Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”

A Facebook friend suggested I start an IAmA/AMA thread on Reddit. I had no idea what this was, but it turns out to be a pretty cool little feature. Anyone can post who or what they are (IAmA fireman/doctor/astronaut), and the AMA stands for: “Ask me Anything.”

So I created one about being a self-published author who was actually making a living off his works. And people are already asking me questions! It’s a lot like the interactions we have here on my site, but with random passerbys instead of people who have read my work.

Pretty cool, eh? Check it out:

13 responses to “Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything””

  1. Weird! I saw a comment mentioning your story on Reddit this morning and had already stalked you and subscribed to your RSS feed and planned on grabbing one of your stories for Kindle this evening when this popped up. Small digital world.

    1. Small world, indeed! Glad you found me, Chris.

      Togepi: Is that what you were suggesting might happen? ;) But really, I’m doing the AMA for fun. And to help others who are struggling with their writing/publishing.

  2. Pretty good idea. Reddit has such a wide variety of users, you’ll be sure to pick up a decent number of new readers.

  3. Looking through a lot of the questions and responses, I think it’s really awesome how useful the advice you’re giving is. Now more than ever seems like a tough time to get into publishing your own work, but you’ve been really helpful to anyone who has asked.

    1. Thanks! I love geeking out over the details of writing and publishing. I talking to four different college classrooms this year about the process. I really do enjoy the discussion.

  4. I’m from Reddit, and you sound cool, but where can I read a sample of your work?

    1. I have some short stories here on the site, and all of my books employ the “look inside” feature on Amazon, so you can read the first chapter or so for free.

  5. Funny timing for this, I just staked out /r/wool a week or so ago :)

    1. Haha. Really? Is it crickets and awkward silences over there, or what?

  6. Checking back in, Hugh.

    I did the preview of “Wool” last night and liked what I saw so I dove in and grabbed the whole Omnibus. Just finished the first ‘book’ via my phone at work and really dug it! Looking forward to the rest. Consider me a fan.

  7. I don’t even know what Reddit is, but I will definitely have to go check it out.

    And a bonus- it seems to be bringing some more fans to this site!

  8. Great read, Hugh. I had all those questions for you. Now I’m full. I’m doing a guest post for someone in a few weeks and will be writing what it takes to be a successful indie writer. While I’ve done all right, I don’t do what it takes. You’re clearly demonstrating the work.


  9. […] for slogging through those posts! I had a great time participating in the AMA. Glad someone suggested it. So think about it. I’m excited to hear about how you do your […]

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