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No, this isn’t I, ZOMBIE related (get it? get it?). This is me mentioned in this week’s Entertainment Weekly! Go raid your local newsstand, grab a copy, and then read the Channing Tatum story. Because there’s nothing more to read in there about me than this:

But go grab a copy anyway.

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This is way beyond cool! Love your Wool stories!!! Can’t wait to see what Hollywood can do with your imagination!!!!!!!!

-A new and devoted fan!

Excuse me while I go squeal like a little girl…

Now that that’s out of the way, congratulations are in order!
Looking forward to it…

I’m with NBrink. I actually went and pulled our copy off the shelf in the library, and proceeded to show it to people. As if that one sentence would have meaning to anyone who had not read the book. And I kind of suspect I was grinning too much as I did it. In fact, they may think I’m psycho. Sigh.

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