WOOL: The Graphic Novel

Release day!

The first issue of the WOOL graphic novel is here. So excited to see this out in the world. If you pre-ordered, you’ll notice that the first issue was delivered to your Kindle or Kindle App today. The next five issues will hit every two weeks. Once they’re all out, a collected graphic novel will be released.

In addition to the virtual editions, individual paper comics should be hitting stands before too long. Can’t wait to see those. And now, to whet your appetite, I’ve got some of the first rough sketches Brox made as he was reading the novel and thinking about these characters. Enjoy. More sketches after the break. First, Holston and Solo:

Solo Holston

Your typical IT worker and a porter:



IT and Porter


Courtnee and Jenkins:

Jenkins Courtnee

21 responses to “WOOL: The Graphic Novel”

  1. Hmm, is the Kindle release US-only? I am not able to give you my money in the amazon kindle store

  2. It should be global. Comixology is also selling the issues.

    1. I also can’t find it in the store (Netherlands).

      1. Neither is it available in Finland. Amazon says the content is blocked in my region.

  3. David Gatewood Avatar
    David Gatewood


  4. Can’t help but notice it says “Johnny Solo” under the sketch. I’m assuming this is not a different character from Jimmy?

    1. Same character. Just a misremembering from Brox, probably.

      1. Good to know that Palmiotti and Grey aren’t taking artistic license. :D

        Also, I assume you’re deliberately not showing us Bernard, Lukas and Juliette? ;)

  5. Are you doing the graphic on the rest of the series, Shift and Dust?

  6. Does this title work on Kindle for PC’s? It’s my best option between my phone and Paperwhite, but the reader app says it doesn’t support this format. Shrugging.

    1. I read it on my Android tablet yesterday with no problem, but thought I would check if it read via Kindle for PC (Windows Vista). When I tried to download, it said it was not compatible with my device.

      1. Rrusty

        Yeah, I’ve done some looking around and Kindle for PC doesn’t support a lot of different graphic novels. This baffles me to no end but there it is. I know how it ends ;), so I’ll just have to steal the daughters iPad to enjoy when I get back home.

        What I can see of it on my phone is simply stunning tho, great work.

  7. Chris Stevenson Avatar
    Chris Stevenson

    That’s great news about Wool going graphic. I aim to get a copy–looking forward to the artist’s interpretation of the characters and environment. I had a really talented artist for my SF book cover and 27 interior illios.

    Chris S.

  8. Still puzzled why this novel can’t be read on my Mac, iPad, etc. Only Amazon Kindle devices? Anarchy!



    1. Never mind Hugh…looks like this has been “fixed”! Whoo hoo!

  9. Looks outstanding, Hugh!

  10. Nooooo! I’ve imagined SOLO a lot more younger ;-)
    But this is a really fascinating idea!

  11. Just pre-ordered the individual print issues from my local comic book shop. Looks like it is coming out towards the end of July. Can’t wait!

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  13. Just saw a link to the graphic novel on Amazon and immediately jumped over to Barnes and Noble to see if it was available for Nook. No joy. :(

    I suppose I need to dig out my iPad to see if there is an iBook version, eh?

    (I’m a new Wool reader. Powered my way through Wool, half way through Slide right now, be interesting to see some of this other than just in my mind.)

    Take care,

  14. when is the next book dust out as a graphic novel.

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