Yes, the forums are screwy

The forums on this site were an afterthought. They were tossed together years ago because it was free, and I was bored, and I like forums. For some reason, I can no longer log in as an admin; I haven’t been able to for over a year. Which was fine while everything was working. Today, not so much.

Until I can sort it out, feel free to engage in senseless banter in the comments to this post. Or open up a fan site on the web somewhere. Or volunteer to be my admin and we’ll install some new forum software up in this mother.

6 responses to “Yes, the forums are screwy”

  1. Also: my word counts over there are not updated. I’ve been getting some writing done, just not any updating.

  2. Never mind. They fixed themselves.

  3. Assuming the “they” that fixed themselves are the word counts and not the forums:

    Seems like your forum admin account should be your blog admin account. If you don’t have access to that then resetting it is possible if you have access to the site’s files or database.

    1. I’m a lot like the people in Silo 1. I’m in charge of all this, it somehow holds together and keeps trudging forward in a semi-operational manner, but I have no frickin’ clue how any of it works. I can’t even remember how I set this site up, installed it on a server somewhere, paid for hosting, any of that stuff. The database hasn’t been backed up in years. It’s all a mystery to me. And yet: I’m in charge.

      There’s a metaphor in here for something.

  4. Ah, well, I do this web stuff for a living. I guess that puts me in mechanical. I am familiar with the blog software you are using and can work out where it is being hosted. Feel free to email with questions (you should be able to see my address from your side).

  5. Hey Hugh, seen the post at the Cafe and just wanted to say congrats on the offer, regardless of what you decide that’s fantastic.

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