Wool a few years ago, and I LOVED it. His brother was deployed with the National Guard in Kuwait at the time. I sent him that copy of Wool, and I bought Shift and Dust and read them as fast as I could. And, of course, I bought another copy of Wool.

    Thank you for these great stories!


  173. About time I re-read all these again. Wool got me back into reading again as an adult. That first chapter…I don’t think anything has matched it since. If you love science fiction then this should be on your list.

  174. I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing about my favorite author, but my almost 13 year old daughter is not… I would LOVE to gift this gorgeous box set to her for Christmas! I put the Silo Saga on my Amazon list, but can’t afford to make the purchase yet & I don’t want to miss out. Fingers crossed that the random number generator works in my favor! Thanks Hugh for being such a fantastic author & human being, getting to meet you in Kansas City all those years ago is one of my fondest memories! Namaste

  175. Upon the recommendation of my niece, I bought a paperback copy of Wool. I LOVED it! I knew nothing about it it going in and then I discovered it was a trilogy! Now I’m a hardcover person and had to get the hardcover edition of Wool. Then, where was I gonna get Shift and Dust?!? I was able to find a hardcover edition of Dust from France (thankfully in English), and a copy of Shift from Australia! That was crazy and shows you how much I love the trilogy and what I went through to complete my collection. I ordered this set through Amazon and I’ll gladly gift it forward if I win one from this giveaway.

  176. Fine looking set, bugs me that my copies are all different heights so I must have this! Best trilogy ever, in print or screen. That good.

  177. I first read Wool, then the entire series, eight years ago and recommended it to my people on Facebook right away. I’ve had a physical vs. Ebook complex for a long time now, but this box set might be what brings me back to paper.

  178. I was very excited to see your video and the joy you always bring to your unboxings. I have an autographed copy of Sand, complete with sand from your local beach, back from your Florida days. Congrats to you for bringing this boxed set to life.

  179. Stephanie Nelson Avatar

    I loved this series so much. I would love to get this box set from you, but if I don’t win, I’ll still be getting it through my bookstore! Can’t wait!

  180. Myke Cole retweeted the contest and here I am. I’ve never read your stuff, but I’ve won a book or two in my time and become a stalwart fan after. Hoping for similar good luck.

  181. Loved this trilogy was the first time i had ever been so immersed before, thank you! If i get the Ultimate Boxset then bonus :)

  182. One of the best series I’ve ever read. Them and you’re journey has inspired me to write again and find a way to be published. Thank you.

  183. I absolutely love your books AND these are favorites !!! Plus my adorable Rescue kitty Pixie loves ALL boxes and I know she’d be thrilled to have the cardboard box after MY unboxing !!!

  184. Stephanie Hummer Avatar

    When I first read Wool, I thought this guy who works in a bookshop in FL is going to be famous! The Silo Saga is what I wish all sci-fi could be with complex characters that have moral dilemmas and flaws as well as strengths. The female characters are not one dimensional. They are strong and inspiring! The Silo Saga is the first series I recommend to friends looking for a great read!

  185. I’ve read the series multiple times and love it. When my son told me he was naming his daughter Juliette I immediately told him I would always call her Jules!

  186. I love it!!! I bought the digital copies of all the books because I borrowed WOOL from Amazon and loved it so much I bought the other two immediately and loved them so much I went back and bought WOOL because if ever there was an author that deserved to be paid it is you!! So then I bought and read pretty much all of your other books and stories and fushed abput them to everyone I know. I love these books because they are GORGEOUS! Well done!!

  187. I first discovered the brilliant world of Wool years ago when I purchased the first chapter from Hugh, an excellent stand-alone story in itself. Of course I couldn’t stop there. This is one of my favorite series I’ve ever read.

  188. I would love to replace my Wool Series with a permanent collection, seeing as I lent mine to fiends over the years and they haven’t come back. Hugh, I have been a supporter ever since discovering Wool years back and look forward to your future works. Thanks for sharing your worlds with us, they are amazing and scary :)

  189. I’ve haven’t read them yet, but would love to.

  190. The Wool series is excellent. I have enjoyed reading it multiple times, with the strong contrast in protagonist perspectives, strong female lead, and quite reasonable extrapolation from reality. I keep wondering why there isn’t a movie already made?

  191. I read Wool years ago by the recommendation of a friend, and I am forever in his debt! The Silo series hooked me and had me until the end of Dust. Typically, there is something to point to that you may be unhappy about with any book, but I truly loved all three from cover to cover. I had the privilege of meeting Hugh at DragonCon in Atlanta in 2014(?) at a restaurant he was hosting as a fan meetup. He is the most engaging and kind person! Thank you Hugh for offering this incredible box set!!

  192. I’ve read Wool and loved it, but I’ve been too poor lately to buy the other two in the trilogy, so getting them for free would be nice.

  193. I love this series so much. They are my go to books whenever people ask for a recommendation. I already have a nice set BUT who wouldn’t want more??

  194. Antoinette Ohlson Avatar
    Antoinette Ohlson

    Loved Wool, read it twice already! I cannot wait to read Shift next.

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  196. The wool boxset has greatly influenced my reading – it is what inspired me to read all the rest of your work, and also to delve into the many fan-created novels available. As a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, this is one of my most favourite :) please pick me to win!

  197. Not sure how I found this series but I am so happy I did! I love it and talk about it all the time. Thank you for creating this world!

  198. I read wool, but I haven’t read the followup. This box set would sure be motivating.

  199. The first time I ever picked up “Wool”, I lost an entire weekend (thanks, Hugh). I’m not complaining though, as the time I spent with that book and those that followed was worth it. Fantastic series full of original and thought-provoking characters and ideas.

  200. So good, I’m going to have to go and read the series again now!

  201. Love this series and collecting beautiful box sets.

  202. This series never gets old, no matter how many times I read it. I just love living in this world for a while, and the characters say something new to me each time. Thanks for offering this gorgeous set!!

  203. I read Wool a while back and scenes and characters still invade my mind from time to time – I need to finish the trilogy! :)

  204. That box set looks fantastic. Loved Sand and Wool! Shift and Dust have been on my list. This is so very exciting :)

  205. Loved Wool but actually haven’t gotten to the others yet. Looking forward to doing so though! Best of luck with everything in production. 🙂

  206. Love and continue to love this series. Can’t wait for it to be made into movie (hopefully that has been considered). I recommend it to friends and family, as well as to complete strangers.

  207. Wool is awesome! I’ve recommended it to several people, and even suggested our neighborhood book club read it! I love the stairs wrapping around on this set!
    I think I’ve read everything you’ve written that’s publicly available. Keep writing Hugh!!

  208. If I win, I’m going to re-read them all and (politely) force my wife to read them as well!

  209. I’m new to both the series and author. I’d love to check this beautiful box set out. Always looking for new material to read.

  210. gwendolyn wallace-davis Avatar
    gwendolyn wallace-davis

    If I win this set, I’ll TREASURE it. Like, if my house catches on fire, I’ll save the books, and then if there’s time- I’ll go back for the kids. :)

  211. In my opinion this is probably the greatest saga ever written :)
    Thank you Mr. Hugh Howey for writing it, it really means a lot to me.
    Go Juliette, go!!!

  212. I love the way these look! These books have become a part of my life over the years. They look great!

  213. Big fan of the series and Hugh since the beginning – it’s a great looking box set!

  214. I’ve read the first one, but I’d love to finish it with this awesome box set! (I spent all my money preparing to launch my own book). Hoorah!

  215. I submitted Wool as my book club choice for my middle-aged to elderly ladies to read and they all loved it! I loved sharing it with them. Wool has been on my “list” (you know that list of special books in your life) since I read it several years ago. Interesting tidbit…my therapist has also read the trilogy and we discuss it from time to time!

  216. Love, love, loved these books. I lent the first book out and never got it back :(
    Would love a boxset so that I can keep the books safe and together and read them all again – fingers crossed!

  217. Hey there. I read a lot as I’m sure most of the commenters also do. I really enjoyed this series. Of all the books I have read, across multiple genres, I often find myself thinking about this series more than others. This box set looks great and would love to add it to my shelf.

  218. I need to re-read these. Why not tell you that and maybe you send me a copy? :P

    I enjoy your stories, and I enjoyed the unboxing, and the journey from there to here so far.

  219. Love the series!!!

  220. Many years ago a friend of mine was reading Wool and didn’t care for it, but I was intrigued. I downloaded it from the library and after a few paragraphs I was hooked! I’ve now read everything of yours I could find from my online library but would love to have these beauties on my shelf. Congrats on this box set!

  221. I remember buying each individual book of Wool, and then a couple (signed!) copies of the yellow-cover omnibus. It was a story that hit every one of the things I’m looking for in a book.

    For some reason – I think maybe life got busy – I never read the rest of the books, but I’d like to rectify that now.

    The set looks AMAZING, Hugh! Congrats on another great book release!

  222. Oh man, these look great. I bought all of the books digitally, loved them enough to buy paperback copies, then a friend’s dog chewed on them so I’m out of my IRL copies :( These would make for an amazing replacement for sure.

  223. Read the series when it was first released digitally. If I don’t win, I will purchase for sure. It’s time for a reread.

  224. Hello Hugh. I want your books because I keep lending mine to friends and family and they take forever to give them back. I’ve been following you for a long time now, from Pueblo Colorado.

  225. This box set is really cool: you can actually judge the books by their cover because they say it all!

  226. Hugh, I’ve been following you from back when Wool was just a little indie story that was only known by word of mouth. I turned my wife on to Wool (she’s not a big sci-if reader at all) and she loved them as well.

    Any word on movie or TV adaptations? It seems like this would be the perfect time for Wool on Netflix or Amazon Prime!

  227. Congratulations on the gorgeous new box set, Hugh! As one of many self-published authors who both follow you and are publishing books BECAUSE OF YOU, I’m so thrilled for your success–and more importantly, your joy!

  228. I’ve already ordered one set for a gift, but would love another for the shelf!
    I was originally attracted to the series from the title. My wife is an avid knitter, and thought it would be something she’d like. In the end, we both ended up loving the series, and I’ve never looked at stairs the same way again.

  229. This series is fantastic! Wool is my go-to when someone asks me for book recommendations and it’s been a hit every single time.

  230. The Wool trilogy is one of my very favorites! Whenever the question pops up about post-apocalyptic books, this is my top recommendation. And the people, they love it too.

  231. Stephanie Fuller Avatar

    I’ve never read this series before, but someone I know posted about this on her Facebook. She seems to have good taste, so I’m totally interested! I love a good book series!

  232. Jason Nielubowicz Avatar
    Jason Nielubowicz

    Congrats on your continued success Hugh! I look forward to reading your upcoming books and hopefully seeing some of these stories make it t he screen one day. These covers are just incredible. Cheers!

  233. Huge fan of this trilogy! Would love to win one of these bad boys!

  234. Love the Wool series!

  235. I love this series! Thanks for the chance!

  236. I have been obsessed with this series since it came out! I have gotten so many copies for friends and family as gifts. I have not gotten attached to any series like this. Rereading this series is always like visiting old friends!

  237. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these books. When asked what my favorite book is, my reply is always WOOL!!!! Last year for Christmas I gave all my friends a copy so they could see for themselves how wonderful it is. This year, I’d like to add this series as a present to myself.

  238. I stumbled on Wool on vacation in 2014 and loved it and eagerly gobbled Shift and Dust as they came out. Couldn’t believe everybody wasn’t talking about this series. Dragged hubs away from GOT and he read them straight through. Teen daughter sick of dystopian novels read them, loved them, loved intelligent rational female characters. 12yo son now has them in his queue following the Dark Tower series. They are good stories, great characters, and really well written. It’s so rare to check all those boxes. Still can’t figure out why they aren’t talked about more but so glad to have found them.

  239. This is one of my fav series and my intro to your work. Thanks for doing this!! You’ve been an inspiration!

  240. I am excited to re-read the Silo Series from physical pages! Pick me! 😆

  241. I read these years ago and loved them! Would live this awesome boxed set!!

  242. Okay, I’m perverse*. I haven’t read the Silo books. I’ve read SAND. I’ve read BEACON 23. I’ve read THE SHELL COLLECTOR (not enough of this sort of thing being done, by the way). I’ve read MACHINE LEARNING (apart from the Silo tales). And I have a copy of HALFWAY HOME on the bookshelves. But even though I have the three Silo books on my Kobo e-reader (best e-reader out there, I promise you), I haven’t read them. Because I am perverse* and I don’t know why I do this kind of thing. But I do, and so there you go.

    * Perverse but not a pervert**
    ** No, I promise you***
    ***Look, I am not protesting too much****
    ****Look, seriously. Keep this up and someone will need reprimanding…*****
    ***** Uh…

  243. I would love to discover all the hidden gems this new edition has to offer! And bonus, if I get a new copy, I’ll be able passing along my current copies to others for free! Wool is an incredible book to read during a pandemic.

  244. Hi Hugh,

    These new editions look absolutely stunning so would be a real treat to manage to win one!

    I remember emailing you back in 2007 regarding the non-publication of ‘First Shift’ on the Amazon UK Kindle Store. You very kindly replied and emailed a pre-release version to me and from that point on you had a die-hard fan for life!

    Since then, I have never stopped recommending your books to friends and family who are stuck for something to read.

    Take care and namasté!

  245. Huge fan of the series and all you’ve done for the indie author community!

  246. Love love love this series. One of my absolute favorites. I read it when it first came out, and certain points have really stuck with me over the years. Also, I love free stuff!

  247. Every time someone asks me for book recommendations, Wool is my #1 suggestion. I could not put the whole series down.

  248. I stumbled upon Wool when i first got my kindle years ago. It was a free snippet and I immediately purchased the entire book because I was so intrigued. It became one of my favorite books ever and I’ve been a fan ever since :)

  249. This series is brilliant, and I also love that you have such faith and confidence in the world that you created that you let other writers jump into your world to tell their own tales – it’s such ingenious world building in that so many authors can play with the idea of “what if people did things this way instead?” I also love the thought that went into the details of this boxset and can’t wait to discover all of them for myself.

  250. I love this series so much! I need to add this to my collection. I don’t have the wool singles but I proudly display the “ugly” editions.

  251. One of my favorite series of all time. If my dirty, cheating ex didn’t steal WOOL from me, I’d still have the full set. This looks awesome/better, though.

  252. Wool is one of my favorites – just got my 14- year-old son to read it and he loved it too! Congrats on the new boxset, it looks amazing (even better on my shelf)!

  253. My wife and I really love the series. I read it on kindle, she listened to it on audible, and we’ve bought several copies (not in the wonderful set obviously) to give as gifts. I could not put this series down, one of my favorites.

  254. Late to the party but I just finished Wool and Silo this week. Starting Dust today. Really enjoying these. Such a vast and interesting world with interesting people moving around in it.

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  256. Years ago Amazon kept recommending Wool to me so finally I said “Ok Amazon! You win. I’ll read it.” And I’m so glad I did! Awesome series and I got several other people to read them.

  257. This series is in my top 3 of all time! I loved the concept of the story, and how I never wanted to put the book down once I jumped in. Thanks for creating it!

  258. Wool was my introduction to your great imagination…then I followed you around the world on your boat via FB while reading everything else of yours I could get my hands on! My favorite of all is Sand (so I’m eagerly anticipating the sequel that you are working on now!) but I would love this boxed set that sparked the original Hugh Howey experience 😉

  259. I would love this. When I first read this trilogy I was hooked, couldn’t put it down and read it too quickly. Would love to read it again, more slowly.

  260. The WOOL series was the first H.H. books I read and I enjoyed them a ton. The premise, the story, the structure, the pacing… Page turners and thought provoking for sure. Since then I’ve ready read almost everything else he’s published. The short stories and standalones also do not disappoint no matter the setting. I’ve found may of the stories resonate on a personal , political, and philosophical level and I cannot recommend them enough. Some conservative readers may not enjoy his work as much as I do, but if you like listening to a good storyteller, I think you like Wool and the rest of H.H. works as well.

  261. I loved the silo series. Wool really got me into dystopian books. I have been wanting to reread the series as I was just talking with a friend recently about the silo series and Sand.

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  266. Christopher Jackson Avatar
    Christopher Jackson

    Congratulations on the new set, it is beautiful. It’s very fitting for one of the best series written! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  267. I love the Wool Series! I tell people about it all the time. I also tell them a little bit about your story, how you became a writer and the fact that my dream is also to sail around the world.

  268. One of my favorite series of books I have ever read. Would love this new set!

  269. Loved this series! When I read W.O.O.L I thought it was a perfect novella. As each installment came out I grew to love it more and more. Thank you for writing this!

  270. I loved Wool. This series stayed with for me days. Days after I finished, I found myself wondering what was going on in the silos without me. I wanted the characters to live beyond what I read as if they were real. I felt haunted, but in a good way. This had never happened to me before. NEVER. This is why you Hugh are my favourite. I then had to devour everything you wrote. Loved Sand. I even traveled 4 hours and crossed a border to meet you in Washington State a few years ago. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I have all your books so i don’t need these, but i want them.
    Your #1 Canadian fan

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  272. Hugh, I have been a fan from the first chapter. I felt that cold room at the top of 18. I’ve had so many people read it, have talked about your adventures around the world and will continue to procliam “WOOL” everytime someone asks what my favorite book is. (I have a birthday coming up in 3 weeks, just saying).

  273. I really enjoyed reading these books. I bought them physically at a store, based on a recommendation. I’ve passed them on to other members of my family to read. Very compelling and spookily plausible, particularly given our current environment, that something like the world of Wool could come to pass. Please make it into a mini-series and not just a movie so that the full texture of the world can be explored.

  274. Your Wool series is so good, my 13 & 12 year old boys have read them, and suggested them to friends. I am also proud of how well the series has done. I read the books when they were first released on Amazon and have been happy to watch you both succeed. Keep on livin’ the dream for us Hugh!

  275. I am going to read the trilogy soon! I’m really fond of dystopian and post-ap fictions. It always resonates and I like to undercover the underlying meaning. Your books have been on my TBR for a while now and friends have been recommending me to read them so many times! :)

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  278. This is so cool!!

    I’d love to have this set so I could actually sit down and read these. I read the first half of Wool in a library and I always wanted to finish the series! Hopefully I win so I can properly do that with this pretty box set!

  279. Such a fantastic series and an amazing box set. hope I win!

  280. One of my favorite book series ever. Got my whole family hooked as well.

  281. When I found the Wool series on Amazon, I was immediately hooked in to the possibilities that this is how we will have to live in the future.
    The attention to detail, such as how water and food will be used and reused and reused! meant that I knew that Hugh really thought it through ( even it was a little gross).
    You get swept away with wondering what happened to the other silos.

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  283. This is amazing! I read this series first maybe 5 years ago, and it changed my life. I think about this, the politics of a post-apoc survivalist world, and while reading about the horrors of that existence in the book I find myself thinking that maybe such an existence isn’t too far off. It’s that good. Most of these books are clearly fantasy – this one has too much plausibility. Love it, and would Love to have this set on my shelf!

  284. I randomly bought Sand at a used bookstore and fell in love with the writing. After finishing Sand, I literally found and bought everything you have ever written; I even teach parts of Beacon 23 to my Honors Juniors. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

  285. Read the series twice! That shows how much I love the books! But have never owned the coveted books.

  286. Huge fan of all your work. I have turned on a bunch of my friends and relatives to Wool! Send me free stuff!

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  288. Wool is my go-to recommendation. With The Expanse a close 2nd. I love the opening line, the heroine, and the… unfortunate relevancy.

  289. I absolutely loved Wool l, but haven’t had the chance to read the rest of the series yet. I have handed it off to so many friends and family members – I sound like a broken record about it!

  290. I looooooved these books! And I’d love to get a free box set! In case would you also be able to sign it?! That would be really special :)

  291. I love this series! It’s been long enough since I read it that it’s probably time for a reread. I can still pull up so many mental images of scenes from these books in my head, it’s so vividly burned in.

  292. I love all your books, but most especially the silo series. I currently have the series in digital format and would love to own a physical copy!

    On a related note, you have inspired me to try my hand at writing. I will be participating in my first NaNoWriMo this November.

  293. I’ve read the series three times (kindle edition) and I’m encouraging my daughter to read them too. Having the physical copies would be great (as then she wouldn’t have to borrow my kindle).

  294. Carole Van Camp Avatar

    Big fan – read Wool one chapter at a time as it came out piece by piece fan. Ordered every signed copy you sold from your home fan. Even have one of your t-shirts kinda fan (it’s not creepy if he sent it along with other extras before departing for a trip around the world). Husband is building book shelves just so I can display it all fan (ok, not for only Howey books, but they will have their own shelf).

  295. Oooo I have wool!!! Does that count? It’s sounds like such a brilliant series…. I haven’t got round to it yet sigh!! So many on my tbr… *sad face*. But would love this to be on my shelves…. like really love to own this!!!!

  296. Michele Eichermueller Avatar
    Michele Eichermueller

    I absolutely love the series – I started with a free read on my Kindle of Wool 1 and took off from there. I’ve read and loved every addition to the that original ever since, including the stories (although the ending to one made me very sad – I won’t spoil it for others). Your characters are so well written, I can hardly see wait to see them on the small screen!!!

  297. I don’t even remember how I was recommended WOOL – it might have been brought up as a mention of the rare high-quality self-published title. I bought the WOOL Omnibus on my Nook back in heady 2012, and binge-read the whole thing overnight. Faithfully stuck with the series through to the end.

  298. Although I have never read the series, I have read a sample of Wool. It seems like it would be an interesting read. I like the style of writing and what did read captured my imagination. Owning a set would help me to expand into this genre. I wish everyone good luck.

  299. Love this series of books, and the release of the box set is just a good excuse to re-read them during a Worldwide Pandemic in the midst of absurd politics, making them even more relevant this go round. Thank you for writing these characters!

  300. I read through the Silo saga a few years ago and loved it. The boxset looks great and would be an excellent excuse to reread the saga!

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    I found a friend who had not read the series and bought this for him! He doesn’t know what’s coming.

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  307. I’ve been singing Wool’s praises to my son since middle school, and now that he’s in college (at home, remote learning) he’s got time to read. So, yeah, this would be a great incentive for him, especially if they were personalized to him.

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  310. I’ve missed your voice, man. I will give a set to my kids one way or the other. Would be cool if it’s the free way!

  311. My husband made me do this comment :) but technically I was #300 amazon winner of original book.

  312. Laura Nixon-White Avatar
    Laura Nixon-White

    Do I post about my love for the trilogy or post something threatening about why I ought to obtain this fancy looking set? I love my kids, but not as much as these fine, fine stories. That’s cool right? Also, if I don’t get them then I’m going to complain very loudly to my kids who will get all sulky and the household will probably be really crabby for the rest of the day. You don’t want to live with that guilt, do you? Do you??

  313. Gorgeous printing! I’d love that beauty on my bookshelves. Thanks as always, Hugh, for your generous spirit, and your infectious joy — an infection we actually *want* spreading far and wide. 😁

  314. Read Wool years ago. Then handed them off to friends who then did the same! Lord knows who has them now. I am def ready to re read the series and this would be a great way to do it!

    1. The series may or may not feature a dog. If it did, it would no doubt be an amazing canine.

      Also, I may have read this series before. Like, when it came out in installments and readers’ desperation right before each release was BRUTAL…

      1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. I see you.

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  316. I found Wool on Amazon in 2012 and have been hooked ever since! I love how you always think of your readers first and allow us to come along for the ride! During the Best Pot Luck Book Signing in the History of the Universe, I mentioned I was collecting all your first editions and you sent me a personal copy of Molly Fyde Fight for Peace that you had used to make edits in for the next print! I was floored! Thanks for bringing us along on your journey and I’m excited to read more!

  317. As a young man I was a huge fan of science fiction, and I read 4 -5 novels a week. As an adult I do not read much anymore. I read this entire series, first in many years. This story has struck with me, haunting me like Delany’s Dhalgren or Peakes Ghormangast. It has inspired me to do my own writing. I can’t wait to see this rendered in anther format, film or tv.

  318. I first started reading the series on Kindle after Wool was reviewed in Entertainment weekly. It was one of the few things to keep me engaged after I had a stroke, so it’s lovely to see the series in this new physical collection.

  319. Francis Siracusa Avatar
    Francis Siracusa

    Very engaging characters that i grew to care A LOT about. Thanks for the experience.

  320. Found Wool sometime back and absolutely devoured it. I totally need to get on the re-read so please oh RNG gods, please land on my number. I got enough going on with moving across the country, selling a house and trying to find a new job! No time or money to purchase this set right now!

  321. New reader here, but interested in trying a graphic novel during the pandemic downtime.

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  324. I read Wool when it was just that, not the whole series of books. I wrote a review way back then. I still tell people about this series when someone asks what to read next. I am attempting to get my son interested in the series, so
    a boxed set would definitely help. Good luck and good karma to me.

  325. Have the books in kindle format and have reviewed all of them on Amazon. The box set looks great!

  326. That box set looks SPIFFY! If I win it I will get rid of all the other books on my bookshelf and proudly display ONLY the Wool series, that’s how much I love it. Seriously one of the best sci-fi epics I’ve ever read. Maybe I’ll read it again!

  327. I recommend the silo series to everyone! I read the series a few years back and the way the 3 books tie together is just beautiful. Since then I’ve pretty much read all of Hugh’s books and can’t wait to buy or win this set!
    Side note: can’t wait for the next Sand book 😊

  328. I’m a huge fan, Hugh! Can’t wait to see some Wool goodness on the TV screen someday soon hopefully!

  329. Outstanding book. Must read the set. Hope all is well, Hugh. Keep up the good work.

  330. I love this series, and I like free stuff!

  331. I first read Wool a little over seven years ago (my copy has the yellow cover). It is one of my favorite books! I love the way the story unfolds and remember craving more about the world and how it came to be. Reading Shift and Dust gave me this and the subsequent short stories in the Apocalypse Triptych gave some closure. However I feel like this is a world we’ve only scratched the surface of.

  332. Read it years ago, loved it. Would gift this to my HS daughter(then I will re-read). Thanks!

  333. I’ve been a fan for years – these are amazing!!

  334. I loved wool and have read most of your books. The Molly Fyde series is next. Please keep writing!

  335. Was hooked from the moment I read the excerpt for free. Only have as e-books for now but love the feeling of a real, well bound book

  336. Wendy Washington Avatar
    Wendy Washington

    I first discovered Wool in 2012. It was one of those $0.99 kindle deals, and was listed as sci-fi, so I gave this author I’d never heard of a shot. Since that time, I have forced at least a dozen people to read the series. I mention Hugh Howey’s name among my favorites (in company with Vonnegut, Orson Scott Card, and Dostoevsky, so I have a little bit of taste even). These books paint such a clear picture of life underground, where citizens are faced with fears of the unknown but a yearning to explore. The actions of the characters are intriguing and entertaining yet believable. Both the journey and destination were satisfying. I’ve also considered writing my own sci-fi novel or short stories after following Hugh Howey on social media!

  337. This set of books is the best stuff I’ve ever read! I have made friends and family sick from talking about it so much, but I have convinced many of them to buy it.

  338. Your are great to do this. I would love to get this and I will give away my legacy copies. Fun reading.

  339. I loved reading Wool. Found out about it purely by coincidence after the second book came out. I never got around to reading Shift or Dust though. I had just bought a copy of the Wool Omnibus to let my girlfriend read. This is an awesome looking collection!

  340. This is one of my all-time favorite series – I’ve recommended it to many and have gifted it a few times. Thank you for all your great writing and sharing this new version with us!

  341. I remember reading the first story many years ago. I was hooked from the start. None of the silo series was even out at that time. My ex Sarah became your 1000th friend on your regular facebook and you sent her a signed copy of the first book. Youre a real cool dude. Thanks for the stories.

  342. I’ve already read the trilogy one, but I would love to read them again! And with content I haven’t read included as well They are great!

  343. I’m not a big reader but my husband who is encouraged me to read the Silo Trilogy. Once I started I connected with the characters and couldn’t put it down.
    Though the reason why I’m drawn back to these books is the author’s note at the end of Dust.
    “There is sadness, joy, triumph and failure. Where a story ends is nothing more than a snapshot in time, a brief flash of emotion, a pause. How and if it continues is up to us.
    My only wish is that we leave room for hope. There is good and bad in all things. We find what we expect to find. We see what we expect to see. I have learned that if I tilt my head just right and squint, the world outside is beautiful. The future is bright. There are good things to come.
    What do you see?”
    It’s always been a quote that I refer back to as a reminder that with a different perspective there are good things to come. With the pandemic it’s a more pertinent than ever.

  344. Loved the Wool trilogy. First read in on an ebook. Looking forward to reading it again in gold old-fashioned paper!

  345. My goal here is to get a box set then fly to NY and lurk random subway stations in Brooklyn until I manage to get a selfie that should include me, the box set, AND the author! :D

    (Almost a year later and I’m still stoked to have randomly bumped into you <3)

  346. Loved reading this series! One of may all time favorite dystopian collection. Many twists and turns to keep you reading. Had way too many long nights reading these. Will definitely enjoy reading again.

  347. Loved reading this series! One of my all time favorite dystopian collections. Many twists and turns to keep you reading. Had way too many long nights reading these. Will definitely enjoy reading again.

  348. From beginning to end, this was an amazing journey to take as a reader!

  349. Kimberly Llewellyn Avatar
    Kimberly Llewellyn

    This series opened my mind and my heart to indie authors. I was so skeptical at first, was a bit of an author snob, I have my faves and everyone else can go to hell, lol. Wool hooked me from page one and I never looked back, devoured it and fretted until the next one came out. Hugh joined my favorite author list, but also opened a new world for me. I have read so many wonderful indie authors I never would have discovered before! Thanks Hugh!

  350. Chia Richardson Avatar

    A friend turned me on to Wool a few years ago. I devoured the book on my kindle and immediately went in search of the rest of the Silo series. I shared the trilogy with my husband and now, since we spend so much more time at home and portability isn’t as much of a concern, we’re finding renewed appreciation for hard copies of books. We can’t wait to add this set to our sci-fi/dystopian -heavy shelves!

  351. Enjoyed the series greatly. Renewed my enjoyment of reading, post-Harry Potter. Have since recommended it to dozens of people and their kids… and my own kids. Now he wants his own copies, but he’s not getting my beautiful Subterranean Press ones :)

  352. Been following Hugh since you had to ask Barnes & Noble to have a copy of Wool printed and then wait several weeks before receiving it. We have signed copies of Dust and Misty: The Proud Cloud, as well as the Fallout Shelter USB and a variety of other little things. Obviously we don’t *need* this, but we’d sure love to add it to our collection! 😊 We talk about the Silo Saga quite often these days (euuuuuuugh@2020) and recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic read! Glad to see you back on social media, Hugh. We’ve missed your updates 💜

  353. This is still the first book I recommend to people when they mention reading scifi. Thanks!

  354. I absolutely LOVE Wool, Shift and Dust. I can’t wait to read them again! Oh, and I love free stuff!

  355. Wool continues to be one of my favorite books. I’ve read them many times but only have the Kindle version (and a foreign language version from years ago when High was cleaning out his collection!) But the boxed set would be wonderful. Then I can share them with my daughter who doesn’t enjoy e-books but I know she’ll love Wool.
    I love finding great authors and when I love a book by them and go on to read their other works and enjoy them all just as much. Hugh Howey never disappoints!

  356. I need to put a copy of this in my silo

  357. I picked up Wool in my local supermarket a few years ago. It was the first book I had read in years that I couldn’t put down. It was a genre I hadn’t much considered before but this was a complete eye opener for me. I have passed my books onto to my 13 year old niece who has added Sand to her Christmas wishlist after reading all 3 books in 2 weeks over lockdown! If you can get a child who states at a screen for 9 tenths of her day to focus on reading then you are a wizard!

  358. The Wool series is what I use as reference when I try to inspire my self-published writer friend to keep at it!

  359. I read the silo saga and many of your other books and I still love every part of them. My copies are old and dog-eared and I like them that way but your new set is awesome! You are my favorite author! Keep up the great work and thank you for the giveaway!

  360. Been onboard since the first short story was released / before Wool was wrapped together in the omnibus; I still distinctly remember being blown away by the imagery – the descriptions of what was seen on the TV, wow.

    The boxset looks amazing and would look even better on my bookshelf (hint hint) haha!

  361. Nicole Friedrich Avatar
    Nicole Friedrich

    I’m an avid reader with diverse tastes, but the reason I diversified into dystopian/sci-fi was 100% to WOOL. I love these books and have read the series twice in the last 5 years!

  362. Rebecca Stryffeler Avatar
    Rebecca Stryffeler

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this series but I was immediately hooked! Such an amazing journey through these books. I am ready to read them again!

  363. Just finished the audiobooks 👍

  364. I had this series recommended to me this year by a friend that insisted that it’s a must read when viewing the slow slide of the United States into authoritarianism. He couldn’t have been more right. The story is flawless. You managed to juggle nearly ALL themes (powerful puppetmasters, societal caste structures, the perseverance of mankind, the need of the majority to be ruled, etc.) routinely addressed in dystopian fiction as dominant or minor themes, weaving them seamlessly through a great story with characters that you love…many, immediately. Every character is a shade of gray, making grave errors and morally poor choices before realizing their downfall or success. And EACH NOVEL GETS BETTER. Every similar series I’ve read drips out at the end, this KEPT GETTING BETTER. A true masterpiece, and I’d be honored to receive these. Especially in the year that Donald Trump is toppled and America attempts to return to a state of relative normalcy.

  365. Love the series! Read them a few time and recommend it to all my friends!

  366. This box set would sure look great next to Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming” on my shelf.

  367. I love these stories!!

    First thing I mention whenever I’m asked for a book recommendation.
    Would really love this box set

  368. One of my favorite series!

  369. Love your work, sir

  370. I love these books, but everyone else keeps wanting to read my copies so I’d love swanky new ones just for my grubby little hands.