Hugh Howey

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Yesterday’s Excerpt

Here’s an experimental blog feature: an excerpt from yesterday’s writing or editing. This’ll be like those close-up shots of something everyday that you can’t distinguish. Maybe, when you finally get to reading that part, some little deja-vu neuron will say “Hey! This is from that stupid blog thingy!”

I’ll try and keep them spoiler-free and nonsensical. Here’s something from yesterday:


“Let’s go,” she told Walter, turning down the stairwell and taking them two at a time.

She burst into the lobby below, empty save for one man leaning on a mop. Molly recognized him as the ticket hawker from earlier. She started for the doors to the lower seats, then whirled and asked the man, “How do I get backstage?”

“Practice!” he shouted, as quick as a reflex. He threw one arm wide and smiled like a fool.

Walter staggered down the last few steps, still obviously half-asleep.

“I’m serious. I really need to talk to Cat.”

“Well, you better hurry if you want an autograph.” The man laughed to himself. “She’ll be in no shape to write before long.”

“What? Where is she? C’mon, this is important.”

The man pointed slantwise through the building. “She’s most likely in the back alley with her meager pay, heading off to Jamie’s Pub.”

“Thanks!” Molly said, grabbing Walter and pulling him toward the exit.

“No problem,” the gentleman said, then hollered after them, “But next time, there’s a two tomato minimum!”