Yay for the Nook! Yay for the iPad!

Well, folks, it looks like she’s gonna pull through after all!

It was touch and go for a few weeks there, with dismal sales like a distant pulse. I spent hours at her bedside, checking her graphs, studying the vitals, a hand reaching for the cord that made all the little *beeps* blend into one…

And then . . . a flutter of her eyelids. Someone mentioned Ridley Scott, and she seemed to stir at this.

Now, she’s not up and dancing around in a backless gown or anything, but the old girl is moving. She’s talking. I think she’s gonna make it.

Nook? iPad? You gave me a scare. Glad to have you with us. Looks like I can go back to my polygamous ways.

(Sorry Kindle, I know you loved having me all to yourself, but as the Mormons say: SHARE!)

13 responses to “Yay for the Nook! Yay for the iPad!”

  1. Wow! I was skeptical. (I’m totally Kindle-centric.) But this is proof that your book has gone beyond Amazon’s “other people bought” publicity, and now has actual real-world, word-of-mouth publicity. I have to imagine that’s a leap that doesn’t get taken often (as in, almost never) for a self-published book.

    Have you put your other books (Molly, Hurricane, etc.) on Nook and iPad? You could take over the world, you know.

  2. Good thing people can’t read what you say about them in parentheses, right? I use that trick all the time.

  3. Gromit: They are set to come off Kindle exclusivity on June 6th! :)

  4. Glad to hear that Nook is finally picking up! Not that I own one, but it would be nice if Amazon had some competition in it’s quest for e-reader world domination!

  5. That’s good news. I’m glad it’s working out for you. You really should promote The Hurricane more. I know I sound like a broken record because it’s my favorite after Wool. But it’s a universal appeal story. It deserves attention.

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  10. I love reading on the iPad, not so much the Kindle (or Kindle app for that matter). I recommended Wool to a friend/co-worker and he loved it so much he was highlighting the text and having the “Voice Over” feature of the iPad read it out loud to him on the way to work!

  11. Does this mean that the book will be available in epub format? I have a Sony reader so I can’t do Kindle or Nookbooks :(

    1. Wsb were you ever able to get the books on your Sony reader? I also have one and would love to read these books.

  12. Thank you for coming to the Nook! I never would have
    discovered these books otherwise. I can’t wait for more WOOL.

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